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    Sahrani Life

    wow this mod is almost 10 years old now, RIP... one of the best times i had in the arma series. Too bad that Issetea left the community... does anybody know him or someone else who was involved in this project? I would really like to see someone port the latest version of this mod to arma 3 and put a server up, however i cant find the mission file for download anywhere, and i remember there is a server file needed to run this mod, that's why nobody could just copy this mod (except for the old version 1.23 or so which was stolen aka SL: Reloaded) Are there any old veterans here from this server? :D
  2. I'm a real fan of the Arma series, however i must say in the meanwhile i dont have fun playing the game anymore. Even though the map size and graphics and other things have much improved,there are still these old problems and newer problems that came up since the release of Arma 3 like: -CPU bottleneck, bad performance in MP -Ai behaviour -too few gamemodes provided by BI. Altis Life hype imo ruined the game. its hard to find a server you can play on These are just a few problems, but make a very huge impact to the game. IMO BI should defenately focus more on solving these problems instead of creating new content like maps, units etc. as this is done by the community anyways. The additional gameplay features like weapon resting, improved flight model, bullet penetration, firing from vehicles and many other things are really great! Thumps up for that. So how about melee combat or other things? :P I'm an optimistic guy though and look forward to the next part of the Arma series.. some day. until then i will play other games like star citizen or so lol.
  3. tk300

    A quantum leap - Arma 4

    I think the future setting of Arma 3 has spoiled the game a little... i think the people want weapons (as well as vehicles and aircrafts etc) which they are familiar with. The time should be set between WW2 and today (at maximum), but nothing too crazy like space, or 2050 or something. some other thoughts.. -More detailed map (instead of going just bigger and bigger) as in most missions the battlefield will be limited to a certain area of the map anyways in most cases. The variety of buildings should be bigger, it was already a nice step to have every building entre-able, but i think this doesnt have to be, i'd prefer to see a greater variety and bigger buildings even -More gameplay features i.e melee combat, even just to increase the modding ability! Other ways to overcome obstacles, like jump (but still keeping it realistic). At least an animation when you fall down from some heigth!! Better ways to take cover, into the direction of GTA5. Maybe a possibility to change the style and speed of stances, like from "at ease" -> "stealth" -> "combat" depending on the situation the player could change this manually. Or maybe even automaticly, when you have your weapon lowered -> "at ease", if you raise it -> "stealth" and if shots are fired nearby -> "combat", because i guess the least ppl do the work of pressing the C and CTRL+W/S to change the stances, its nice though when making videos for sure! Also i think you should revieve the good old Warfare gamemode! Building up your own base, recruiting units, capturing cities to increase your income, thats one of the coolest things ever in this game. And an AI commander, so you are able to play it even Coop!