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  1. I wonder the interior bar on your model. It was too compressed from side in the original model.
  2. Latest FM is really good. I can't help myself to stop flying over Malden with some AI fellows. Thank you guys. I just wonder if the modded planes also get those improvements automatically or do they need to be configured by their creators?
  3. idk does it include your case but what if you put the player first, then the vehicle later?
  4. anilbu

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

  5. I'm no expert in avitation/flight physics but, whatever you guys have done to older planes especially civilian plane and the buzzard, it definitely feels better. Is it planning to be done for jet planes in the DLC?
  6. anilbu

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    Ancient Greek gods(old ones and the new). Checked. Karts... Checked. Helis... Checked. Marksmanship... Checked. Trees... Lots of trees are checked. Hodor... hodor:( Jets... checked. Tanks... checked. ObamaCare... missed. Anti-radars/adv. radio with jammers... please
  7. It references to this Elephant/tanks, birds/drones. It does make sense.
  8. It would be really nice if we have holosight with switchable magnifier in vanilla stuff. Like this one Anyone?
  9. anilbu

    Apex Weapon Feedback

    Addition to that, if your weapon is in lower state, when you raise your weapon when walking it makes character to run for 5-6 steps.
  10. anilbu

    Enhanced Movement

    fyi, my steam workshop has updated it just now and there is no babe_fd.pbo in the \@Arma Enhanced Movement\addons anymore. I think it works.