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Sahrani Life

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I am not so happy about that (Its still beta, I suggest to wait), but you can count on me. Damn it, I am going to play all day!

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New Version 1.67 released!


  • Fixed: German intro (Credits did not appear)
  • Changed: mobile phone can now send 200 characters; characters are not restricted anymore; dialog does not close after sending a message
  • Changed: empty buttons in the main menu and cop menu aren't visible anymore
  • Fixed: Magazines can be dropped into storages again
  • Fixed: Crimelog
  • Skills for Weapons (Bullets disappear if the player does not have enough skill points; Higher skills enable the player to use better weapons.) and Vehicles (You can't use driver/gunner/commander seats; amount of fuel used depends on skill as well)
  • Crimelog in the civ interteractionmenu
  • Levels shown in stat menu are correct now
  • Trunkt storage with ressources
  • Added: Player is able to reset his Skill points for $250.000
  • Changed: Max cost for a single level reduced to $1.000.000
  • Added: Parachute item. Players have to buy or manufacture a parachute in order to be able to use one. After ejecting the player will get an action to open the parachute.
  • Changed: cops do not lose their weapons when stunned
  • Changed: cops do not lose their inventory items when killed
  • Fixed: Sell vehicle action stayed after leaving the flag area (this was caused when moving from one shop to another in less than 5 seconds - atm airshop and sell vehicle shop are close to each other)
  • Added: Inventory item "Painkiller". Can be used in order to heal 10%/20% (depending on whether or not the player has the medic training). The player can use it as often as he wants but only once per 30 miutes.
  • Added: Bomb training reduces chance of leaving evidence while blowing up vehicles using bombs. Having the planting kit and the training will result in a chance of 20% to leave evidence.
  • Changed: added boat shop at corazol; added fish area near corazol; moved rifle factory to paraiso airport; added air shop to paraiso airport
  • Added: ability to unflip vehicles using a cooter
  • Changed: reworked Inventory dialog
  • Fixed: Cop leader stays message showed "%1" instead of the votes
  • Fixed: "scalar bool array sting" error when getting taxes as mayor
  • Fixed: cop marker message is now displayed when switching the markers on/off
  • Fixed: Trading skill now works
  • Added: Information text for saytext dialog
  • Updated: Tutorial and FAQ text
  • Changed: Civs will only lose their inventory after respawning if they killed someone during that life
  • Fixed: guild mission
  • Changed: Mobile phone can now (also) be used to send a message to Cops only, Civs only or Everyone
  • Changed: mission parameter to disable chat
  • Added: if chat is disabled, alternative death messages are shown as hints
  • Fixed: worker action (So players can see who workers work for)
  • Fixed: Player is reselected as group leader if AI has taken control of the team (this might happens after killing teammates)
  • Fixed: account balance message shows correct value if the account has more than $1.000.000 on it
  • Fixed: time to wait when getting killed is now rounded to a full number
  • Fixed: Message log stopped logging after 100 messages
  • Fixed: public auction message
  • Removed: one of the felicia cars (bugged)
  • Added: ATM to Masbete cop base
  • Added: Inventory item "speed radar/gun". Using this item the player can determine the driver and speed of a vehicle the player is looking at. It is an inventory item, so cops can still keep their normal weapons in their hands. Also works while being in a vehicle.

Edited by W0lle

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Can someone send me the download link to the latest version which didnt use addons!!

--> The flag actions dont work in 1.67 btw we were really looking forward to having big funny clan games on this map.

Edit: Ive just read this topic from one of my clan members on your fourms. Rp-Mods Fourms

I know you guys will prob hate me for saying this, but once apon a time ago i used to make missions and people used to edit them how they seen fit, i also did not like this but then soon relised that the more people who could learn from my missions and the more versions of my missions was a good thing.

Just look at examples like Domination and Evolution how popular these missions have become becuase they have been fully open to the public. Everyone knows where Sahrani Life came from.. and they always would do if you still provide the updates.. If people want to do off and make their own communitys around your mission with their edits that should be oki. In the end all the code YOU make is property of BIS anyways.

I just really hope you see the light of this and dont really hold any grudges and im sure in your heart you know what the correct thing to do is. As ive said look at the other missions [domination/evolution] at all the edits that have been released but at how people always come back to the orgional when new versions are released.

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Can you give me link for updated addons?

