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  1. -)rStrangelove

    GITS Evolution (new main thread)

    Hey, new mission is on - Taviana island? What addons do i need? :D
  2. -)rStrangelove

    GITS Evolution (new main thread)

    Sounds interesting!
  3. I'll be watching this thread very closely but my RL is keeping me busy atm. If i realize i could help at some point i will. :) - that said, in general it would be nice if this framework would follow the K.I.S.S. principle - just the cake without the iceing. Much better to learn & catch up for some ppl. - Talking about modular approach: what would be better? a.) the missiondesigner desides what modules to include into the mission and which parameters an admin can choose on his server or b.) all modules are active by default. The missiondesigner may only choose what range of values can be chosen by an admin i'd say a.) And what modules are we talking about actually? Which BIS modules will be used and which will be customized?
  4. -)rStrangelove

    GITS Evolution (new main thread)

    I played with 1.4 on the server yesterday and nothing happened, so should be fine to use latest. :)
  5. I like Mondkalb's idea, but this framework can only be done by somebody capable of developing a MP mission like Domi or Evo or Insurgency on his own. With such a huge undertaking i'd say there is hardly any dev who would be willing to give his sparetime and knowledge to this community project. Right out of my head i see 2 possible reasons: - devs want to be famous for getting their mission to work, not a framework used for countless MP missions. - devs hate to see countless variants of 'their' mission on various servers. Ppl fiddle around with stuff, get crashes and complain about the framework being not optimized failing to realize it could be any combination of addons / server settings / someone trying to hack a mission just for the fun of it Still, it would be VERY interesting to do this framework :)
  6. r4mon, you got that wrong: the game isn't MEANT to be anything, thats exactly the fun part of this mission: NO RULES AT ALL Ppl are just themselves and whatever they want to do, they just do it. It's a social experiment.
  7. Wow, who would've thought Zombie addons would boost ArmA sales one day? This is a crazy world lol xD
  8. -)rStrangelove

    The one, single thing you're most looking forward to?

    Yeah, ragdoll & physx, closely followed by free diving.
  9. -)rStrangelove

    DayZ as a Standalone game...?

    It turned into deathmatch because ppl dont really NEED to help each other. If zombies would be scripted to hunt down isolated ppl the most then getting together in groups would be far more important.
  10. -)rStrangelove

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    I know i repeat myself but this island is just plain beautiful. Everytime i HALO into an AO i almost forget there's a war going on down there. :D
  11. -)rStrangelove

    Evolution Port

    Yes. Maybe you already know this: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setMarkerColor or in your case: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setMarkerColorLocal
  12. -)rStrangelove

    Evolution Port

    I think this pinit.sqf script you posted is the right place, the markers are created there ingame. Just add _radX setMarkerColor <color> after the setMarkerType line in each section, thats all.
  13. -)rStrangelove

    GITS Evolution (new main thread)

    Hey, yesterdays session was a blast. Good fun :)
  14. A port to Lingor Island would be awesome :)