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  1. Comrade12

    Ai thread

    Reading through these posts always makes me laugh! :) I remember very fondly doing this in socom. It would increase immersion I think as a squad leader, but I would probably end up yelling at my ai friends for there incompetence!!! lol
  2. Comrade12

    What does this mean???

    "Playername"'bin\config.bin/cfgVehicles/GUE_soldier_Base/HitPoints/HitHead.name'. If it say "No entry" Then there is no entry in your Bin file for this variable. Which this one tells how many hitpoints the head has. Or how many times you can get shot in the head. Or punched in the head. :P
  3. Comrade12

    Ai thread

    lol That's funny. I think the driving will be fixed later on down the road of Arma, but for now its just funny.
  4. Comrade12

    What do you prefer playing MP or SP?

    The beauty about it for me is that its great in both. If you don't like hvh then you got the nonlinear editor were anything is .. .. . possible.
  5. Comrade12

    Aiming animations

    :) Recoil In terms of realism I think it should be incorporated or looked at.
  6. Comrade12

    Aiming animations

    I really dont think there is an aiming animation because when look through IS the camera only moves to make an illusion of you doing it. Well thats what it looks like anyways.
  7. Comrade12

    Aiming animations

    Im glad you guys see it to. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY! I like the third option. I dont think professionals would look good firing from the hip. :P lol it would look something like this I think.
  8. Comrade12

    Legend Of Madness - WIP

    Ahh wow, nice models and textures!
  9. Comrade12

    Aiming animations

    I suggest when player is looking through sights that there should be two animations for it. Because when you do look through the sights you are already in that animation from THIRD PERSON. You know? So basically you are looking through the sights animation ALL the time@!. Unless you lower your weapon of course. What would be realistic would be one animation for having your weapon out and the other when you are actually aiming. Goh I had to get that off my chest!!!!
  10. What would be cool is a way to use a headset to tell your team m8s what to do. Instead of the usual "`" and scroll with mouse thing. That doesnt work that well in my opinion unless your good at it. I remember doing this with Socom navy seals. I think it would be cool.
  11. Comrade12

    Why is this game not more popular?

    Thats interesting Engioc. I was always trying to stay out of main stream games.I walked into blockbuster and found ofp elite for xbox. I eventually bought it and my brother TEASED me for liking it so much with all the animations! But he missed the big picture of the game. It was so darn fun.
  12. Comrade12

    Group Link 3

    Is there a way for mission makers to use your GL3 by activating through a trigger on the map? Like say instead of using it at launch but, by using it directly through a mission? I would like to know a way to do this as I have tried using it in Warfare but the Blufor or Ofor ai do not use it as standard. I have tried soluse's way of using the Gl3 settings in the ____Init.sqf____ but it never activated. I think its outdate by 4 years though lol The only way to get ai in warfare or anyother cti is by using it in through the missions files. Im lost.
  13. Comrade12

    Why is this game not more popular?

    I think BIS has done alot of stuff from ofp. I like BIS because they listen to the community, like all the features that where originaly mods seen the light in arma 2. As for physics I think your right. LOL I like that. I bought that game.
  14. Comrade12

    Why is this game not more popular?

    You know I think, I the people who made arma 2 are from checkoslovakia I think and the people who made the mainstream games are more USA I believe. I think that makes a little bit of difference dont you think? Dont get me started on mainstream stuff. ugh.
  15. Comrade12


    Yeah sorry for the bad sound quality.