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  1. UNIT_normal

    [Release] Enhanced UAV Intel

    Okay. In my opinion, It is one of great script. Thanks for making this one.
  2. UNIT_normal

    [Release] Enhanced UAV Intel

    I don't understand why this script should be run on server. Could you explain, please? I just find out your script does work fine in player side with some modification. (Didn't do full test but it is working.)
  3. UNIT_normal

    Apex Framework

    Thanks for making great mission framework! My community thinks this is great mission to put on our server. But how can we translate mission? I couldn't find anything on stringtable.xml except one sole string.
  4. Trait Changer by UNIT_normal This allows you to change between default traits and custom traits. You can define your own trait setup in TC_init.sqf. Known Issues - This don't change actual unit class. Installation 1. Put Trait_Changer folder on your mission folder. 2. Put stringtable.xml or copy & paste contents to your stringtable.xml. 3. Add this to init.sqf. [] execVM "Trait_Changer\TC_init.sqf"; 4. Add this to object that you want. 0 = this execVM "Trait_Changer\functions\fnc_TC_object.sqf"; 5. Add this to description.ext. #include "Trait_Changer\defines.hpp" #include "Trait_Changer\TC_GUI_controls.hpp" #include "Trait_Changer\TC_GUI_classes.hpp" Option - In TC_init.sqf, you can set trait limit on server. Download https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GcMnaFlJdONlvaEcTMDTxugFcQzDqhVO Changelog
  5. I don't know how to make addon. So it cannot be done soon and I think there are better solution for that since my intention isn't addon things. I like blast too, but there are so many people like blast too much and even give some blast to friendly infantry.
  6. I think there are better option than this in your case. My intention is giving players pylon customizing without bombing everywhere with cluster bomb on public server that runs persistent missions.
  7. Every possible weapon on Eden Editor will work. If you didn't put your custom presets on PPAP_init.sqf, you will have presets in Eden Editor - Attributes... - Object: Pylons Settings(default presets). If you put your custom presets on PPAT_init.sqf, you will have your custom presets below default presets.
  8. This script already uses hidden(unused) textures. (ex. NATO texture Gorgon and Black texture Hummingbird that you mentioned.) I applied only completed hidden(unused) textures. Incompleted textures are not included on this script.
  9. Pylon Preset Allocator for Plane by UNIT_normal This allows you to change between default presets and custom presets via GUI. Known Issues - If armament name is long, armament name will be displayed in 2 line. - Pylon name could be displayed wrong. Installation 1. Put PPAP folder on your mission folder. 2. Put stringtable.xml or copy & paste contents to your stringtable.xml. 3. Add this to init.sqf. [] execVM "PPAP\PPAP_init.sqf"; 4. Add this to description.ext. #include "PPAP\defines.hpp" #include "PPAP\PPAP_GUI_controls.hpp" #include "PPAP\PPAP_GUI_classes.hpp" Option - In PPAP_init.sqf, you can enable multiple check systems. Download https://drive.google.com/open?id=10K7WqDj0fTmi_mERGhBtMs7E_1mNiq3w Changelog It's my second GUI creation. I hope it works well! If you have any problem, please reply on here.
  10. I didn't upload on Armaholic myself... I don't know why this is on there... (confused) I didn't expect that kind of problem...
  11. That's weird. My friends(They makes scripts and help script test.) didn't get any problem. My mission just saved properly so you just should put VAM.VR or VAM_alt.VR folder from zip file on C:\Users\*USER_NAME*\Documents\Arma 3\missions. I think you just messed with 'Save As'. Or unzip with improper way. Anyway have nice day with my script!
  12. I included mission.sqm because it is demo mission. Please try demo mission and tell me about result. If you can, upload your mission and send me through reply or message. I think you have some missing files in VAM_GUI folder. defines.hpp VAM_GUI_controls.hpp VAM_GUI_classes.hpp If these files are missing, you will get error message that you got. #include "VAM_GUI\defines.hpp" #include "VAM_GUI\VAM_GUI_controls.hpp" #include "VAM_GUI\VAM_GUI_classes.hpp" How about write new description.ext and copy these lines? It might be unicode error things.
  13. In 1.30, now you can place marker area to make service area.
  14. Yes. You can paste it anywhere between your strings. Just don't break its form and your strings form.
  15. Select everything between <!-- VAM LINE START --> and <!-- VAM LINE END --> in stringtable.xml. And copy it and paste to your mission stringtable.xml.