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  1. Thanks man - i'll explore this tomorrow or so i think. Wish i had your know-how 🙂
  2. Well, im no codewizz - and this was the only code i found which was doing what i wanted - however, from Armaholic regarding Arma 2. @Larrow I copypasted the code you made into a ghosthawk in the editor and tested it with everyone in the chopper being grouped, as well as ungrouped, and even tho i see your fancy addaction change as i click it - there is no result. The AI keep blasting the hostile AI no matter. I assume it has something to do with your Relies on "door gunner" being in the string of the turrets config entry "gunnerName" part, but i must admint i dont understand what that means. I did however check up on what you said about disable parts of the AI which obviously is a much better sollution, and i cant imagine why i didnt think of that - but I am again hitting the wall with my apparent faulty code from armaholic - getting an error. this addAction ["<t color='#ff1111'>WEAPONS FREE</t>","H1 enableAI "All";",[1],0,false,true,""," driver _target == _this"]; this addAction ["<t color='#FFFF00'>WEAPONS HOLD</t>","H1 disableAI "All";",[1],0,false,true,""," driver _target == _this"]; Is it possible to make your fancy "enable/disable" changing addaction with just disabling the AI parts as you said? I just need an addAction which is only available from the pilots/Driver seat, which can be used to enable/disable the doorgrunners ability to engage exterior targets. The AI dont have to look good as such. We're a fairly small/medium sized group so we're only using 1 pilot per helicopter - rarely if ever any co-pilots. Also, thanks a bunch for your help so far guys - but im afraid im not at the level to really understand what your doing with that page long code 😛
  3. Any clues on why the error appears on the latter code?
  4. What i have so far is this: this addAction ["<t color='#ff1111'>WEAPONS FREE</t>","H1 setVehicleAmmo 1;",[1],0,false,true,""," driver _target == _this"]; this addAction ["<t color='#FFFF00'>WEAPONS HOLD</t>","H1 setVehicleAmmo 0;",[1],0,false,true,""," driver _target == _this"]; However, the problem here is that the pilot also loses his chaff/flares, which is unfortunate. I've also experimented with the following: H1 removeWeaponTurret ["LMG_Minigun_Transport",[1]]; H1 removeWeaponTurret ["LMG_Minigun_Transport2",[2]]; On its own, placed in the vehicle H1's init field, it diables the turrets ability to fire by all appearanes - however, when i try impliment said codes into my addaction like this: this addAction ["<t color='#ff1111'>WEAPONS FREE</t>","H1 addWeaponTurret ["LMG_Minigun_Transport",[1]]; H1 addWeaponTurret ["LMG_Minigun_Transport2",[2]];",[1],0,false,true,""," driver _target == _this"]; this addAction ["<t color='#FFFF00'>WEAPONS HOLD</t>","H1 removeWeaponTurret ["LMG_Minigun_Transport",[1]]; H1 removeWeaponTurret ["LMG_Minigun_Transport2",[2]];",[1],0,false,true,""," driver _target == _this"]; I get an error. I dont get it, so if anyone here can help me out - as said, it'll be extremely helpful 😄
  5. This is true, tho im not entierly sure how the code would look. Also, is it possible to make an "if" code of sorts to check if doorgunners are simulated or not? So that when you press the addaction once, the doorgunners will be simulated and start engaging targets - but if they are already simulated, they would have their simulation turned off, effectively turning them "off"?
  6. Greetings mighty oracle (all you bad ass coders and scripters). Im the content creator in a medium sized community - and one thing that has been pestering our helicopter pilots, is that players tend to go nuts with the doormounted guns while flying back to base. I've offered to sort our choppers out with AI gunners, which is a simple process. I've also got a fair idea on how to utilize an addaction together with turning off simulation on/off of said AI gunners so that the pilot can activate/deactivate the AI doorgunners as he see fit and need. However, im bit puzzled on how to make it so that only the pilot seat has access to said addaction command. Anyone out there that has an idea on how to do this, in an efficient and proper way using either a code to use in the vehicle init or in an sqf script? Any help is appreciated! Best regards, Ulfgaar.
  7. Alright - i can confirm that this works as intended. Placing down an empty vehicle, then adding an AI driver to it - then copy pating this code into the vehicle init line, does the trick! Just a note to you @sarogahtyp - no matter what role i get into, i can control the tank, either as gunner or as commander. Or is it so that when multiple players are inside, that it gives control of the driving to the gunner as priority?
  8. That certainly did the trick - no errors! Thank you so much for your work and effort - very kind of you, and most helpful if it works as intended. Will make some tweaks to my mission, adding this - and then test it on my dedicated. Will check back to give the greenlight if all works as we hope 🙂. Quite sure many others will be interested in this as well!
  9. Did you edit it? As i cant see any "then"'? If "then" is a term within coding, you must excuse me as im not speaking code very well.
  10. Still getting an error, seemingly the same, in spite of your edits 😞 .
  11. Thank you so much! However, when trying to place this in the vehicles init field, i get an error 🤔. https://imgur.com/3E2L3M3
  12. I would like the control of the vehicle to be tied with the gunner, as they are the ones who need to have detailed control of the vehicle as such - so that they can "sneak above a hill" with their turret and know when to stop. The commander role will be preoccupied giving orders and keeping an eye on the surroundings, keeping in touch with HQ and the other vehicle commanders - while the gunner will be the executing part - both driving and gunning, if possible. Do i need to place the vehicles in the editor having an AI driver placed, with gunner and commander slots vacant? Or does it requrie the vehicle to be "empty"? As i am also building up a database for myself over all the things i've learned over the years in this game, commands wise - i would be very much appreciate if you could show me the different codes you would use to accomplish the things you've staded above. Such as: AI controlled by Commander/Gunner. AI controlled by last person in the vehicle. Having the codes to edit for these two functions - will provide me with a powerful tool for content making in the future 🙂 Also, thank you so much for your help and effort! //Ulfgaar
  13. Alright, i guess this is what happens then when you remote control a unit using Zeus on a dedicated server. Because when i control AI vehicles as Zeus - you are placed as the gunner of said vehicles, but have detailed controls of the driver just like in singleplayer. I'll explore the "setOwner" command, but could you provide me of an Example of how it would look, and where to place it? As in, is it placed in the AI drivers init, or in the vehicle Init? Also, thank you for the very rapid response to this! //Ulfgaar