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  1. Never mind - i just cant read well: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_initLeaflet This works: [this, ["Image.paa", -1, -1], "YourText"] call BIS_fnc_initInspectable; This will add an inspect function to your object, displaying your image - with no texture added to the object itself.
  2. Apparently https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_initInspectable does the exact same as: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_initLeaflet Which means, they both apply said texture to the object as well - which means if i want to use this function to say display a tablet viewing said AI officer's ID - i end up applying the tablet texture to the said AI Officer...which is a real bummer. Still at a loss - any help appreciated.
  3. Cheers! Will do some digging. If anyone else has a bite more hands-on suggestions for codes that can be used to achieve what i want - i'd appreciate that too 😄 Im thinking something similar to the "leaflet" code, but one that lets you enter the "examine" object stage when pressing the action, rather than at the same time apply texture to the object. I found this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_initInspectable But uncertain on how to compile the code for it - as if i understand this right, this will let me "inspect" the certain object - displaying potentially a picture of my chosing. As said, any help is appreciated!
  4. Hello guys! Im trying to "simulate" that our players have a "PDA" or "Tablet" from where they can check the "ID" of certain AI they encounter in the game. These AI and their identity, those i want to be eligible for it - will ofc be arranged by me as the content creator. However, i'll be using an image file of a PDA/tablet - where i change the contents and convert them into a .paa file - which i then want to display to the player through pressing an addAction on the AI in question. I've tried to google a fair bit, and found that there are two types of "pop" up windows im interested in - which are the HintC, and the GUIMessage. I am now wondering what kind of code can i use to display a simple image using one of these? I saw one can use ParseText as part of the HintC, perhaps even as part of the GUIMessage - but this is where im falling off the track a bit - as i dont understand it that well. What i want is for the player to approach the AI, press the addAction - and then either a HintC window, or a GUIMessage window appears with my selected image. So in short, How to display an image to a player using an addAction by either HintC or GUIMessage? Hoping one of you guys can help me out with this 😊
  5. InitPlayerLocal.sqf (Example of 4xSquads of 8 people - applies insignias at start) if (!isDedicated) then { if (str(player)in ['SQA1','SQA2','SQA3','SQA4','SQA5','SQA6','SQA7','SQA8']) then { [player,'YourLogoNameA'] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia; }; if (str(player)in ['SQB1','SQB2','SQB3','SQB4','SQB5','SQB6','SQB7','SQB8']) then { [player,'YourLogoNameB'] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia; }; if (str(player)in ['SQC1','SQC2','SQC3','SQC4','SQC5','SQC6','SQC7','SQC8']) then { [player,'YourLogoNameC'] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia; }; if (str(player)in ['SQD1','SQD2','SQD3','SQD4','SQD5','SQD6','SQD7','SQD8']) then { [player,'YourLogoNameD'] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia; }; }; OnPlayerRespawn.sqf (Removes insignia, before reapplying them again when players respawn) if (!isDedicated) then { if (str(player)in ['SQA1','SQA2','SQA3','SQA4','SQA5','SQA6','SQA7','SQA8']) then { [player,''] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia; [player,'YourLogoNameA'] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia; }; if (str(player)in ['SQB1','SQB2','SQB3','SQB4','SQB5','SQB6','SQB7','SQB8']) then { [player,''] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia; [player,'YourLogoNameB'] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia; }; if (str(player)in ['SQC1','SQC2','SQC3','SQC4','SQC5','SQC6','SQC7','SQC8']) then { [player,''] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia; [player,'YourLogoNameC'] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia; }; if (str(player)in ['SQD1','SQD2','SQD3','SQD4','SQD5','SQD6','SQD7','SQD8']) then { [player,''] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia; [player,'YourLogoNameD'] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia; }; }; With Preset Loadouts, loaded up through AddActions and the use of .sqf scripts containing the loadout preset: You'll need to add a line of code to each .sqf containing your loadout, and you'll need to add another .sqf as well. At the end of each loadout.sqf add this execVM "loadout_post.sqf"; This is the new .sqf you'll need to make (name it whatever you want, this is just what we use). loadout_post.sqf Sleep 1; SetInsignia = 1; You'll also need a repeatable trigger with this: Repeatable Trigger Condition: SetInsignia == 1; On Activation: if (!isDedicated) then {_handle = player execVM "onPlayerRespawn.sqf"; SetInsignia = 0;}; This is just an example of what we're using and its working on a dedicated server and will apply insignias when they connect, when they respawn and when they pick a kit from our preset loadout boxes - this way our squad insignias and rank insignias are displayed throughout the game we're having.
  6. I am, as a few others as i understood from what i've found in this thread and elsewhere - looking to make some sort of "command/communication center" where I want to have one or several long/short range radios transmitting on stereo. I've understood that there is something called "Static Radio", or was perhaps, as i cannot find any modules or Zeus options for this in game currently. I've looked into certain work arounds, but before digging deeper into potential work-arounds i'd like to check if there is any function or setup for where i can set an object/TFAR object to be a source of transmitting live radio feed from the players. I read somewhere that you were going to make a video tutorial of how to set up Static Radio, but cannot say i found any when googling for it. So, whats the latest and greatest on this particular function?
