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  1. If i remember it right lights worked "correctly" in A3 alpha, not sure why it was changed(but i bet it was performance). https://feedback.bistudio.com/T77231
  2. the bare minimum you @Phantom Aspect need to look into is missions.pbo, modules.pbo and warfare2.pbo, you cant just rename warfare2 to warfare2A3 and expect it to work
  3. Oh god, just as i thought, it’s true. vanilla A3 weapons sounds(and some of them are poorly configured), totaly wrong RoF on some weapons, poorly configured gearbox/physX on some vehicles, wrong missile/rocket speeds, bolt action rifle without hand anim (seriously, 2 minutes of weapon framework implementation), wrong anims on some weapons, and a few other things. atleast the map looks somewhat okay/usable with ai(the sog one is really bad at this). yes, vehicles looks nice texture-wise, but that’s all, and fortunately in arma funcions/gameplay is more then graphics. sorry, but this is just not enough in 2021 for a paid "mod" (CDLC), especially when things like GM or RHS managed to set the bar so high, function, gameplay and asset quality-wise and before some of you says that it was just released and things will be fixed/improved, remember that it was already delayed multiple months, it was supposed to release before SOG
  4. SzepyCZ

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    oh, so now it is "our files", can the files be considered as hostages now then?
  5. SzepyCZ

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    i hope foxhound is proud of himself that he single-handedly managed to destroy game/addons preservation for older arma games, that’s all what i have to say, instead of passing it to someone else so "his legacy as an biggest arma site creator would continue" and he would look like the "good one", he chose to behave like a [...], closed everything without further warning and now tries to sell it, hope he’s proud of himself and the legacy he chose to make will stick with him
  6. SzepyCZ

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    Oh right, so basically over last 15 years he was literally craving over all addon/mission threads for being able/allowance to host them on AH, even makes an updates posts, literally builds his reputation as RELIABLE mirror creator/owner/whatever, which(unfortunately) led to believe that he actually cares about arma addons/community, and that AH is a RELIABLE mirror, and then immidiately shuts down everything without further warning or something, if he actually made a post for example "AH service costs more then i can afford even with donates/subscriptions, unfortunately i have to shut it down, but if community wants to support me (paypal link/whatever) and there would be enough money donated to cover the last years cost i will make whole website available for rehosting somewhere else" or because of some personal issues, everyone would understand it but no, instead he behaves like a biggest [...](yes i know that he returned subscriptions, but that doesnt change anything) and shuts down everything without further warning/some apologize/statement. And yes, he own this community a BIG statement on why, because remember, there were hundreds of content creators who relied on AH services(again because he built his reputation as reliable arma related host), and boom now everything is gone, so yes, only AH/foxhound is to blame, and nothing will change that, maybe he should have thought about the fact that he managed to build the biggest arma related(and RELIABLE!) site before closing it down with no apparent reason and without time to make some backups,after all, he had 15 years to do that. and btw, if you think that what jerryhopper did is something illegal/immoral, i will give you an advice, dont even look at what facebook/google/microsoft is doing(and what you are able to do with simple google search bar), because then after realizing it you would spend rest of your life locked in your basement.
  7. SzepyCZ

    Prarie Fire discussion

    i just hope that there will be content updates like GM because right now, 1 "tank" for each side or plane only for blufor is not much and no, 6 "variants" of 1 heli is just 1 vehicle(hello pylons)
  8. personally i’m afraid that the assets wont be on the same level of "quality" as GM’s are, i might be wrong, i made this assumption based on the screenshots from annoucement/videos CSLA made from their playtests
  9. SzepyCZ

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    look at every video comparing the game graphics on consoles vs PC(basically 75 percent of content on Digital Foundry YT channel) battlefield 4, the evil within, Sekiro, Fallout 76, Lichdom Battlemage, APB:Reloaded, PUBG, GTA: Online, etc.. (these are the ones i remember that had/have perf issues on consoles) actually consoles had more comparable graphics quality vs pc in the era of PS2(atleast at the start) then they have today in the PS4/X1X era(even at its start in 2013) and no, the biggest games on consoles are Sony/Microsoft exclusives, but Microsoft is actually clever enough to bring them to PCs too( all halo games etc..) but sure, enjoy your cinematic 30 fps and aim assists
  10. SzepyCZ

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    so, finally end of T-64 whines? 😂
  11. SzepyCZ


    any chance of bigger randomization which vehicle AI uses? for me both sides just keeps using only 1 type of vehicle, even if there is 10+ available for purchase
  12. ah, then post your server´s rpt just dont put whole rpt content here, put it on pastebin or something like that
  13. do you know it actually takes a while till server is loaded and starts sending the data?
  14. antistasi has a custom arsenal system with limitation of what things you can take(depends on what you bring etc.), so maybe you could ask them how they did it
  15. disable movement keyboard input for anim length? ithink it should work through displayAddEventHandler keydown , check movement keys through actionKeys
  16. SzepyCZ

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    i have to say that i dont have any problems with AFM, even at higher speeds, i was talking about SFM because i dont like to use AFM wihtout analog input of collective
  17. SzepyCZ

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hello, i have a question about RHS helicopters which have toggle wheel brakes as option(hinds,havoc,etc..), is wheeled landing working even with standard FM? i tried it a few times, in like 50% cases it worked fine, however in another 50% i tried to land in like 50-100 kmh, then as heli was slowing down at about 20kmh whole thing just "jumps" a little bit(no more then 0.5m) and damages itself badly
  18. SzepyCZ

    ARMA 3 is a simulator

    switch off extended armor in difficulty options
  19. SzepyCZ

    Mods and multiplayer

    it´s simple: look at PUBG - guess what anticheat they use - yes, battleye DayZ - battleye arma - unfortunately, battleye anticheats are always one step before cheat makers + bisigns were cracked waay long ago
  20. SzepyCZ

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    just tested this in editor, all abrams versions vs pg7vl into rear side of turret= all of them exploded, hit into rear hull=all of them had disabled engines, frontally with 3BM48 APFSDS all of them disabled/destroyed in 1-3 shots into different places,so i dont really understand what is your problem
  21. look how the mortar was done in A2 IDF mod http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23445
  22. documents/arma3 other profiles/yourprofilename/yourprofilename.vars.arma3profile is the file you are looking for, just copy it to server profile folder and rename it so it will be yourserverprofilename.vars.arma3profile
  23. SzepyCZ

    Tanks - Fire-control system

    RHS FCS actually have a key for dumping the lead
  24. why? because i care for current games and i´m simply tired of bullshit what gamedevs/marketing are currenty showing? but ok, i will stay quiet about this from now,sry for cluttering this thread