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  1. If it is like the old R3F then they stay put so long as the server is up. There was a code that worked with ALIVE persistence to save the placement of objects too, but it was always a little buggy. You could associate costs with things drawn from the creation factory, so there was a limit on what could be put up based on that.
  2. Awesome, waiting till you get it solid with ALIVE, then I'll bust into it. :D
  3. Another question. When I modified R3F for my old unit's uses I figured out how to work it so that each box had a size and things like a big cargo container could not be stored in a humvee, will those type of options still be there?
  4. Awesome bud, keep up the good work.
  5. Thanks for the reply, most of the guys I play with love ALIVE and we have used R3F to pack up and build whole bases before, lots of fun. Thanks again for modernizing this.
  6. Will this have the ability to work with ALIVE? The previous edition worked with a script to save to persistent servers, just wondering if this works the same way. Thank you for all your work on this, the previous mod was great but definitely needed updating.
  7. Not true now, thought it was in the past. https://www.marinecorpstimes.com/story/military/2015/10/26/commandant-approves-m4-standard-rifle-marine-corps-infantry/74593750/
  8. Looks great, will definitely have it's uses in ALIVE and I have a lot of friends who were way into BF2 and would love this.
  9. Looking great man as always.
  10. blakeman

    US Military Mod

    This mod needs more Woolly Pully :D :D :D
  11. Good stuff as always TxT, keep it up bro. Does the PLS one have the rear wheel steer? Like the LVSR? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oshkosh_Logistic_Vehicle_System_Replacement_(LVSR)
  12. Fair enough. It was stated as a Willys Jeep, is that really the M151 MUTT?
  13. Pity about the MULE, was hoping we could have this... :D
  14. blakeman

    CH-46 Knight

    Thanks, I'd love to be able to pack these on the LHD that CUP has.
  15. blakeman

    CH-46 Knight

    Question that hopefully hasn't already been asked or answered... Are the blades on this going to have an option to be packed away so it can fit packed in on the deck of a LHD? Thanks for this helo btw, it is one that is definitely needed in this game.