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  1. Thanks a bunch! Might want to perhaps change that link on the website for your Discord server instead as such 😉
  2. Ulfgaar

    Flickering/Flashing Objects

    I think I've come to a sensible suspicion. Through out this rather sizable campaign mission - i used a myriad of triggers to either "hide and turn off simulation" or "show and activate simulations" blocks of enemy units on the map depending on player distance to them. This was done in hopes of saving some performance. However, i did not use the global command, meaning that with a fair numbers of players going in and out of different zones - turning these units/assets on/off locally - while the assets still being "owned" by the server, would cause some serious shenanigans. I have since learned about the codes global variant - which i believe would have worked a lot better - and i've more or less stopped using them in this way outside minors assets i'd like to keep hidden from players till certain conditions are met. Quite sure its a memory issue, but i believe these triggers were the cause of said memory issue in this case. I have however noticed similar effects, but not on this scale since - which might be other memory related issues, so i'll check up on the launchers "memory limit" settings for sure.
  3. Greetings everyone - just to check, are there anyone maintaining and updating the CUP line of mods? Aka, Vehicles, units and weapons? I've got some feedback i'd like to provide regarding the Bell 412 line of helicopters, or more specifically the CH-146 Griffon. However, their issue tracker link just provides a 503 "Service Unavailable" error. So, guessing its either that the link is broken - or that they've stopped maintaining these mods? Anyone know?
  4. Ulfgaar

    Flickering/Flashing Objects

    We're running with a fixed mod-list which is white-listed on our server. So, everyone is using the same mods - anyone attempting to use anything in addition, or with anything less - will be blocked by server. I dont really think its CH-view distance, as our in-house programmer said that this most likely was due to some sort of memory leak. What causes it could be anything from mod, to a script etc., so it might be problematic to "pin down" what. We've had no issues with this in the past - so if its a mod, the logical conclution would be a mod that recently has been updated, rather one that has been working and not touched in a while? We've used this mod-set for a full year now almost, and not really had any issues with this outside once earlier on he Panthera map, and now on Altis (Altis being among the oldest BI maps for A3, so would think it was pretty "optimal" for A3 compared to modded maps). We're having a different OP this saturday using the same mod-set and compositions for our unit, so we'll see if it persists in a different scenario and map. I'll look into the .RPT logs - just not immediatly. On paternity leave, so time is...limited 😉. Thank you for the responses so far!
  5. Ulfgaar

    Flickering/Flashing Objects

    Was there any solution to this problem? We're experiencing the same currently - which really wrecks the fun we're having. We're using mods and DLC (WS) - but its the very same issue as the OP who's just using DLCs. Here are my recordings on the issue (recorded yesterday, 11.03.23) 1: https://youtu.be/R0ORFO_bY6c 2: https://youtu.be/9cdF2GSqTek To deal with it we have to leave the game and reboot Arma completely for it to be gone - but it is seemingly returning after a while for some. Its visually very annoying, and over time makes FPS take a proper dump to the unplayable the longer it continues. We've struggled with this issue in a 5 mission long campaign set on ALTIS hosted on a dedicated server. It affects everyone over time, and playing a mission where one have to reboot the game 3-4 times over a 3+ hour missions is just unbearable. My rig where i recorded this is the following: i9 12900K RTX 3080 (12GB) 32 GB DDR4 RAM I should have plenty of power for the game, but as said - its not only affecting myself, but everyone. First I thought it was due to some triggers I used to make certain hidden assets appear and become simulated in the mission, but its clearly not that. We then suspect it might be something with the mod "CH View Distance" which enables you to change view/render distance on the fly - but not really proven this to be the issue yet either. Any information on how to solve this issue will be very much welcome.
  6. Alright, thanks for your response. Was hoping to just make some new skins to use for our group - but, if i have to actually go this deep just to change the visual textures of the rotor blades, its bit too much imo.
  7. Greetings mighty oracle! I have come to seek your knowledge once again. Jokes aside, im doing some retexture work for my unit - and im retexturing a few assets from both the vanilla game and some mods, helicopters in this instance. I've been using this code to apply my skins to said helicopter and to test them in the editor. this setObjectTextureGlobal [0,"MyTexture.paa"]; Now, i've managed to retexture all exterior parts, however being stuck on what selection ID to use for the rotor blades themselves, and the interior of the helicopter. So, im reaching out to you guys here - to see if you might know the answer regarding how to retexture, or at least apply new textures to rotor blades and helicopter interiors. I've got the files for it, i just dont know how to apply them correctly. Any help will be greatly appreciated! //Ulfgaar
  8. Hey! We're making a new Arma 3 group - and as such, seek to have our own unit beret. We want to base ourself off the native Arma 3 beret (NATO/Colonel one) - but we're sort of getting stuck in our attempts to remove the "shield outline" on it. We've fixed the nohq, smdi and the 3D model itself (removed the shield) - yet, it persists in game. What are we missing?
  9. Yupp, can confirm - getting the same issue: Server load stops with: MovesType CfgMovesMaleSdr load time 4509.0 ms As last message on my end. Server does not go live anymore. The weird thing is that we're not using that mod even, just regular ACE (unless its been merged of late).
  10. Ulfgaar

    3CB Factions

    See the post in modding support made by one of my members pursuing this, named "RogoRogo".
  11. Ulfgaar

    3CB Factions

    I've encountered a problem. In my group we're trying to run with whitelisted mods on the server. We're using you guys's very fine mod, but there seem to be a problem with the key. Even though your mod is on the server, and it has a key in its folder - this is the message we get when trying to whitelist while using your mod. While other mod keys are in the serves own "keys" folder, the key of your mod does not get in there somehow. For some reason the server seems to have problems installing your mod as well. Needs anything from 3-10 attempts. I've removed the mod and reinstalled it several times now - but problem persist. We cannot whitelist using your mod, as the server claims it dos not get your key.
  12. Ulfgaar

    Arsenal question

    Perhaps an odd question, but has there been found a solution for this? Whereas you can selec a weapon and -not- have your old magazines removed and new ones stuck in?
  13. @Dedmen We're using the script way of setting frequencies (the one shown further up, as we set different ones for different squads and fireteams, and as part of the "immersion" of going over to the radio corporal and "getting it done"). Question though, is there a line of similar code to pre-program the additional channel function of the radios? or a CBA/3DEN attributes way? Thanks for any potential help regarding this ;).
  14. Never mind - i just cant read well: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_initLeaflet This works: [this, ["Image.paa", -1, -1], "YourText"] call BIS_fnc_initInspectable; This will add an inspect function to your object, displaying your image - with no texture added to the object itself.
  15. Apparently https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_initInspectable does the exact same as: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_initLeaflet Which means, they both apply said texture to the object as well - which means if i want to use this function to say display a tablet viewing said AI officer's ID - i end up applying the tablet texture to the said AI Officer...which is a real bummer. Still at a loss - any help appreciated.