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    Arma 3 flinching mechanics

    Remember the patch for the damage and sway changes, hitbox changes, that removed flinching? It was gone for like 2 months, January 2016 and December 2015....then it suddenly came back? Why was it added back....and how has Bohemia not realized they accidentally added it back???
  2. Kryptongame

    Weapon Sway opinion Votes

  3. Kryptongame

    Weapon Sway opinion Votes

    Nobody cares lol
  4. Kryptongame

    Weapon Sway opinion Votes

    So far it's an overwhelming vote
  5. Kryptongame

    Weapon Sway opinion Votes

    True, but I ALWAYS use my RCO zoom (highest zoom of scope), so I don't hold breath until my target pops up or is in view. I have noticed though if you hold breath too much, boy does it mess things up.
  6. Kryptongame

    Weapon Sway opinion Votes

    Agreed. Tell all your friends to come vote aswell!
  7. Kryptongame

    Weapon Sway opinion Votes

    I'll do both. I'll post the straw poll to some other communities.
  8. Kryptongame

    Weapon Sway opinion Votes

    Yes vote means the sway is too much, you don't like it. http://strawpoll.me/6175906/
  9. I agree above^^. Sway is actually destroying the ability to aim, to the point where you cannot push any fortress or compound with 7.62, as they will pop up with zero sway, destroy you as you can't NO MATTER WHAT, stabilize your aim in time. It just isn't fun! I've enjoyed realism mods even, and they are fun...but this is overboard, especially in Vanilla. And especially since it isn't realistic at all.
  10. I have lost a big interest in playing. Even servers that disable stamina have an overwhelming weapon sway still.
  11. Kryptongame

    1.54 Fatigue is too Unrealistic

    They messed up royally. Fix sway please!!!
  12. Kryptongame

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    EXACTLY!!! Boggles my mind.
  13. Star wars galaxies created some 'revolutionary' combat update that radically altered the game everyone had came to love. It then died shortly thereafter. Learn from that and all other similar situations.
  14. We are complaining more about the sway rather than the stamina system....now, running for 15 metres causes an endless sway on 7.62 that is, let's face it, very far from reality. So why it's in a game promoting realism, idk. Did they not test any of this test with real life soldiers??
  15. Kryptongame

    1.54 Fatigue is too Unrealistic

    Let's be honest, the new sprint and stamina system is Actually less restrictivr...however, the sway introduced now is entirely unrealistic. I have seen many ex-military say after running sprints with 100lbs gear, they are still accurate up to 500m with steady scope. That is like impossible now, and remember this is a game! Some things can't be simulated realistically, just consider the new sway! Ridiculous