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  1. DoubleRatz

    Arma3 Videos

    Hi friends, A few friends and I released this short film we've been working on for some time. Our entry in February's #armachinima contest finished in the top 10 community picks, and we wanted to take a step further. We imagined what happens after the events of Harvest Red: a Chernarus still under threat by the ChDKZ and other forces. Though the period of violence in South Zagoria is a memory, who's to say the ChDKZ wouldn't continue an insurgency campaign, much like we've seen happen in the years after the Balkan wars, and more prominently in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. I'd like to think that in the years between Harvest Red and East Wind, places like Chernarus and Takistan still remain relevant and fighting continues on and off as it always has. In our film, a fireteam of US Marines fights a war all too similar to the one in 2008/9. Please give our film a watch, a lot of effort was put into it! We're fairly certain nobody's done a live action adaptation of the core arma series (DayZ and BR/PUBG being an exception). Also, enjoy some production photos:
  2. FAR too much fancy SOF in this thread @aegis, @lythium
  3. Ryderwood Island is a Nice™ map. Ryderwood Island CUP
  4. Spanish MOE operators conducting counterterrorism operations in Malden, 2020. FFAA Mod, NiArms G36's and MP5's, A3 Military Gear Pack, RHSUSAF
  5. "This man stole something from a market stall while we were on patrol. He was turned over to the police, and that was the last we saw of him. An hour later, we get a call something is happening in the town square, and we find this. It's hard, being out here. Not because we are getting shot at, but because of the way the local culture works. This is okay to them. This is a fair trial. It's terrible. It reminds me of the war in the 90's." "I have a family in Belgrade. I make enough money to keep them fed. Hopefully after this I can retire, and help my wife run the cafe.Seeing stuff like this isn't easy. It makes me uncertain for the future. If these people feel accustomed to live like this, what's stopping them from starting a war again?We're here because we want to make these peoples' lives better, but they won't let us in. It feels like a waste of time. It really does a number on your worldview."Bolabongo, Molatia, Isla Duala RHSSAF, Isla Duala, A2 Slaughter Assets Import
  6. Altis Air Force SAAB JAS-39E Gripens conduct multirole training operations during Exercise Aegean Flag 2034.
  7. More Unsung... Also BI gave me a t-shirt for getting nominated in the #armachinima contest.
  8. DoubleRatz

    Advanced Train Simulator (ATS)

    I have to echo those sentiments of utilizing this mod for ambient AI trains. Really makes the place come to life. Honestly I haven't had this much fun with a new mod release in a long time. Thanks Duda! Me and a friend spent a couple hours blowing things up with its invincibility. Would love to see some custom community train models to add to the Tanoa landscape. I feel strange operating a standard gauge Czech prototype on a narrow gauge pacific island.
  9. DoubleRatz

    Arma3 Videos

    My submission to the #armachinima contest: Featuring VSM mods, SMA, Faces of War addons. We also made an original soundtrack for it:
  10. Trying to edit this machinima contest entry. Here's some hella compressed (courtesy of facebook) stills: @SMA, @VSM, @CUP Thanks to VSM for his permission to use this incredible modpack in this film.
  11. Relearning GCam while trying to submit something for the machinima contest. @FOW
  12. Woah an Unsung update? I need to take screenshots.
  13. OGA CBRN defense agents conduct security operations following a chemical attack by Syndikat terrorists in Georgetown, Tanoa, 2035 VSM gear, SMA, Skellingtons CBRN Defense Units
  14. Hello everyone, new member to the forum here. Been playing Arma for some time. I'm a filmmaker and I love to create screenshots. Chernarussian Defense Force members, being trained and advised by USMC forces, look on after defeating an armored advance by CHDKZ forces near Guglovo. RHS assets, CUP terrain.