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Unscripted war

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lol I still had some lag even when I have a

p4 2.8 ghz

512 mb RAM

geforce 4 ti 4200


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Jaw - dropping!!!!!!! Just stunning!!!!!

I had NO LAG, on:

80% scale

7.2 LOD detail

650m view distance

no bush/blood

900Mhz AMD - 512Mb RAM

32Mb ATI allinonewonder (A VERY poor graphics card!)

Thats right no lag! smile_o.gif

Hideing in a bush in the dead of night, with a flare gun, trying to hear fotsteps before commanding a 7 squad assult with napalm strike at dawn against a VC base - stunning!

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Links work fine for me - I just tested them

Try again. I suggest you try turing off all download managers and opening the link in another window. How you have more sucsess.

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His original mission link is 404 for me, but the mirror I provided works fine smile_o.gif

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Ok I'm back. First- this mission has an addon I made just for it, namfol.pbo which contains the high resloution foliage. I intend to add onto it, and eventually release a new island made specifically for this game with all new hi-res foliage and all villages randomly generated, that way civilians can be in all villages without the need for scripting in each one. I also intend to eventually add multiplayer missions, so this may have to be moved back to addons&mods:c for a later version.

2. There is a system of 30x time progression to make the days go by faster, (1/2 that of gta3), so when night comes you can either select all groups on the map at once then click "fire flares" to get everybody to light up the area (the second man in every squad is responsible for flares), or you can go into the misc menu and click "Skip to 6 A.M."

3. Everyone with less than a 1 ghz processor may have to play the game with settings on minimum, the particilarly laggy thing is the foliage right now, keep the extra foliage option at 0%. I could add in an option to cut all squad sizes in half - that would help out. Also play with no more than 1000 view distance and "very low" terrain detail because those take from your processor a lot. If you have a crappy sound card, keep hardware accelerated sound and eax off because that can take tons away from the processor too. The "autodetect settings" option may not be tweaked well for your system. If it is awful with the autodetected settings, tell me your system specs and what the autodetect option set you for. (the system really is just based around your cpu benchmark).

4. "The point system sucks" - In my original nogova campaign, realism was the objective, with reinforcements not coming as instantly, and only coming as needed and as much as needed - ala one of my favorite RTSs "Sudden Strike". Also I haven't tweaked out the point system for balance yet - as for now it is just a way to prevent everyone from calling in for 10 squads of reinforcements only to get such lag the game is pointless. I could make it so you will get reinforcements only as you get low on men, but yours is the only complaint about it so far.

5. The music can get really annoying so just keep the volume just below your radio volume in the audio options settings, then turn it off when a song you hate comes on. It is not entirely random, some things trigger some types of songs, but the system needs revision. I can also give the player a quick command option of saying "I hate this song" to never play a particular song again.

6. There is a bit of a strange glitch with calling airstrikes on the south side of the island, the planes sometimes take 3 times as long to show up.

7. "When i set up all 3 way points for Kilo Pink i got a warning message and they did not move.Allso i clicked trotishinal command and i got stuck on the one guy,and all i could do is zoom around him." This is a glitch I will try to fix. Everyone avoid the option "Traditional command" as much as possible and just use "Switch with Leader" instead for now. However for a quick fix you can use the "Traditional Command" option on your own group to regain control of your own squad.

Anyway much more coming very soon.

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Improvements you could make:

1) Please do not make it any more laggy! PLEASE! - I hope the "hi-res foliage" won't be a 1Ghz and below killer.

2) 30x time progression is to much. I edited you're scripts and set it to 20x witch I found much better

3) More hints needed - I.e. when you call for reinforcements you could put in: "hint "Chopper Inbound From The South""

4) The map becomes VERY cluttered - I advise you don't use stripes and have some custom symbols.

5) There are errors when selecting groups with the blue selection box

6) I'm not sure, but it always seams to be over cast or raining

7) The rain soundFX does not stop playing sometimes

8) More documentation please - I still cant work out how to get Armor reinforcements!

