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  1. Im using two respawn scripts for retaining and reapplying gear upon player death. onPlayerKilled.sqf player setVariable["Saved_Loadout",getUnitLoadout player]; and onPlayerRespawn.sqf removeAllWeapons player; removeGoggles player; removeHeadgear player; removeVest player; removeUniform player; removeAllAssignedItems player; clearAllItemsFromBackpack player; removeBackpack player; player setUnitLoadout(player getVariable["Saved_Loadout",[]]); Removing these files seemingly solved the problem - and i've gone back to using the inbuilt script by ACE3 that does the same. Im no scriptwizz, and these are only something i've downloaded from the interwebz and used in my vanilla workshop missions for steam (as the vanilla game does not have this ability - for what i know at least). I've added them to the clan missions of late - but i have no idea why they are causing this tho. On all missions i usually use the respawnOnStart = 0; in the description.ext file, where players should not be respawning into the game - and as such, the script should not activate as they were. But i dont know for sure. Guess i can change it to respawnOnStart = -1; instead and see if that helps. Removing the scripts did solve the issue however.
  2. Im not using a script for giving the equipment, i've in the editor customized each roles gear through the loadout options when right clicking them (aka virtual arsenal). No idea how to "delay" that tbh.
  3. Hello! Yes, I had problems figuring out where this should be placed - and i didnt see where to delete my old threads, and since this is a problem with a deadline i was getting bit "panicy". Sorry for that. Well, the mission itself i dont believe is the problem - and trying the mission without the mods wont help much, as the gear i've added are from mods. Thing is, its not just single items not being there - its that im completely stripped of ALL items. No map, clock, compass even. Completely stripped. This is a headache, as in the mission im making i want the players to deal with the challenges in the mission with a preset loadout they will use. I've made the loadout in Virtual Arsenal - which is a mechanic of the core game, and its been working fine like this for years. However, like a small month ago, suddenly we started spawning into the games naked. Even the older standard maps (base maps) where everything has been working for a long time, suddenly we started showing up naked. I have no idea whats going on. If @pierremgi has a solution for this, i'll be over the moon 🙂
  4. As the title says, im having a problem, and i have not the faintest idea on what. Im a mission creator for my group. Im experiencing that in missions i've made with player slots that has custom loadout i've made through the virtual arsenal in the eden editor, end up being naked when they spawn into the game. It was not always like this, but suddenly a few weeks back - it started. No idea why. This is really annoying, and somewhat game breaking for my missions at the current time - so if anyone has an idea on whats going on here, please help! Its somewhat urgent timewise - we're playing a mission this saturday, and if I dont have a fix till then i'll have to make some really unconvenient workarounds. This is the modlist we're using (steam collection): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1627983524
  5. Ulfgaar

    Live feed control (LFC)

    I've been looking into this again - and it still works, tho my screen gets really "jagged" and "scrambles", somewhat at least. Also, the thermal imagery starts off real nice - but then after like 2 seconds, almost completely "greys out", so you can only see the "hot characters", but nearly nothing of their surroundings.
  6. I got it working with this and using triggers: (Placed in trigger activation field) ------------------------------------ _video = "<Video_file.ogv>"; _screen = <screen_name>; _screen setObjectTexture [0, _video]; [_video, [10, 10]] call BIS_fnc_playVideo; ------------------------------------ // Write the variable-/videofile name without the < > . // The video file obviously needs to be in the mission folder. This means I can add an "addaction" or an "holdaddaction" to whatever object, and with a trigger, i can start said video on whatever screen want without having to go up to it and start it. No need for an .sqf file with script either. Works like a charm, and as an added bonus - its visible to everyone (not only the ones starting it). Excellent for ingame video briefs/viewing intel/etc, where people as an example sit in chairs, while the "officer" standing infront of them can go over to a laptop and start "this" and then everyone can watch it together. Quite nice 🙂
  7. It was, thus the edit in the original post 🙂
  8. So, im trying to have a briefing room where people can sit in the chairs and watch a video rolling on the screen in front of them. The problem is however, that the addaction makes it so that you need to go up to the screen to activate it. Is it possible to make it so that the addaction is tied to a different object, but the video/pictures are shown on the screens? Said object being like the chair - so once they sit in the chairs - they can click the chairs add action to start the video on the screen? Quite curious here, as this seems to be something that can be done, im just so very unsure on how - as i am to no surprise, not a natural born scripter. Any help will be recieved with gratitude 🙂
  9. So, this is apparently a "thing" now. Was not like this yesterday, but today im having BattlEye block stuff from ACE3: 05.02.2019 19:29:46 - Blocked loading of file 'D:\Spill\Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\107410\463939057\ace_fcs_x64.dll' 05.02.2019 19:29:46 - Blocked loading of file 'D:\Spill\Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\107410\463939057\ace_advanced_ballistics_x64.dll' Yes, this is game breaking, as the games wont load - not even in editor. Or, more precicely - i get into the game for one sec, then the game quits with this error message: Not sure on who's end this must be solved, be it the ACE team or BattlEye, but hoping its solved quickly. ACE is an epic mod, and would very much prefer to continue using it.
  10. So last night me and my buds where playing on my server. We did so for several hours, when some other freinds poked us and said they could not connect. This was odd, because as they told us this - we were on the server playing. I checked the server and i saw a message repeat itself in the .rpt. Server error: Player without identity <player> (id XXXXXXXXX) So we disconnected and rebooted the server to see if that helped, resulting in that now no one could actually connect again - and the same server error appearing on whoever was the first to try connect again. On the side of the player, they got stuck endlessly on the loading screen, nothing changing. I've tried to scour the web for a solution for this, but didnt get much wiser on the subject as many of the similar problems were from back in 2013. Checking this forum, i saw this guy post about more or less the same problem occuring at the same time as mine, in the perspective of the players - getting stuck on the loading screen trying to connect. However, not entierly sure its the same problem after looking at his .RPT. I thought it might be caused by the mods we were using, so i tried today to start the server just in vanilla mode - but the same problem appeared, see my .RPT (pastebin). Im running my server with the Tophe's Server Tool. Really hoping someone can help me solve this! Thanks in advance! // Ulfgaar
  11. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22970 Downloadable template.
  12. Anyone know of a fix for this, or how to sort it in the new ACE options CBA collab menues? Im having problems adjusting the view distance in game when this mod is active now. I can adjust this in the ACE menu for view range - but, even tho i can see farther and objects render farther away - the map itself gets all weird. Its almost like a LOD problem with the world looking really weird (floating rocks/hills now showing/water being jagged at the shorelines and often covering what clearly is land. Lakes not appearing where there should be lakes etc. My ingame settings are also maxed out, but it seems that this has no actuall effect in game atm. https://imgur.com/fO70urj (Se link for example, no bullshit link - distance here is about 5-7km'ish). This is somewhat annoying, as when i try turn off ACE view distance module - i end up being locked to like 3-4km view range, no matter how much i max out my ingame video settings. Anyone here that know how to fix this? Its sort of game breaking, especially for aircrafts/drones.