I cant get it on rp-mods.com

In database there is only Mission in 1.68 version.

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Addons can be downloaded at www.rp-mods.com (Database section) - Sorry for the late reply.

Information about the updated versions of 1.68 (I can't post these information on the first page since the max characters per post have been changed):

------ Fix 1:

- fixed: trunk->storage radius increased to 20m (Action is now only visible if trunk is not empty)

- changed: less weapons at cute gun shops (magazines still available)

- fixed: shopkeepers will automatically be teleported back

- changed: mining is now possible without clicking all the time. After a certain amount of time, the area will be empty and t he player has to move around.

- changed: After running over 2 people in a single life (car, pickup or truck), the currently used vehicle license is removed

- added: message when player status is set to idle

- fixed: Player is set to active when pressing a button

- fixed: weapons and magazines in storage ammo boxes were spawned global and not only for the player the equipment belongs to

------ Fix 2:

- changed: weight of ressources increased by 50-100%. mining speed increased by 100-200%

- changed: mining message now comes as a title text (avoiding spam in the hint box)

- added: Message when stats are saved added again

- fixed: "heavy vehicle" factory is now moved into a standard arma hangar; the vehicles will spawn outside (both, manufactured and storage vehicles)

------ Fix 3:

- changed: player has to be near the shop in order to be able to buy

- fixed: When finishing the refuel/truck mission, the marker of the main refuel station is now deleted

- fixed: When finishing air taxi mission, marker is now deleted

------ Fix 4:

- fixed: Weapon factory storages now use the same ammobox as the manufactured weapons

- changed: If workers are near the player (distance should be less than 20 meters), the player will be able to collect resources faster

- fixed: stats were bugged after someone did the assassine job

- fixed: Job points were not always added to the correct job

- removed: factory buildings

- fixed: no one can release himself from prison

- fixed: cops do not lose their holstered weapons when killed

- changed: it's not possible to kick people out of moving vehicles

- fixed: Death messages with NPCs

- fixed: Current dialog closes when player is arrested

- fixed: sometimes the shopkeepers were not teleported back when moved

- changed: vehicle information now includes a list of all passengers

- fixed: gate animation at cop base in Masbete (it's not very smooth but it works)

- fixed: Drug dealer did not stop when a player was near

- fixed: DMZ Statusmessage was localized in the language the mayor uses (e.g. if the mayor was german, everyone got a german word in the message)

- changed: information when buying vehicles if the skill is not high enough

- fixed: adjusted "manage dmz" dialog layout

- added: server rules show up before the login screen is available

- fixed: drug dealer received new drugs every 6 instead of 60 minutes

------ Fix 5 (Released today):

- fixed: Players were not able to join a guild

- fixed: death message showed "NPC" even if there was none

- fixed: passenger list did not work with more than 1 person

- fixed: when selecting more than 1 vehicle (of the same class) to buy, only one spawned (which is correct) but the whole selected amount has beend removed from storage

- fixed: When a player changed his name and uses the same slot again, it was said that he was already logged in

- changed: removed some items from factories (mainly "west" weapons/vehicles); turned UH60MG into Mi17MG

- changed: message when killed at storage

- server: new life rule removed

- changed: in the next fix civs will not be able to use cop weapons/magazines (use the time to sell/exchange them)

- changed: civs AND COPS will automatically be arrested for killing at storage

- changed: when a player is arrested, the public message will show the time the player has to be in prison

- fixed: It was possible to vote for no one (just by selecting nothing in the copleader/mayor vote menu)

- fixed: when having the max level of a skill and selecting it in the level dialog, an error occured

- fixed: important buildings will always be repaired automatically

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Addons can be downloaded at www.rp-mods.com (Database section) - Sorry for the late reply.

Yea, but I... cant see DOWNLOAD button :mrgreen:

Simply I dunno how to get it.

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Oh right I forgot to mention that you have to be logged in in order to be able to download the files, but we will change that in the future.

btw here's the changelog for the next fix so far:

- changed: Player is only kicked out of a vehicle if weight is too much AND the engine of the vehicle is on

- changed: Only one player can access a trunk at a time (Player does not have to be driver anymore and other players can be near)

- fixed: Speedcam sometimes displayed a speed of 0

- fixed: time is synchronized with JIP players (this already worked but took a lot of time until it was synchronized)

- changed: killer of convoy driver will be set wanted

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Question though, why aren't you running it on 1:15 beta?

