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  1. Slant_

    Gruppe Adler SlingHelmet

    Update 1.1 + Added @ Fixed ^ Improved ^ We changed our license to GRAD APL + BW-Mod compability + R3F compability (thx Jokerini) + Japanese translation (thx classicarma) + CBA Setting to allow any headgear to be slung + CBA Setting for adding additional headgear to the whitelist (thx 10Dozen for the idea) Available on: GitHub: Downloads can be found under Releases. Steam Workshop: Subscribe to GRAD SlingHelmet on Steam Workshop and automatically get the latest releases. Documentation You can check out the full documentation in our GitHub Wiki.
  2. Slant_

    GRAD Trenches

    Such a simple addon, yet such a profound effect on any mission that we play. Our members have now started hunting for Entrenching Tools before every mission. +1, would recommend. Everyone should give this a try, it will improve your dynamic combat situation tenfold and adds a whole new layer to your tactical behaviour.
  3. Ah, goddammit. The visual limitation confused the fuck out of me, :) I never even thought of reloading a different kind of ammo. Thanks again for the explanation. It seems this mod is doing what it can about it then. And it looks like we might pick it up, so I'm happy. NIArms doing a good job at compartmentalising all the weapon families, makes it easier to supplement our Arsenal without having a ton of weapons that we already have from different mods.
  4. Thanks to you and @3p0x1 for the explanation about the 6.5 caseless rounds and the magazine. This mag issue is highly unfortunate. It's not visual only, as the Beta-C mag for the MG36 only has 30 rounds. Regardless of the visuals, it should have the advertised 150 rounds that I pick from the arsenal. Something is messing not just with the visuals, but replaces the entire magazine with a 30 round Beta-C mag.
  5. Hello. My group is considering this addon for their repository. Two things that we noticed: 1. The MLI variants have no cartridge ejection animation. 2. The Beta-C mag for the MG36 only has 30 rounds instead of the intended 150 rounds. Vice versa, when I equip the Beta-C mag in a regular G36, it is shown as a 30 rounds mag (it visually loads a regular mag into the rifle) but actually has 150 rounds in it. Are these known problems?
  6. Thanks, I am relieved it's not me. I spent the better part of an hour yesterday trying to find out why the heck I couldn't "install" (read: extract from a zipfile) this thing properly... :D
  7. R3vo, great work. When I open the general options menu, I am missing the UAV intro entry. It should be above ambient flyby, from the videos and screenshots that you provided. Am I doing something wrong? I took your 1.6 Hotfix and installed it over the 1.5 installation. I also just installed the 1.6 hotfix without 1.5 in the folder previously. Something seems to be missing. I do not get any errors, however.
  8. @R3vo: Nice mod. Good work. Couple things I noticed: Patrols break sometimes in that they start walking back and forth about 10m. I am unsure when this happens, but a squad -> 50m patrol (which then defaults to 51m) usually doesn't work very well. Also, animations break in that they randomly turn into a direction other than the original one before they start the animation loop.
  9. Okay, thank you for taking the time to respond to this issue that apparently only affects a small number of people. When we run the next trial mission on ACRE, I'll be sure to mention your advice and give you feedback should anything not work as expected.
  10. We haven't used ACRE, yet. We are probably not going to if the official stance is that you need PTT just to speak to the man 1m away from you. Are there plans to look into it? No VA support is kind of a dealbreaker for us. It works fine with literally every other software (such as Teamspeak itself, for example). Thank you for your time.
  11. Do you mean PTT for direct speech? Are there plans to support TS voice activation for direct speech in the future?
  12. I can certainly try your advice and report back to you. I figured removing all entries in that section should have an effect. I was expecting it to break the editor completely, since I removed every single unit type that I've used on the editor. It didn't phase the editor one bit that none of the units were defined. Right now I'm thinking I could write an all-star cast of Walt Disney in that section and the editor wouldn't care. I'll get back to you once I've tried your method. :) Edit: No effect. I packed the .sqm and extracted the resulting .pbo to verify and yes, all entries are replaced with another - valid - unit (verified with a ctrl-f search) , it still asks for the unit that I wanted to remove.
  13. This is quite annoying. I extracted the PBO (why the heck do I have to do this? Why can't I remove stuff within the editor so it's REALLY removed?). I deleted the entire subclasses. Yes, I kid you not... this is what I have: version=12; class Mission { addOns[]= { }; addOnsAuto[]= { }; randomSeed=2991469; And it still tells me it's expected the mod that was deleted. But since the last post is months old, I don't think any solution will come up. I'll just start over... Spending another 3 hours on redoing everything seems actually easier than tracking down why my server won't load that one mod and why I can't just remove it from the mission.
  14. Thanks, great work on your mods. High quality stuff. Lots of good details in your Helis!
  15. Slant_

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Heya. Great mod, I know that from SP dicking around with it. I don't like the PIP for some Tanks, a 2D solution would probably be more efficient, but this is just my opinion. My question: I'm trying to set this up on my server but cannot seem to get it right. I have both @RHSAFRF;@RHSUSF; in my -mod... loading the russian pack first, of course. It doesn't load the USF mod. If I remove the AFRF mod, it shows the USF mod (despite it not working, of course, since the russian mod is missing). Do you have an idea how this could be?