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  1. @rainbow47 I'm not aware of any since the last change log. I use a bootleg version myself, changed a few number here, removed a line there which is the limit of my ability, to no visible adverse effect. I haven't fired up ARMA in a while(well what SP could I really use GTI in?), as far as I remember it works more or less as before even it has been abandoned for... Lemme see, 3+ years?! Means more or less same bugs, some quite severed IMO. Yet when and If I do I'd not play ARMA any other way unless one day it hard crash the game.
  2. mmm

    "Old Man" campaign still a thing?

    Hmm, or rugged, all terrain fully tracked self propelled tactical wheelchair to ensure your autonomy in the battlefield even at an advanced age?
  3. mmm

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Well RPG could mean a lot of things... Next to "action adventure". Care to elaborate? Is there dialogue wheel now, or you have "stats" and "level"(lol I doubt)? Or maybe I should just wait for a few days for some gameplay video... It would seem the bulk of their offering is SP campaign this time around and I'm undecided whether it's worth it.
  4. mmm

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    So now it's released, anyone mind telling me what's the campaign look like? Over the top, heavily scripted linear, 4 hour long non persistent 1 man army missions separated by a few loading screens, with some "alien" plot devices? Or, surprise me, it's actually somehow non-linear open world, giving you freedom of going your objective from solo 1 man army to miniature combined arms company with fixed wing air?
  5. mmm

    The effect of weapon on AI accuracy

    Not surprisingly both top performer are configured with best dispersion value in class, and in the case of SPAR-16 less AI dispersion than counterparts IIRC. Even if both suffers from some of the worst external ballistics in their own class. Also TBH Type 95 LSW and HK416 14.5" are assault rifles as far as AI's concerned, as they're configured with rifle fire discipline and AI dispersion. You'll see when and if you move to LMG test, and probably have their results displayed along side rifles than LMGs.
  6. mmm

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    If they're not updating platform I'd really like them to move to full scale ARMA 4 dev, which is not happening now I understand. I don't see them delivering ground breaking first party stuff with ARMA 3 today without using gimmicks like community modders do(some could constitute "platform upgrade" on their own I guess). Hard for me to get excited about any further development if you can call their milking projects that. If ARMA 3 dev timeline was anything to go by it is going to be quite a wait for ARMA 4 if there will be one at all. So can someone enlighten me, is it potentially possible for them to substantially improve how AI perceive the game environment by optimizing software(move to the new Enfusion engine everyone's so hyped about?), with the CPU power we have today or short term future? I personally think if they want to up the content a notch in the future they will have to tackle the hard problem sooner or later. I'm not one familiar with the more technical subjects so excuse me if I didn't term thing accurately.
  7. mmm

    AI Facts & Myths Compilation List

    First of all tks for the reply GOM(can I call you that😁). I want to clarify what I meant. My understanding of what you're saying is that AI don't see you if it's not facing your direction, that is you're not within it's vision cone. And displacing to a different direction relative to AI is a way to do that. If so what I meant is a little different. Now, just assume hypothetically this: You're standing still behind a sandbag, 400m away from AI, a condition which you're normally not detectable by AI without having seen you once before. You shoot at AI, it learns about your exact position and shoots back at you. You go prone behind the sand bag, breaking the line of sight, the shooting stops. Now my assumption is that if you stand back up or even rolling out of the sandbag in prone to within its vision cone. it will reacquire you and proceed to shoot at you again because of some form of prior knowledge that I don't understand the exact nature of. My question would be, assuming AI holds its position, facing the sandbag direction, can you move out of the sandbag without getting shot at again, after waiting for, say 5 minutes? Basically does this "prior knowledge" which leads to heightened ability to reacquire a previously detected target decay with time? Or say you magically teleport away from the sandbag to a position a position 400m to AI's right, and AI remains still but then rotate to face your direction, now you're within its vision cone. Will it shoot at you then? Basically, does this knowledge degrade when target is away from the last known position? Or does it work some other way that I cannot think of? I have a feeling that the knowledge never fully disappear until you're dead, the entire group will re-detect you at longer distance not matter how long has passed or how far you have moved from where you're last seen. Akin to having a battlefield spot dorito over your head for the remainder of your life... Now I'm confused, do you mean AI detection not binary like human? I.E. either you see or you don't, shooting at where something last at is not seeing. I'm just a guy "playing" ARMA maybe I'm not qualified to have this kind of discussion but OTOH I'm genuinely curious. What I'm wondering is that what if you run to a distance 300m away without ever firing again to give off more "knowsabout". Where guys with no NVG have 0 chance of seeing you(I guess, can't be sure about anything once you're seen once), even if they saw your muzzle flash once, but the leader with NVG and laser designator can still track you once you've been detected. How well will those supposedly "blind" AI shoot? As good as shooting at analogical "spot dorito"?
  8. mmm