9) I think the napalm looks a bit small, could you have several fires in a line? * * * *

10) Point system not balanced

11) Scale of war can be turned down to -X .i.e. -130 in menu

12) Chinook has dust problems and dust scripts are not very good (I know they are not yours)

13) The enemy is very hard to find if the scale is small and I don't think they make attacks witch would be nice

hope this helps you with development smile_o.gif

this is still the BEST command engine and capture the island mod!!!!!!!!!!

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I did forget to mention: if 75% of recommended men is too high still, you can decrease further the scale of war from within the misc menu. The number is in percent, and shouldn't be set below 0. Anyone can tweak this value during gameplay by any amount.

1. You can turn off high resolution textures from the flashpoint preferences, just use 512x512 or less for the textures, the foliage is 1024x1024.

2. This shouldn't matter for 'lag' but I can easily add an initial option for adjusting the value.

3. Ok check back saturday for v1.01

4. Zoomed in all the way on the map I never have this problem. You may want to increase your screen resolution.

5. I have no idea what you mean email me the details.

6. The weather is random with a tendency to rain more. Also rain is automatically put at full density sometimes. I see no reason to change this.

7. I know, it has to do with the overcast value, if there were some way to detect the current rain density I could fix this but for now I either have to have it so it sounds like it's raining when it's not or it rain with no extra sound.

8. Ok. Get armor from the "Request Manned Vehicles" menu, or empty vehicles from the reinforcemnets->empty vehicles menu.

9. I didn't make the napalm, but sure -why not supersize it.

10. Anyone can email me a suggestion.

11. Ok fix coming.

12. Their are multiple chinook problems with the seb nam pack chinook. I could fix it by making an addon with the original chinook retextured with the new texture. Or disable dust altogether.

13. I have some plans for revising the enemy attack system. As it stands, they have the ability to attack any part of your forces every 3 to 8 minutes - assuming there are available enemies. If you've got them all pinned down then no more can show up. Also if you have the scale of war at -130 that would explain your problem - there are no enemies then.

Enemy attack breakup:

30% of the time they hit within 1km of your position

35% of the time they try to hit your bases/camps/LZs

35% of the time they attack indiscriminately.

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i really like this mission but the dreaded SEBNAM crashes keep popping up. id love to see a conversion of this to another island and/or different units. WW2 or current units would really be fun.

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Version 1.01 Released - Seb Ia Drang Valley, Jungle Everon, Jungle Malden, Meekong support

Look at the first post for download links

-----Changes, Fixes, Additions

- Some more documentation: added gameplay reference, added to the tutorial

- Added rating level score, use misc->"check score" to get your rating.

- Added SEAL's mission number 1

- Contacts are reported less frequently when right next to each other

- More fire support points when starting the game

- While on a mission you can now move behind enemy lines undetectable by the enemy

- Added initial option for non-manned extra random vietnam objects for increased performance on slower systems.

- Less demanding time progression system for increased performance

- Less demanding foliage automatic movement for increased performance when using extra foliage

- "Default settings" are now the settings that are autodected as being best for your system.

- "Scale of War" option can no longer be set below %50 during play

- All groups of objects are automatically aligned to the appropriate direction for whatever island is being used.

- Enemies will no longer be teleported into water; they will have to find their own way around water now regardless of how far away they are from your forces.

- No more incorrect ch-47 dust effects

- Only one command switch per 30 seconds allowed to fix possible problems

- Points for going on missions can no longer go below 0

- Territory number reporting while not on dev mode fixed

- Transport chopper reporting on delivery added

- Some errors fixed regarding hearing incorrect environmenal sounds after switching command of groups

- Enemies are now more likely to reinforce the position you are attacking rather than attack you directly at the position you are attacking from

- Incorrect implementation of a spawn point area activation system is fixed which, in version 1.00, allowed vehicles and men that are not under your command to trigger enemy behavior incorrectly and prematurely. Essentially this problem took away enemies from where they belonged, so now more enemies will be available to reinforce their positions more completely.

I haven't tested/tried this much yet, it should be good though.

It's 4AM for me now and I hate to have to see the sun go up so I'll hold off on releasing the other island versions for about 12 hours. They all upload so slow.

