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  1. ArturBog3

    AF Large Civilian Ship

    Your mod has been waiting for a long time, it is very good at this stage. On the ship there is a problem with the doors, they are transparent. All internal doors, even in cabins with windows, I think this does not happen in reality.
  2. I read what you wrote and watched the video, but the menu on the F-16 allows you to select AN / AWW-13, so I had questions. I would also like to know from you on the future presence of a SLAM-EP on the F-16, whether it is planned to be placed on this aircraft. As far as I understand the Turkish Air Force and the UAE have this system for these aircraft.
  3. What kind of weapon does the AN / AWW-13 ADLP interact with on the F-16? There are some problems with the description of the weapons, some elements are not English text.
  4. ArturBog3

    F-15 Eagle Series Standalone

    What kind of weapon does the AN / AWW-13 ADLP interact with on the F-16? Sorry, I confused the tabs in the browser and wrote the wrong topic.
  5. F-22 Raptor in the Su-35S sight in the photo image from the optoelectronic station and the thermal imaging channel
  6. I am very happy that I was able to help you, if you want to see more photos of Russian aviation, then visit this site: https://russianplanes.net/new, there is a section on Su-25SM https://russianplanes.net/st/Sukhoi/Su-25SM, they also publish new photos of Su-25SM3 this is one of the few cockpit photos: modernized Su-25UB of the Russian Air Force http://121arz.ru/?page_id=26 Su-25SM3
  7. The composition of the equipment of the modernized Su-25SM3
  8. Thank you, I know that this is a Belarusian modernization, and I signed it on the photo that on the photo Su-25UBM Air Force of Kazakhstan, not Su-25SM3 Russian Air Force. Here is an interesting enough video for the modernization of Su-25UBM Air Force of Kazakhstan. Скачать видео
  9. cockpit serial Su-25SM3 looks like this http://121arz.ru/index.php/nggallery/page/3?page_id=58 published on December 5, 2014
  10. Hi firewill, thanks for this plane, it's a wonderful job, it finally gives us the opportunity to work fully at night. All your planes are perfect. I want to ask more can we expect that in the Su-25SM3 will appear cockpit as on the combat aircraft of the Russian Air Force? the one that is now from the Su-25SM.
  11. Su-25UBM Air Force of Kazakhstan https://informburo.kz/stati/vvs-kazahstana-poluchili-modernizirovannye-su-25ubm-eksklyuzivnyy-reportazh-s-aviabazy-v-shymkente.html https://safaniuk.livejournal.com/43168.html