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  1. Xayhawk

    [WIP] RwG Addon Tunnels

    Looks great so far, thanks for making this!
  2. Xayhawk

    Soft Surface Workflow for Arma

    Thanks @PuFu, that is something new I may try out! And @.kju appreciate the link, it would help me a lot for some stuff I have got in mind. Cheers to you both :)
  3. Xayhawk

    Soft Surface Workflow for Arma

    Hey thanks for the input PuFu! I have a clearer understanding of it now. 😀 I actually came across your wonderful MK17 on artstation and was wondering what you meant by "parts adjusted in zbrush". I would assume this is for correcting any discrepancies in the HP mesh from max?
  4. Hey guys, i'm pretty comfortable with hard surface modelling with 3ds Max and Substance Painter for texturing. I would like to learn ZBrush and would like to understand the common workflow used in the industry. I'd like to know what's the order of creating content: - Sculpting in ZBrush ( High Poly ) - Retopo ( Low Poly ) - How does unwrap work? if I were to sculpt a backpack or clothes for example where I have to have uniform UV islands to apply camouflage patterns, do I unwrap in ZBrush or do I export the low poly out to an external software? If that's the case can I use my current hard surface workflow for texturing? - Would marvelous designer be useful to pick up? I'd like to hear your advice and appreciate any tips you can give me. Cheers!
  5. Hi everyone! I am trying to get ACE arsenal to whitelist only certain categories, while keeping others fully available. Currently i'm trying to only restrict weapons, uniforms, vests and NVGs. _uniformArray = [ "uniform1" ]; _vestArray = [ "vest1", "vest2" ]; _weaponArray = [ "weapon1", "weapon2" ]; _nvgArray = [ "nvg1" ]; _allArray = _uniformArray + _vestArray + _weaponArray + _nvgArray; {[_x, true, true] call ace_arsenal_fnc_removeVirtualItems; [_x, _allArray] call ace_arsenal_fnc_initBox;} forEach [box1,box2,box3,box4]; So far this works and only shows the white listed items, however nothing else in the non affected category appear (eg. backpack, helmet). Is it possible for this idea to even work? Thanks!
  6. Xayhawk

    Oakley SI Halo Goggles

    And we're live! This will probably be the last post in this thread, finalizing the discussions on the PMC mod and will post in the discussions forum once things are good to go.
  7. Xayhawk

    Oakley SI Halo Goggles

    More renders on the EXFIL. Should be game ready in a few.
  8. Xayhawk

    Oakley SI Halo Goggles

    Just a small update on some WIP stuff. I am most likely going to start a new project in a new thread, going with a PMC theme with Arma 2's PMC DLC as inspiration. Things are still being discussed with a buddy of mine but we'll start of small and try not to over promise too much :) Here's the Team Wendy EXFIL ballistic helmet undergoing some texturing.
  9. Xayhawk

    Oakley SI Halo Goggles

    Thank you! I will add more variations in the next update, would like to add more content as well.
  10. Xayhawk

    Oakley SI Halo Goggles

    Eh, possibly. Those are kind of old and made back in 2016, and most of my content were small projects to test new workflow so when I get it up to standard i'd release it Thank you! Glad you liked it.
  11. Xayhawk

    Oakley SI Halo Goggles

    Cheers, the NVGs are made by myself. They are the Thales MONIE Monoculars. :)
  12. Hey guys, usually work on content for my community but figured that this deserved to be released as a small pack for everyone. Enjoy :) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4ut43ldpk75qz83/AAApm2x3XZrbHEjom49kCRMua?dl=0
  13. Xayhawk

    Vest Weights

    Thanks for the input guys, appreciate it. Things have been working well so far, will update if im making good progress :)
  14. Xayhawk

    Vest Weights

    Hey guys. I've been trying to get my vest to weigh properly for awhile now, but I just can't seem to get the weights right. As I can't exactly find a topic specific to vest weighting and modding, (mostly on uniforms) i'd like to seek advise on the best way to do this. I've tried using the A3 character modding guide via 3ds max and I think that it's more suitable for uniforms. I'd like my vest to be rigid as if there were armor plates in them. My question is, am I doing this wrong? What is the common way of doing this for experienced modding teams out there i.e RHS, VSM. Do they do it manually in O2 or in an external program such as 3dsmax or Blender? Thanks in advance!
  15. Great idea, I really enjoy Tarkov's movement style and find it less clunky than a3. Following this thread for more updates!