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Thanks for your big effort!

I'll check it immediatly, first verions was too laggy for me sad_o.gif

I hope be able to play now

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First link is telling me the download is prohibited, second gives me a 44k download which winzip say is an invalid archive.

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Yup problems uploading, trying to resolve now smile_o.gif

Edit: Working mirror now.

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I'm using unpredictable free web hosts now. Thanks to placebo for his mirrors. If anyone else could get me some file storage that would be greatly appreciated, since these following links may not be good for much longer -

Yeah they went bad, heres more links with another free web hosting company -

Here's support for 3 more islands:

Download Unscripted War for Jungle Everon

Download Unscripted War for Jungle Malden

Download Unscripted War for Meekong

I don't expect these to spread much, and I may not even update them because these islands are just not very good. Consider these temporary versions for those who can't play with the seb ia drang valley.

I've decided what I'll do now - make my own Vietnam island, much better than any of these. I'm going to try to have the first version of the island done in a week or 2. When I release it, I will ditch support for these other islands.

There are still various problems with version 1.01, and I'll try to get these fixed in this coming week so just keep emailing all the problems you find. The next version will be the one that gets mass distributed throughout the OFP sites.

I can see now that these scripts I made are barely seeing their full potential. I could recreate very large-scale conflicts using any war, unit types, or vehicles with only minor modifications to what I have already made. AI behavior can simply be edited in the scripts corresponding to the AI group type, so any type of behavior can be easily made to be appropriate to the time period or unit type. The mission system will allow for the player to take on the smaller role of the driver/gunner/commander/pilot at any given time to add variety within the mission and keep the action intense. That is assuming that that particular version of unscripted war even starts out the player with full command. Career missions could be added, and in multiplayer, players could take on a particular career to keep order in what is normally multiplayer chaos.

I imagine I could recreate the 100-hour war in Kuwait on a 512x512 or 1024x1024 size map with a limited number of Abrams that are constantly resupplied as they are destroyed. You could just sweep about 20 of them across the desert destroying mass numbers of T72s for hours, and switch off to flying the a10 or apache mission occasionally - all within the 'single mission'.

I could modify this to use any addons that are suggested. It will take time for me to keep adding in my ideas, so I now am asking for help. If anyone with any skills with o2/visitor/scripting/cutscenes/texture work/even a web site designer – wants to help me work on Unscripted War, just email me thruyersternum@hotmail.com with what type of help you could offer. I could organize/distribute assignments among everyone willing to help so that this game can incorporate all the new cool addons - but most importantly – put them to use in a realistic way.

Or is there some better way I should ask for help

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Got it working thanks. Very impressive though like a lot of these missions the limits of the OFP radio system make it slow to give orders. Now that is something that they should sort for OFP 2.

I like the idea of doing something similar but placing the player in a lower role, something where we can focus on action without having to mastermind the whole war.

Who would have thought when we got the first demo just how far people would be able to push the OFP engine.

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thanks for the different island versions, im playing the jungle everon now for a few hours and not 1 crash, i had to give up on the Iadrang version.

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if i started making a list of GOOD addons for a modern theme of this mission, would you be willing to convert ThruYerStErNuM rock.gif

BAS rangers, Abrams land force against Bibmis African or Lasers RU units on STT desert malden smile_o.gif

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I imagine I could recreate the 100-hour war in Kuwait on a 512x512 or 1024x1024 size map with a limited number of Abrams that are constantly resupplied as they are destroyed. You could just sweep about 20 of them across the desert destroying mass numbers of T72s for hours, and switch off to flying the a10 or apache mission occasionally - all within the 'single mission'.

I know the perfect map! There is an kuwait island being in production by Bigbean_26 but I havent heard from him for months. sad_o.gif

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@ Aug. 04 2003,17:04)]if i started making a list of GOOD addons for a modern theme of this mission, would you be willing to convert

Yes. The real problem comes with making appropriate gameplay for each type of force. Besides just figuring out who and what should be fighting who and what, should the LZ system be replaced with camps, and the camps be spawn points for infantry, or should the camps simply be areas you have to go to to have full access to your radio commands, or should there be no camps or points and just automatic reinforcement when required, and automaticly available fire support when appropriate? What mission types should there be? Some of my mission ideas for nam are in the missions.txt file within the mission .pbo if you want an idea of what I could do.