  7. Small update, incase others are wondering. I took what PierreMGI showed me and ended up making the .sqf script look like this in a different mission. This works on a dedicated server, and all 3 cruise missiles are fired and all 3 hit their targets. The sleep code is just there for some "effects" with them being fired in sequence, rather than all at once. Variable names are: VLS1, VLS2, VLS3 = The VLS Cruise missile launchers, 3 different. AA1, AA4, AA5 = 3 different targets i want destroyed. west reportRemoteTarget [AA1, 3600]; west reportRemoteTarget [AA4, 3600]; west reportRemoteTarget [AA5, 3600]; VLS1 doWatch AA1; waitUntil {AA1 confirmSensorTarget [west, true]; VLS1 aimedAtTarget [AA1] > 0}; VLS1 fireAtTarget [AA1, "weapon_vls_01"]; Sleep 5; VLS2 doWatch AA5; waitUntil {AA5 confirmSensorTarget [west, true]; VLS2 aimedAtTarget [AA5] > 0}; VLS2 fireAtTarget [AA5, "weapon_vls_01"]; Sleep 5; VLS3 doWatch AA4; waitUntil {AA4 confirmSensorTarget [west, true]; VLS3 aimedAtTarget [AA4] > 0}; VLS3 fireAtTarget [AA4, "weapon_vls_01"]; This might not be perfect, but it works - and is tested and verified on the dedicated server of my Arma 3 group. Links to relevant content: - FireAtTarget - ReportRemoteTarget - ConfirmSensorTarget - AimedAtTarget - DoWatch - WaitUntil Pretty neat and immersive to have the players go onto the deck of the aircraft carrier heading for their transport helicopters, while the surrounding escort destroyers fire their cruise missiles during dawn/dark 😉.
  8. Been trying to get vanilla support system to work on dedicated server game, and looked up what you made here - which is a great job, thank you! However, i edited it a bit so that you can assign specific variable names to it, so you dont just assign the support to class names, but specific roles if you want to. In the example below think of VN1, VN2, VN3, VN4 as the variable names of specific roles in a mission, such as the HQ, platoon commander etc. etc. if (str(player)in ['VN1','VN2','VN3','VN4']) then { [_this select 0, SupportRequester, ArtilleryProvider] call BIS_fnc_addSupportLink; [_this select 0, SupportRequester, TransportProvider] call BIS_fnc_addSupportLink; [_this select 0, SupportRequester, AmmoProvider] call BIS_fnc_addSupportLink; }; This is ofc put into the Initplayerlocal.sqf file just as you said. Seem to be working when im testing it on my dedicated server. The only thing thats pondering me now, is that when i as an example call in a supplydrop, the chopper that delivers it does not despawn afterwards for some reason. Anyone have any idea on why thats happening?
  9. Yeh, i'll do so once i've got bit more time - need to put it into "wording" that makes sense and not just ramble on 😄
  10. We resolved the case, by utilizing the condition fields of the waypoints instead - and our inhouse code-head. Thanks for all the efforts of helping tho, really appreciate it - if for nothing else it has -somewhat- made locallity clearer to me - which is a big deal 😄
  11. What im making here is an AI air-taxi for a persistent campaign thats been rolling for soon two months (with resets to server ofc) - but where we are now, players will still spawn at our HQ - but have an option for transport to the FOB in question when our flyboys are not online. To do this, i've placed an AI chopper having a pilot and co-pilot, following a circle of waypoints which will fly players to the FOB, and return to base for another run whenever needed. {_x In AllPlayers} count (crew Heli1) > 0) This part tho, is counting if all players are in the heli, no? As im not after having it as a requirement to have all the players be in, and thought that counting the crew of the helicopter being more than the two that is supposed to be there be what is counted. If i understood your suggestion right, its counting if there are more than 0, which would then make the 2 AI always present trigger that particular code, no? And what i need, is for the triggers "Set Waypoint Activation"-sync to the waypoint preventing it to leave to fire. As said, my version is giving me the hints, so the triggers are firing - but the trigger seemingly is not "releasing" said waypoint - so the chopper does not go anywhere.
