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  1. Did it happen to your walkthrough? If you have any idea what could have caused it to happen it would be very helpful if you can share. I personally find it vastly more likely to be some sort of bug or oversight, than "to show that the vendors are been visited by others to buy various wares"? A shops inventory is not created until your first visit AFAIK, or at least they appear to have proper full inventory on first visit. It's akin to saying low frame rate in town area is due to CSAT sonic weapon affecting your brain. Speaking of which... It seems probable to be connected to how many "revisits" you had? Probably something goes wrong when it tries to respawn the indefinite quantity items like medicine and sleeping bags? Everytime it happens maybe some finite quantity items get erased.
  2. Hmm, anyone notice that vendors have their inventories depleting by itself for no good reason? Without me making any purchase the initial shop had its inventory dropped to just 1 RPK and greatly reduced ammo availability after a few hours of play, noticeably several Carl Gustaf rockets disappeared. I can't pin down what exactly triggers it but it happened both prior and after patch, so now that I'm certain it's happening for some reason. So now my option is to use the item flipping exploit and buy everything from shops 1st time generate the initial inventory before the really important items are gone forever...
  3. Recently I witnessed something that although hilarious, yet in a few ways also highlighted what I think are the contradictions between this "Old Man" mission design, and what ARMA is. So here's how it went. So I arrived at the Syndikat stronghold of Doodstil. A Bloodied smuggler(UGL) appeared, sporting a modified loadout of Type 95 GL. He then proceeded to limp towards a pile of equipments I stashed away earlier in the town, and stole a number of my 5.8mm drum magazines. Bewildered, I went on to use a FAK to heal him up, for some reasons... In hindsight it's clear he appeared damaged due to some sort of spawn bug or collision, by design no conflicts ever take place in safe zones and any events are only suppose to take place within a few hundred meters away from you. It's also clear that due to an oversight the weapon loadout was changed from AK-12GL without providing 5.8mm ammo, so the fully simulated AI routine actually decided for itself to pick up whatever compatible ammo it finds. However both the act of AI picking up ammo and me using FAK on it are made to have no practical purpose by this mission design. And the unintended behavior would have been easier to avoid had it not been the high fidelity of ARMA AI, like in the games that this particular is trying to recreate the experience of.
  4. The execution of scripts seem to become more lagged after running the scenario for a number of hours. Enemies get spawned in the face more frequently, the stash selling price update lags almost half a minute behind the item movement, price tool tip also lags a few seconds, even saving only happens several seconds later than fresh start after the "sleep" sequence, to name a few of the more visible ones. Now I've seen similar in other scenarios after extended run time, is this kind of degradation inherent with ARMA and fundamentally unsuited for single scenario campaign without refresh?
  5. I'm not disagreeing with that. I've seen that in their Tacops, yes they look very wrong when they're not activated but visible, just spewing blood when shot. But to do what they attempted to do here more properly basically means allow systems to handle more real simulated entity at the same time, I doubt we'll see any real improvement in this ARMA, or wait for CPUs to have a few times more single core performance I guess...
  6. I haven't seen simuation disable enemies yet, that would be something too. However I don't think there's much optimization they can do other than making ARMA 4, assuming you don't call water down object count optimization, just imagine playing this scenario in 2013 with their recommended spec, yeah... Yet the spawn is already below bare minimum distance IMO, and corpses clean up happens at fairly short distance away as well. I mean in theory they can just spawn a bunch of enemy in houses only when needed and since you didn't see it happening you can never grab their red hand and call it cheat, but that goes back to my point that enemy just decide to appear whenever they want wherever they want, and disappear the same way. Even If they decide to do LOS check on dynamic simulation that could cost performance as well. Also it got me worried for a second when I got some ~20FPS, I thought my computer went kaput or got something seriously misconfigured, almost like back in my AMD FX days. I wonder on what spec and setting one could expect ~20FPS in high density area. I'm 6600k GTX1070, at 3000m/3000m(which is probably more than this scenario intended or needed), I could tell you it's mostly "ultra" but we all know it make little real difference in performance.
  7. Now that I've played a bit more, I don't find the spawn exactly ideal. Even the combination of Tanoa terrain and lack of means to extend awareness range with the likes of teammates or unmanned vehicles don't make the sometimes very short spawn distance feel natural enough. And then there are cases where clearly a site should have been populated that is not when you get the occasional long sight line, until you get much closer. Ideologically I'm against making NPCs like electrons, that has a probability to be anywhere around you, and then cease to exist once you're at a distance that's deemed(not necessarily correctly mind you) not relevant. Pretty much nothing have a persistent presence in the scenario, you can't say for example shell a CSAT camp with mortar based on your earlier scout intel, because everything's despawned, or destroy the QRF in the base or kill it on approach because they just never existed until you started a conflict. I get spawning is something you have to deal with one way or another, but ideally having those spawn farther away from player's awareness range then enter physically will likely create a much more natural experience. Now there's going to be performance cost with longer distance spawn, which is pretty hefty already, especially in high density area. And then there's the random skirmishes that are in particular meant to be created within a range that's relevant to the player, which is pretty short for the one man army design. But at least they can try to introduce an option to make the spawn distance configurable, like many other dynamic scenarios.