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    I would, some interface symbology elements could be easily tied to gear, with some room for functionality expansion. Say you have HMD paired with network device, there's the full benefit of symbology. Device without HMD, then only on map. Maybe only when you're not being interfered with electronic warfare systems. Just a very simplistic idea how it could potentially be implemented from the existing system. Thing is not real armor design allocate protection that way, unless it's bomb suit. You know how it works, it starts with a helmet, by 2035 maybe a UHMWPE shell one with rifle protection to a degree, then there's the torso rifle protection. If you can afford the extra weight the state of art today can have a helmet visor/mandible, deltoid protector, and combat diaper of some sort. The wildest claim I've seen is the (never realistic)TALOS spin-off armor gives 44% coverage, likely soft armor only outside the rifle plate. Neck to toe coverage, at the weight class suggested by the game stat, will probably be as protective as blast boxer. Though the more realistic things they could do with supposedly "advanced" uniform could include vital monitoring, which is another more "sci" than "fi" thing. A basic implementation in game could be an update on unit status without visual contact or verbal comm. So you know a unit is downed or dead without having to see it getting shot, or approximately how fatigued a unit is.
  9. mmm

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    I would have welcomed ARMA modelling real modern technologies properly instead of "its 2035 cuz we tell you so" reskins. Programmable fuzed round, man in the loop NLOS missile, small loitering munitions, dismount soldier SA systems(say nett warrior, some of it could be as simple as tying certain blufor tracking difficulty setting to equipments instead), to name a few. If you want to go a bit more wild how about things like legged logistic robots for terrains unsuited for vehicles to keep up with foot soldiers? They could use the goats as starting point. Features that are genuinely new but also based on reasonable projection of near future(or even existing) technology. Instead ARMA 3's "futureness" is mostly just in appearance, others deviate way too far from real world capabilities. I mean what kind of function does the CSAT helmet HMD have? Or CSAT uniform with neck to toe coverage , protecting against only small shrapnels, what kind of 2035 body armor design is that?
  10. mmm

    AI Facts & Myths Compilation List

    Proper technicalities or scientific testings are beyond my abilities, so following are just my observations from wrestling with AI in SP, under microscope, take with a pinch of salt if you will. As far I can tell AI don't use binoculars or optics of any kind to accomplish the "initial detection" if they don't already have prior knowledge of their existence. Say we human can determine when the sightline is suitable for the use of optics for scanning distant terrain, trading FoV for better probability of detection, given enough time you will eventually detect the target even without prior knowledge. For AI it appears the initial detection is always through equivalent of the non magnified Mk 1 ball(or through taking fire). I think for this reason you'll never see organic, "sniper/spotter" behaviour from AI. However it appears to me AI take little to no time to detect once within their detection range. What I'd really like to find out is what happens after the initial detection happens. Say you duck behind a sandbag, then pop back out, you'd expect AI to reacquire you quickly. Say even you run 300m away from AI in the open(where they can maintain LOS) beyond their naked eye capability prior to the initial detection, get behind something to break LOS, then shortly after that pop back out, they will probably still reacquire promptly. I wonder what it takes to remove your "mark of death" from AI, reset their ability to detect you prior to the initial detection. Displace sufficiently from your last known position? Time without LOS on target? The other thing I'm interested in is the capability of their "brain datalink". Say what if only 1 unit in a group has the required capability to detect a target, how does it affect the rest of the group's ability to engage? Say in pitch dark night, only 1 unit is equipped to maintain track of the target, with NVG and laser designator. How well can the rest of the group without NVG engage with just ironsight? What if they have magnifying day optics, does the small FoV number do anything? Also a related question is, can AI maintain track of a target in darkness with only weapon night sight, without head mounted NVG?
  11. mmm

