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  1. I am receiving an error where only empty vehicles spawn. No civilians, furniture, etc. spawn. I am running the newest versions of both the mod and CBA and have made no changes to either. I am also running no other mods. Here is the error message seen when i start up the game: https://imgur.com/a/M1JWCH2
  2. EatDefeat

    Formula Arma

    Looks amazing! Can't wait until release!
  3. Sorry to not answer you question, but how do you get them to spawn in with a specific texture. For example i'm attempting to spawn the Gryphon in with the solid grey texture.
  4. EatDefeat

    Using enemy supports as Zeus

    For the purpose of a multiplayer mission, I want to play as a NATO unit with access to Zeus. Normally when you access the supports tab on the Zeus screen as a unit of a specific side, you are unable to use the planes of enemy factions for air support. I understand why this is in place, but is there any way to avoid it?
  5. EatDefeat

    Zues Problem

    When you place the Game Master module, make sure you select "All addons (including unofficial ones)" rather than "All official addons".
  6. EatDefeat

    *Wrong Section*

    Please delete this.
  7. EatDefeat

    1.60 FPS?

    Intel i7 4710HQ CPU, GTX 860M, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, 910GB SSD
  8. EatDefeat

    1.60 FPS?

    Since the 1.60 update, my FPS has dropped dramatically. In singleplayer, I got 50-60 FPS prior to the update, but now i'm struggling to reach 40. In multiplayer it's even worse. I was once around 35-45 FPS, but now I have dropped to maximum 30, usually around 20-25. Before I used a mix of high, ultra, and standard settings. Now am forced to use all standard to reach the FPS I was at prior. I have heard a lot about people having much improved FPS because of the update, but has anyone seen negative effects? If so, what was/might be causing them?
  9. EatDefeat

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Will there ever be USMC infantry units added to the Marines faction? The Marines seem a bit useless with just a tank.