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We have a Linux Server and afaik there's no 1.15 Linux ArmA Server yet.

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Fix 2 of 1.69 was released today.

Version 1.69 Ultimate

- fixed: player was not able to drag out other players (vehicle interaction) when having a grenade launcher or sniper rifle

- changed: only driver of the convoy gets weapons when moved to terror vehicles (Also changed the amount of weapons and removed the cop handgrenades)

- fixed: weaponbag also removes guns out of weapon crates if near

- fixed: Some weapons weren't recognized as a cop weapon

- fixed: Bounty and Wanted status is removed when player is auto arrested

- changed: Players who got auto arrested cannot be released from prison

- changed: player can't drop robbed money or place it in a storage

- fixed: Weapon convoy cannot be lockpicked anymore

- changed: The player robs 3% of the money and another 3% is automatically added as bounty. All other players will lose 10% of their money. If they have insurance they only lose 1/10 of the 10%

- changed: Bank can only be robbed with a 1/2 cop/civ ratio (same ratio as for drugs)

- changed: Bank account is not reset when robbing the bank

- changed: added parachute to copbase

- fixed: Guild mission now has civ weapons

- added: new and easier system for placing objects

- changed: Copleader receives a paycheck of 10000, normal cops a paycheck of 3000

- fixed: numerous problems with teleportation when player weights too much

- added: rules to inventory

- fixed: players were able to kill a certain shop keeper

- changed: speedcam now mentions position and driver name

- fixed: when resetting the skills twice, player was not able to carry anything anymore

- changed: message when a player is seen while planting a bomb in a vehicle now contains the playername of the planter

- changed: Player now ALWAYS has to use the same name in order for the account to work (The name used when logging in for the first time after the next fix is online)

- fixed: Convoy idletime didn't work

- changed: Workers can't drive vehicles anymore

- changed: players are not able to lockpick vehicles in storage area

- changed: with a cop/civ ratio below 1/2 the konvoy will have less weapons

- changed: if auto arrested players escaped they will be rearrested automatically

- changed: Copkills in copbase will be punished by getting in the "normal" jail. Copjail removed.

- added: Crimelog now mentions the victims names

- changed: copleader actions can now be accessed using the normal copmenu (copleadermenu removed)

- added: New way of selling drugs. The player has to be in certain areas of a city (marked on the map) with drugs in the inventory. The drugs will then automatically be sold (slowly)

- added: When a cop removes illegal objects from a trunk or civ, he will receive money (The amount is the price of all removed items)

- fixed: Tracker markers displayed the classname instead of a readable name on the map

- fixed: Trackers sometimes caused errors when tracked vehicles were deleted

- fixed: Stat menu was listed two times in the inventory dialog

- fixed: Stat dialog included two Close buttons (Removed one of them and also removed the "level dialog" button, since it can be accessed using the inventory dialog)

- fixed: Factory storages where not always saved correctly

- fixed: Some mistakes in the resocialisation test in prison

- fixed: Some shops (like Drugdealer) were not public

- fixed: Reconnect after arrest did not autoarrest the player again

- added: Drugs heroine and speed

- added: Dead bodies can be collected (Player bodies will still be deleted, this system might be improved in the future - bodies can't be sold yet)

------ Fix 1:

- fixed: Speed and Heroine can be sold

- changed: Everyone loses 10% when the bank is robbed (If the player has a bank insurance it's about 1%). The robber gets 30% of the lost money as illegal earnings. 10% of the illegal earnings are added as bounty.

- fixed: players released by cops were autoarrested when killed

- fixed: Auction storage is saved

----- Fix 2:

- changed: Cop Disarm action will remove holstered weapons, unholstered weapons and magazines

- changed: Cop remove illegal objects actions will remove all illegal objects

- fixed: Tracker sometimes caused errors

- fixed: Civs were able to drag peope out of locked vehicles (instead of cops)

- fixed: Players where not able to join a guild after a guild mission was finished

- fixed: Voting system did not always work

- fixed: Prison Bug (players spawning on San Thomas)

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Yes, this mod works with the "normal" Armed Assault version which is included in the gold version.

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I loved playing this game mode. Too bad they couldn't run it anymore.

It was so simple yet so fun.

I've tried CL, but its just not as good.

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SL in all shapes and forms for Arma 1 has been dead for some time

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