  12. I tried a workaround, with a trigger just detecting if player was in the helicopter, that the helicopter is on the ground in the given trigger (covering the helipad) and that the hint is only broadcast to players within said trigger. This is the trigger that activates immediatly once conditions are met - hint shows up: Activation: BLUFOR Activation Type: Present Condition: {isTouchingGround Heli1} count thisList > 0 && count (crew Heli1) > 2 && (vehicle player) in thislist; On Activation: Hint "Transport helicopter will take off in 30 seconds. To abort - leave the helicopter."; On Deactivation: Hint "Transport helicopter - Take off aborted."; This is the trigger that activates after 30 seconds has passed, and which is "set Waypoint Activation" synced to the waypoint that releases the helicopter - once conditions are met, and the hint shows up: Activation: BLUFOR Activation Type: Present Condition: {isTouchingGround Heli1} count thisList > 0 && count (crew Heli1) > 2 && (vehicle player) in thislist; On Activation: Hint "Helicopter taking off!"; Timeout: 30 sec But again ,working on singleplayer and multiplayer through the editor - the hints show up on dedicated server, but does jack shit in regards to releasing the waypoint. Why the helicopter trigger does not release the waypoint of the helicopter however....it just breaks my head in. I've made dedicated server missions for years, using all sorts of conditions to activate triggers, which would put an AI group onto its planned path by using a trigger and its "set Waypoint Activation" - however, now all of a sudden this simply does not work.
  13. There seem to be some sort of delay with this on the server, where the hint is executed immediatly, while the "set Waypoint Activation" engages a fair time after...no idea why. But, i have on the server experienced some sort of delay in commands when playing as Zeus as well, like manually setting codes in the MCC init box of units (This SetVehicleAmmo 1; ...etc.). A more coding-savvy friend of mine helped me out with a different code which i'll be going with instead. Truth be told, the code is used previously is actually a code originally made for counting members of a group being inside a vehicle, i just did a hack-saw attempt at what i thought would be to count players, instead of a given group. This is the new code im going for to check if players are out (tho, not checking if players are out - but when there are only 2 left, all players are out - as pilot/co-pilot and helicopter are invulnerable so there should be no chance of either of them dying for some reason). count (crew Heli1) == 2;
  14. Yes, i know im responding to an old thread - but been "told off" before about not using "old threads" on the same topic. So either i cant make a new thread about the same topic, or i cant respond to old threads with the same topic. Anywho - its a recent thing, and this is just one example. I see no reason why it should not work on the dedicated server tho, when its working when testing it elsewise. And as said, the trigger fires - i can see the hint, but the helicopter does not move beyond waypoint 1. And then there are the other triggers not activating anymore, those that did just a few days ago - i cant figure out why not, and searched the web. This thread came up - so if said someone found a fix, i'd like to know what it was. @Larrow Ok right - so basically i dont need to refer to the helidpad at all, it'll just select it because thats where the waypoint it attached? I'll sort that out. edit: Changing that did nothing on the dedicated server - issue persists. But, basically what happens is that the triggers fires, hints are showing - but the effects of said triggers does nothing. This goes for both the trigger in question which i've written about above - but also on older triggers that have been working previously, for a very short time ago.
  15. I can comfirm, also having weird problems on my dedicated server now with trigger firing, but nothing happening still. Just discovered the issue when testing an "air-taxi" for the players to be moved from HQ, to the FOB by AI flying back and forth. AI helicopter with variable name "Heli1" with the following init field: Heli1 addAction["<t color='#6D1300'>Take Off</t>", {TakeOff = 1;}, [], 1.5, false, true, "", "true", 5, false, "", ""]; This AllowDamage False; nul = this spawn { waitUntil { if !(alive _this) exitWith {}; if (fuel _this < 0.50) then { _this setFuel 1 }; false }}; First Waypoint - on the helidpad (variable name BasePad1) with waypoint activation: Heli1 land "BasePad1"; Second waypoint - a regular "move" waypoint directly ontop of that again, "Set Wapypoint activation"-synced to a trigger with the following info: Repeatable: Yes Condition: TakeOff == 1; On Activation: Hint "Heli-Taxi Trigger Fired"; TakeOff = 0; Third waypoint - on the destination helipad (variable name FOBAPAD) with waypoint activation: Heli1 land "FOBAPAD"; Fourth waypoint - a regular "move" waypoint directly ontop of that again, "Set Wapypoint activation"-synced to a trigger with the following info: Repeatable: Yes Condition: {_x in Heli1} count (units player) == 0; Fifth waypoint - a "Cycle" waypoint linked to the first waypoint. Basically, when testing it in the editor both on single player and in multiplayer - you have the addAction "Take Off" available once you are close/in the helicopter, which is immune to damage (crew as well) and getting endlessly refuled once the heli reaches 50% fuel. It will then fly to the FOB helipad, land and stay there till all players have left the helicopter. It will then return to the HQ helipad, land and wait for another activation of the "Take Off" addAction. What happens when on trying this on the dedicated server - i get in the helicopter. I trigger the addAction command, i get the hint (Heli-Taxi Trigger Fired) telling me that the trigger has been activated - but nothing happens. Its like the triggers function of activating the waypoint did not happen, and as such we're stuck. I then noticed other triggers that previously were working, no longer working either - firing, but not executing as such. This only happens on my dedicated server, everything works fine as said when testing in singleplayer or multiplayer through the editor.