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  1. G'day all, as it stands I've noticed a lack of love for one of my favourite birds the Kiowa Warrior of course. Due to this i decided to start a project replicating the aircraft for all to enjoy, as it stands its a heavily Work In Progress considering I am only one man and due to life commits (school) i haven't been able to put as much time into it as hoped. besides the fact this will be the place where all my progress is logged. The addon currently will only be focused around the last active duty variant of the 58, the OH 58D with future plans for the F and potentially the older birds A/C models. Currently i don't have much to show besides a cockpit. (forgive me i'm re hauling the exterior model expect progress soon!) Planned Features: Interactable cockpit with proper startup procedure. Proper weapon simulation (modes, range, etc) Shooting from the air frame All available weapons Dependant on aircraft Realistic sounds and rotor effects. Custom service menu to swap out Doors, weapons, paint schemes. Current WIP Pictures:
  2. WinterTFR

    looking for a moder that know's his/her stuff

    so you want to make a object that can be placed within the editor to the extent of functioning like a building?
  3. WinterTFR

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    impossible it is not just very painful and expensive dental bills after...
  4. Right sorry for the inactivity all as I'm entering my senior year next year and have been finishing the year off with very little time so my apologises. Secondly progress is being made im currently unhappy with the state to share where I'm up to but do not fear i will more then likely have something potentially alpha Q1 next year.
  5. yea odd i'll see if i can replicate it
  6. been able to narrow down anything suspect?
  7. There will be some love soon everyone ;)
  8. Something else dont bring the personal issues into this... just because you got banned from our server due to your stupidity. I also have a very busy life so things happen good try though. Addons take time aswell...
  9. I'll see what i can dig up regarding the stabilizer i've got a few sources, also i'm pretty sure i require a change of pants now those birds are probably some of the most beautiful mechanical birds i've seen in years. Great work.
  10. WinterTFR

    how do i make a mod

    I'd suggest posting in the correct sub forum over HERE also make sure you understand the licences in terms of editing and what the author allows :D
  11. Now he didnt say he wanted to make the x 47 or the global hawk did he... he wants to do something involving his concept which i like the idea of but don't personally have time to assist but best of luck i reckon you'll have someone grab the handle and hop in the paddy wagon!
  12. WinterTFR

    [WIP]ORC's TIER1 Equipment Pack

    Good Work Gents, looks good luck with the other projects!
  13. Just as a quick update i should have it in game and functioning with the modified textures within the coming weeks. (considering that was a all nighter job any how) thanks for all the support funnybuns and myself will continue to work on this when able. Regards, Winter
  14. in regards to the pistol grip im avid shooter i noticed that a bit later and resolved it already. Also involving the wear it looks worse then it is ingame but i did change it the make it so only the sharp angles look worn considering the most active theaters in our world today. Thanks for the feed back.
  15. Yep those were 400 sample renders from substance just for a teaser o2 is next.
  16. indeed atleast he gets a excuse to get drunk after every day then again who needs a excuse for that? :D
  17. Thanks man that means im doing it right for now haha
  18. I believe their are few post here to be removed mainly those asking to be tested... not to mention some fine advertising.
  19. G'day all just thought i'd keep yall updated expect some more WIP by the end of the week times been short so i havent had time to work on the model properly but stay tuned
  20. haha its a key thing ya know!
  21. Appreciate it and i think we'll see wont we
  22. Great work been hyped since initial announcement, the wait was not in vein.
  23. sorry for t he off topic but from memory this was the 2nd gulf war back in 03?
  24. idk why but i feel like im looking at a metro city nice work
  25. if you have a issue with particular aspects msg me and i'll see what i can do. i find it quite sad that people just disapeared with the model im always here if you need me.