  8. I've seen people complain about save so I'll throw my hat in as well. IMO when it comes to game I don't believe in undo 40min+ of player progress as a consequence of death, at least this is not the kind of game. Also put all the tutorial message in map screen or field manual, people(like me) may need to review those custom mechanics more than the once in a life time popup, and there are quite a few of them. I'm not far into the game yet and have been taking it very, very slow. But the one man army thing is really a mismatch for ARMA IMHO. I get there are other, more difficult challenges associated with making it otherwise from where ARMA is today, but I hope someday they can get there, and before that happens, make efforts to pave the way to that destination. Original East Wind campaign made attempted to portray warfare, if in a limited fashion on many different levels. But this "old man", it is NOT WAR.
  9. I'll certainly be looking forward to your revamped command system as well, hopefully with a pause function. Given the typical ARMA 3 firefight duration you can probably see how micromanage AI with an elaborate command system in real time can be very unwieldy. One thing I've meant to ask is how did you manage to make AI recognize a "cover" and use one semi properly, if you can give the gist in layman's term that is? I wouldn't assume they can do what you showed in your video 100% of the time with any objects without misfire, but given where the AI has been so far it's still an improvement I didn't think possible in this iteration of ARMA. If I didn't over interpret the cover taking ability of AI shown in your video you gotta highlight it more your next one, I'd personally consider it one of the most significant feature on par with the pathfinding. And can you tell me definitively at 6:37 the AI was dynamically clearing the building in your video, not some sort of false advertising? That's really... HUMAN? The way it moved, the speed it moved, the direction it watched. I was kinda expecting it to tank the performance with AI doing all those crazy stuff, bad guys probably don't need to be that smart.😁 If they do they don't need it outside combat. You might consider some sort of dynamic activation to save performance? And do you think it is possible to make (a limited number of) AI even smarter by trading even more performance with you current implementation😈?
  10. Just noticed you have your own "Tactical Satellite Feed", I assume geared towards utilizing the super AI feature? May I ask is there's an active pause feature and a free camera that allows you to examine terrain features and designate locations more precisely. Especially now your AI can walk on any part of the building(also not limited to walking speed it appears?!) the ability to designate a particular position for AI in a building will be absolutely mind blowing. Probably also have AI semi-autonomously doing peeking over window/balcony ledge, under your command?!
  11. This AI thing looks really exciting, now I'm not assuming it does all these stuff work 100% of the time flawlessly, but it still seem to be a load of things vanilla AI refuse to do before. I'm not familiar with enhanced movement, but all direction strafing AI? That's unheard of! Wonder how and under what circumstances they do that. I'd also really like to see more about how your AI navigate building, are you saying your AI's throwing navigation mesh out of the wind and pathing...humanly, and managing level of exposure for CQB situations? And did I see AI "recognizing cover objects" for my lack of more technically accurate description at the end?! What's your AI been smoking for f@ch's sake?! It would be crazy even if they use rock 10% of the time right. Now I didn't quite catch what you did with AI targeting, but it sounds to me you got them to be more accurate across the board. I do hope you retain the ability to configure AI to have lower accuracy through difficulty and AI skill, or turn it of individually. While on the topic of target, I wonder if you have looked into potential some form(maybe emulated) of weapon resting for AI if you got them to hug the rocks and low walls properly half of the time. Also if you're interested AI's behavior with launcher, especially related to movement, stance and weapon swapping. On an entirely personal note though I'm a bit concerned about it's compatibility with a certain other (long abandoned)AI micromanagement tool that's indispensable to me in SP thus far. I'd hate having to choose at the end of day when there are two equally game changing mods.
  12. As far as SP is concerned, maybe try THIS. Yes it's abandoned and full of quirks and bugs, but it does some of the most important things for commanding in SP IMO. But also keep in mind once shooting starts AI generally face the direction of the highest priority known contact, even if that's counterproductive under player command when operate within a team. Sometimes you wish even AI just don't have that information. Also as you know AI just don't behave remotely human in close combat scenarios in ARMA, there's a reason why official missions always ask you to clear rooms, alone...
  13. @rainbow47 I'm not aware of any since the last change log. I use a bootleg version myself, changed a few number here, removed a line there which is the limit of my ability, to no visible adverse effect. I haven't fired up ARMA in a while(well what SP could I really use GTI in?), as far as I remember it works more or less as before even it has been abandoned for... Lemme see, 3+ years?! Means more or less same bugs, some quite severed IMO. Yet when and If I do I'd not play ARMA any other way unless one day it hard crash the game.
  14. mmm

    "Old Man" campaign still a thing?

    Hmm, or rugged, all terrain fully tracked self propelled tactical wheelchair to ensure your autonomy in the battlefield even at an advanced age?
  15. mmm

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Well RPG could mean a lot of things... Next to "action adventure". Care to elaborate? Is there dialogue wheel now, or you have "stats" and "level"(lol I doubt)? Or maybe I should just wait for a few days for some gameplay video... It would seem the bulk of their offering is SP campaign this time around and I'm undecided whether it's worth it.