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    BUG: I am getting random cars spawning out of thin air when I play my own mission. IT will be normally 20 sec. from each other and always 2 cars. they just drop from the sky... how do I fix it?
  2. Is there anyway to sling load a custom made supply drop [package]?
  3. SO. ok i got a new computer and YES. i got the flippin prone problem. BUT... my workaround is, testing the rifles first. Only SOME of them have the bug.

    asn.data bug??? affecting animaitons? STIFF ARM

    PS. i got a work around. I resaved the affected maps and merge them into a blank map so it isnt dependent ot that file.

    asn.data bug??? affecting animaitons? STIFF ARM

    its asn.core its used to run asn content.
  6. so if i start a mission in a vehicle THIS happens. I am using asn.data for use of a scania truck. BUT when I try to resave the mission [custom] WITHOUT the truck or asn.data, i am unable to replay or save, stating that an element was deleted. SO when i play i am unable to lower my characters left arm. so the arm just sticks out of the window, plane or car. sometimes it has a middle finger pointed... HOW CAN I DISABLE THAAT!!? also it will run with the arm sticking out unable to carry a rifle. PLEASE HELP.

    Mad ArmA - Mad Max inspired mod

    IS THER ANYWAY to disable the facemasks??!! im tired of seeing troops with facemasks on. all in all awesome mod bro.
  8. um................................................................................................... probably, as is many mods. but NOONE has it? it isnt anywhere.... like it never exisited. how is it possible?
  9. so i go on vacation right, had a blast, i come back..... the game wont play, says its not ready to update the mod................. then... poof it disappears off the face of earth, its no longer on steam, nowhere, only on some funky chinese website. i use alot of those cars for sp, does anyone have a link?

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    I FOUND A WORK AROUND! ok so if a mission in editor does NOT open, try to open it any way, you will get an error. close it, then go to "new", hte map will be selected, then you will be able to merge the mission that could not open and just rename. poof!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    the sqm says the author is SMA. after 2.7 both items: sma_weapons_accessories_2 sma_anpeq15 caused errors for most of my 50 missions.

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    sma_weapons_accessories_2 sma_anpeq15 sma_anpeq15 IS in the folder BUT even with verifying the cache nothing. will this be fixed in 3.0??? WHERE DO I FIND THIS??!! its driving me nuts!!

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    thanks. i tried that and it didnt work, i dont know how far back of a version i should get. thanks tho.