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  1. i know what a foreach loop is.. but arma 3 is a pita when its about locality.. thats the main issue i had in the past and before i start over again, i though someone knows exactly in which file and where i have to put it.. i dont think so.. this will be part of a small mod
  2. I want to loop over all vehicles and add an action to it (also those vehicles, that i spawn with Zeus) how do i do that?
  3. from time to time.. We only have a small group of people who play together, so there is sometimes the lack of motivation. However, we just released an UPDATE You can download it here: https://github.com/tebsu/pdb/tree/master/packed If you dont know how to install it, we have an example mission and also there are some important files like the extDB3.. you find all of those files in the additional folder and in the mission folder here: https://github.com/tebsu/pdb If you still need help, you can usually find me on Discord: tebinu#6145 What has changed: - some database tables were in the MyISAM format. I changed all of that to InnoDB and utf8mb4 - There is no need for whitelisting vehicles. It will just store all the vehicles now in the database (we had an array before in the code with classnames that are going to be stored.. everything that wasnt in that list, wasnt stored) Plans for the future: - We have plans to instead add a blacklist. There you can add vehicle classnames, that our mod will not store in the database - Daniel said, he wants to rewrite this whole mod.. not sure if we will do, as debugging is something i always hated in Arma 3 (you know.. write a line of code, start arma, see if it works (usually it doesnt), end arma 3, change that line and repeat a million times) thats now also included
  4. I made our github repo public. You can check it out here. It also contains all the files you need to get this running easy: https://github.com/tebsu/pdb At one point, it looks like i made it privat and i am not sure why. Maybe I was drunk at that time. ps: before you say "uuuh yea, the Finns...". I am not originally from Finnland, but love the country and the culuture ! So in this repo, you will also fine one version that is not binarized and one that is. Just so if you want to tweak it on your own. We will also fix some things here and there and publish a web GUI soon. Oh and also keep in mind, that somewhere in the past, we changed some paths within the mod. So if you see anything referencing to "sru", you probably use an old version of the mod or you didnt update your mission files.
  5. i never heard of that mod before (probably because i was inactive for a while). However, as far as I can see, the mod doesnt save it in a mysql database but stores everything in local files i think. For us, it was important to store stuff in a database, so we can have a web interface to control things or to save and load multiple states of a mission
  6. hi guys, after a while, we decided to continue this mod. Currently working on it and once we have a version that works again, we will upload it (also to our github)
  7. if it stops saving, its usually because objects have a special char in them (as far as i remember, i might be wrong). If you could tell me how you "work around" this problem, i can see if your solution makes sense and if i implemented
  8. I am currently in airline training so cant continue development until at least July.
  9. here you go ;) http://tebinulrich.de/pdb.pbo Did the older version work good on your server? We never received any feedback of a running installation other than our own.
  10. is it possible to drive the BAM Meteoro ?
  11. i have a script that adds a loadout to units, but sometimes the short range radio gets replaced by some item from tfar.. its some radio frequency setter.. how can i disable that? also one more thing.. the short range radios have an id attached to the name (for example tf_anprc152_3). Can this be removed? I store the loadout in a database and when 2 people have the same id, it creates a problem when one of them is switching the frequency
  12. when i disable a zone, the AI gets despawned (enemy) but if its a civil zone, they just stay. Also if i have a lot of zones, this status display on the right will go so much down, that i cannot read what its doing anymore. Is there a possibility to remove all the "|"?
  13. does the addon version have to be present on all the clients computer for a multiplayer session or only the server (and of course the mission creator) ?