Quote[/b] ]I know the perfect map! There is an kuwait island being in production by Bigbean_26
Want to email him for me and see if you can get me his most recent work?

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Thanks ThruYerStErNuM for creating this, it's fantastic!

The only thing I miss, that's in CoC, is the ability to setup transport sections.

I'd like to have certain sections always man helos and tell other sections to get into those choppers, then have the helo section drop the section they're carrying to a remote WP.

As it is now, unless I'm missing something, I don't seem to be able to do that in any fluid way.

Otherwise, it's great.  I'm really enjoying the Meekong version.

I have my own Dynamic Mission that I've been working on, over at the ADF mod too, but the enemy are trying to reach the towns, not your base.  Very much like (and inspired by) Bagels Tour of Duty.

Multiplayer/Singleplayer Dynamic Mission thread



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Sure I'll try to add that. I could bring back my plans for an "auto get in" system where units automatically use nearby transport vehicles at will. Tell one squad to go a great distance and they will all get in the Huey before going there. I could also add in a "Request pickup" option where the a squad can automatically request an automatically spawned chopper transport to use at will.

This old version can soon be forgotten, I'm going to go all out for the next release. I will release an "Unscripted Nam" pack in 2-4 weeks using newer nam addons, better music, hopefully 2 new vietnam islands with all high resolution foliage. Only when this comes out will I begin working on other ideas using more modern or WW2 stuff.

I've been making a 512x512 realistic recreation (based on official US military maps), scaled down by about %50, of the ia drang valley. Why do we need 2 ia drang valleys? Because the seb one doesn't do justice to the real vietnam.

Some gameplay revisions everyone should enjoy:  You don't have to have full command, you can step down in command and fight without worrying about strategy. The point system is gone in favor of realism. Reinforcements come when necessary, although you can still call in whatever you want in limited amounts. Fire support and air support are based on time. Wait longer and the next available air strike(s) will be able to reach your target faster. Massive multi B52 carpet bombings will be the slowest, taking 5 to 15 minutes to reach the target. (realism is obviously held back in some ways). AI controlled squads can automatically judge situations and call artillery strikes at will. Forward Air Conrtrollers will patrol the skies to give you a better sense of the enemy and automatically call air strikes. The randomly generated foliage will be small and close to the player to simulate weeds rather than large and far away simulating bushes like before.

However, the most amazing thing I'm working on is multiplayer. I wasn't sure I could even do it at first, but it is coming along great.

It will be team based deathmatch that can be played like coop, following the general gameplay ideas behind version 1.01. There will be mulitple missions for all players to go on. The game will start out with negotiation of some basic options with the west side having the extra option of which LZ - xray or albany - to start at.

Gameplay for the side of the WEST: There will be a chain of command, with certain players having more command and certain players with no command. The ability to command others and have command options such as to call air strikes is based on a rating system. You kill more guys, you have the option of getting more command, but if you decide to take more command, your rating may grow more slowly because of the men you lose under your command. So some players can play RTS while others choose to fight face to face. When all players start they vote on whether the higher command systems should be used or the computer should automatically control all forces. When you die, you are automatically respawned in as reinforcements via chopper.

For the EAST: You will spawn around the perimiter of the west as soon as you start or are killed. There are randomly generated gun emplacements for you to use, or you can charge at the enemy without worrying because you are less punished for getting killed than he is. You outnumber the enemy, but your AI teammates are less skilled and you have no air support (unless I add in MiG missions).

Anyone can switch around their positions with an AI of equal rank to always stay in the action. Anyone can abandon their squad to temporarily go on a mission. When you beat the mission, your entire side will be benefited in some way:

If you go on the sniper mission and take out a sniper behind enemy lines, the new enemies skill levels will decrease by %5-15 depending on the mission level. Blow up the fuel depot and the enemy will have a harder time acquiring the use of tanks. Fly F105 sorties. As a VC, throw stolen smoke shells near the enemy to distract air strikes to friendly fire or make air strikes less accurate overall. Give me more mission ideas, I'm getting very good at scripting them.

