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  1. I really like this craft, but there are a few spots where you slip through the decks! Any chance those could be fixed?
  2. Any chance of adding units compatible with the new chemical Warfare mod?
  3. pirkleawesome

    ADV - ACE Splint

    Been loving this mod! I've noticed that the sam splint option only shows up when the person needs one, which sort of defeats the point of doing limb analysis.
  4. Quick question, does the carrier have catapults? Do you plan on adding them if if they don't have them currently?
  5. pirkleawesome

    Radio Activated A.I Detection (RAAID)

    @Dedmen Yeah, the guy in my unit who did the coding said as much, but it seemed just different enough imo that it would be useful to people.
  6. Hey all, a while back I asked the technical wizard from my Unit to help me design a script. What we came up with is a way for AI to detect when a person is using radio (TFAR only, sorry) and locate that person. He used this script as a basis to get started, and then modified it to fit our needs. From months of using it during our ops, I would say that it has significantly improved our firefights due to the AI being more aware of players position. Anyway, here it is: // Allow AI to hear players via their radio calls ["RadioDetect", "OnTangent", { _unit = _this select 0; _isLrRadio = _this select 2; _active = _this select 4; _distance = 1000; if (!_active) then { _entities = (_unit nearEntities ["CAManBase", _distance * 0.95]); { if (!isPlayer _x) then { private _value = linearConversion [0, _distance, _unit distance _x, 3.5, 1.5, true]; _t = _x getVariable ["lastcall", 0]; if (( _t - time) < -20 ) then { [[_x, [_unit, _value]], "reveal", true, true] call bis_fnc_mp; _x setVariable ["lastcall", time, true]; }; }; } foreach _entities; }; }, ObjNull] call TFAR_fnc_addEventHandler; Since I have no scripting ability myself, and my friend doesn't have any interest it doing updates himself, this will likely be the first and only version. I may be able to answer questions in a limited capacity. Version: 1.0 Required mods: TFAR (we use 0.9.12)
  7. pirkleawesome

    ADV - ACE Splint

    Excellent! Thank you very much!
  8. pirkleawesome

    ADV - ACE Splint

    Any ETA on the update?
  9. pirkleawesome

    ADV - ACE Splint

    EDIT: I didnt realize you have to bandage the limb first before applying a splint. Is there any way you could implement an option to have it available before bandaging? Splint seems not to be working. I have it enabled and HitPoints disabled, but neither the limb analysis feature, or the splint seem to be showing up.
  10. Did you figure something out for the rocket forces not spawning in with their equipment?
  11. Found a problem when spawning in infantry from the rocket faction. Some of the units dont spawn with their equipment like the rifleman and combat medic among others.
  12. pirkleawesome

    Project OPFOR

    Is this mod still being worked on? I get naked units on a fairly regular basis, and was wondering if there was an updated planned to address this issue.
  13. pirkleawesome


    I understand if you dont want to add it in, but it would be nice to have an option. We'll just enforce rules on loadouts so only doctors can carry them.