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  1. Already limitation for Liberation(also KP Liberation) is included. Just change it for your preference.
  2. UNIT_normal


    Could we get MP save capability? It is necessary because in big map, player could leave game before it ended then we should play all over again. Quite frustrating...
  3. UNIT_normal


    Is there any way to enable AI all time? Some people keep trying to turn off AI.
  4. You mean ACE interaction menu? I will try if I have enough time to do that.
  5. This allows you to change camouflage and component via communication menu. VAM currently supports NATO, CSAT, AAF land and air vehicles. (except Quad Bike.) And you can make your own setting for addon vehicles. Known issue - Some components are linked each other. It's not VAM's limitation. - Some components aren't compatible each other. It's not VAM's limitation. Installation 1. Put VAM folder on your mission folder. 2. Put stringtable.xml or copy & paste contents to your stringtable.xml. 3. Add this to init.sqf. [] execVM "VAM\vam_init.sqf"; 4. Add this to description.ext. #include "VAM\VAM_comm_menu.hpp" Option - In vam_init.sqf, you can enable Liberation FOB distance check system. Download https://drive.google.com/open?id=19qXrFdMkGoNcp0vTVtIgvvZ5ttT_niHd Changelog
  6. UNIT_normal


    Is there any plan like attacking multiple sector at same time and switching current attacking sector?
  7. UNIT_normal


    How can I make neutral sector faction as mixed one like AAF+CSAT?
  8. UNIT_normal


    When I start game, do hostiles spawn instantly or when I'm near sector? Could I customize spawning radius? It is important for performance.
  9. UNIT_normal


    I think I can prevent random person joining OPFOR by script. I have other questions. Does using custom asset lists replace default asset lists or add asset on default lists? On wiki, to change garrison unit on sector, Could I get some example for this? Should I make class that contains unit what I want? And enemy size(number) on sector(Independent or OPFOR) is determined automatically by sector size, isn't they? Is there any way to set enemy size(number) manually?
  10. UNIT_normal


    Thanks for replying. But leaving player slot cannot prevent player joining as OPFOR..
  11. UNIT_normal


    I'm planning to make small PvE scenario for my small community. Could I make Warlords PvE scenario with less AI? And how could I change enemy unit for mods? (ex. place Takistani Rebels instead of AAF in Takistan map)
  12. I'm using Notepad ++ with SQF highlighting now. Is this better?