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Well I'm not buying it but that's where I put my dough, the things you actually play with probably have little to do with "alien". Maybe some "shut up and take my money" person can confirm or deny this. BI should know that for a game like ARMA with milsim backbone is just a unnatural to have actual combat involving "alien". But then again they did zombie before so... Well full price new release is 60 so whatever that costs 1/2 of that to develop? With lifetime ongoing support it is arguably not that easy to quantify exactly what qualify as the said cost, but IMHO the general idea sounds fair no?
  12. mmm

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Can anyone explain to me why they need to involve "alien" when it appear to have nothing to do with the actual playable content? Unless they did something revolutionized the SP design that requires the "alien invasion" setting(I really doubt). The offering does appear a little thin compared to similarly priced APEX. Speaking of which the actual playable content seem actually less far fetched in comparison, I mean the rather ridiculous VTOL design, underslung .50 Beowulf, full body ninja suit without powered component matched with actually more "alien" helmet. Their "Contact" content is more rooted in reality in this respect, it would appear. I duuno, maybe they're just really afraid of player usable chemical weapons so it will have to be the evil unplayable alien then, maybe the tear gas kind.
  13. mmm

    AI not shooting vehicles

    Hmm, does the level of "heat" from the vehicle affect lockon range? As far as I can tell running the engine for 5s will allow you to lock on from practically the same range as a glowing hot vehicle?
  14. mmm

    The effect of weapon on AI accuracy

    Looking back I think the suppression test was also quite informative. As far as dealing with AI goes, given that you have identified the position of your attacker(which may not always occur before you die...), you should develop the habit of dumping as much fire power towards the target instead of trying to landing the killing shot with your first few bullet, while dropping to prone to minimized your target size, if possible. I think it's especially important to adopt this behavior when you're caught in unexpected engagement at relatively close range when there's no cover in your immediate vicinity. I'd go as far as saying that dumping your entire 30 round magazine quickly, reload under fire, then try to score hits with the second magazine is better than trying to score hit initially when fighting excessive sway from the weapon inertia caused by your earlier 180° turn. It's not gonna be comfortable to be caught helpless with an empty gun, but the suppression should have mitigated the risk of actually taking a hit and bought you time to steady your aim.
  15. I might have come off as being critical of your work, not that I'm qualified or in any way have the right to be. But if I did I apologize. I welcome any improvement to AI command, and I saw in whatever little time fumbling with your C2, some cool features. Say the high command slingload and assemble static weapons, it could open doors to some more "strategic" maneuvers that are otherwise not possible. The building clearing routine is, as far as ARMA goes, as good as it could get IMHO. And probably a bunch others I didn't discover. But speaking only for myself, to effectively command in ARMA I really can't do it in 1:1 realtime, without perfect access to the point of interest with my camera. It's very often the point of your command order is either out of your line of sight(be it a mound or building or whatever), or even if you do it may be too distant to snap cursor onto it with any precision. As for map command I think even for the best map reader it's sometimes difficult to place your command somewhere within a few meters of where your really want it to be in the 3D scene. And what a difference a few meters can make, you could have AI standing in the open when you need him behind some LOS blocker to not get shot, or staring at the building wall when you need him to engage. And you won't even find that out without line of sight to the said unit. Now you mentioned UAV that could alleviate some problems, but to get access to all the points of interest for commanding, in a timely manner, it's probably not practical, not to mention turrets generally don't work well accTime less than 1. And the time I have affects how much I can realistically use whatever function that's available, especially when it's time sensitive, say for example when you're in contact. ARMA's highly compressed engagement timeline(5 minute to one side wiped out, most death occur first 2 min, even faster with "recoilless" mounted weapons) make it doubly important to get your commands out quick to affect outcome. Larger group only makes it harder to individually intervene unit action, to the degree I believe no amount of streamlining UI or improving proficiency can achieve. Actually some of the works(Door Kicker, Zapat's Get Tactical interface which I use to this day) you cite as your inspirations incorporated solutions: alternative camera angle for commanding and active pause. I wonder what is your opinion on those. Didn't occur to you at all(I doubt)? Or they were consciously rejected to preserve MP compatibility? Not feasible to implement? Or ideologically you consider them "cheats" in ARMA context? Or something else? As for stance change, well I thought it might be choreographed, but you never assume things you don't know, part of me wanted it to be true... Only if you can make AI properlly peek from cover... Well one can dream.