The mission I'm most excited about will be the FAC mission. Call and guide unlimited air strikes as long as you remain in your Cessna (though be penalized for wasted or misplaced ordinance).

The scripts will be more organized with more comments and I will include a simple guide for modifying the game and making your own wars with the system.

I've got loads of free time and ideas but I keep burning out my power supplies (while playing OFP of course) so I've been slowed down by not having all the tools that I do on my main PC. A 550W dual fan PSU should hopefully be enough.

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This sounds great! Any Update on Multiplayer/Co-op? And could you make it so we don't need any addons? biggrin_o.gif

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I mentioned 2-4 weeks and my 4 weeks is almost up. Texture work takes longer than expected. Check my post in addons discussion to see what I've been doing.

I have still been working on the scripts for the mission though. I am rewriting many of them in anticipation for use in many different types of gameplay. I've decided not to release the new version for the existing islands because the old version doesn't have that many problems. Tell me any if it does! Since I still don't have any help but continue to get more ideas, I have to push the release day to September 19th. I will release an "Unscripted War: Vietnam" pack which will not require any addons beyond itself. It will use some INQ weapons, some SEB units, a new island with lots of stuff - everything specifically done for this multiplayer mission.

On this island, the spawn points are somewhat limited to areas where the NVA actually fought in real life. It is not like the existing versions where the enemy can be everyhere. This will give the game a more structured feel, I'm aiming for -BF1942 meets GTA3 with ideas from Team Fortress 2 with the graphics of Men of Valor. Maybe the release date have to be made later.

I want more ideas for the game itself, so pretend there are no limitations for a dynamic mission and tell me how the Battle of Ia Drang should unfold.

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Boy, this unscripted war thing for vietnam is just what i was scripting on - dynamic battles that go on for hours, for SP and MP.

But unlike you i'm not that good at scripting and since all i'm getting are cpu freezes and crashes i'm gonna give up opf scripting.

You were asking for nam scenario ideas - here is what i planned to do/try out:

- harsh punishments if players kill more than 2 civilians within 15 minutes. (to stop players from just bombing everything)

- bonus points / resources for us players destroying Vc ammo caches. (bonus for players exploring areas near villages)

- vc troops that aren't kept busy by the enemy will 'get bored' within an hour and attack pleime/other us base. (punishment for inactive players)

- both sides have a 3star general in their bases which can be transported around in a jeep/uaz. killing one of them will gain the enemy a huge amount of resources.

- if approaching a farmer with weapon on back players can ask nicely for suspicious activity near his home. there's a chance he will give them positions of ammo caches / tunnel entrances (vc respawns). However, there's also a small chance the farmer is a vc spy and sends the players into a mined trap. (farmer won't be there when the players come back) ;)

the farmers info chance depends on the resources levels of both sides.

us have a generally low resource level -> farmer will most likely not give any info

us have generally high resources -> farmer might tell them something

vc has equal / slightly more res then us -> small chance farmer is a vc

vc has far more res then us -> farmer is most likely a vc

- if both pilot&gunner of a flying vehicle die in midair, there's a chance someone has survived. a pilot with a parachute is spawned and friendly players get pos and info for a emergency rescue mission. enemy gets also info and will rush to crash site. big bonus for whoever gets to the downed pilot first.

- a transportation mission missed the dropzone and the package is dropped somewhere in the jungle. players get a small area marker where the package may be.

- there's a chance a wounded vc gives up. captive vc may tell us players where they can find a small outpost where a us pilot is being interogated. If us players get there intime they can save the pilots life (and earn bonus). If they take too long the pilot is dead (and told the vc enough to make them attack pleime /other us base within 15 minutes).

- False attacks. sometimes a small vc unit starts what seems to be a primary attack somewhere only to fall back immediately and let a bigger force attack somewhere else.

- Recovery mission. A tank at a random position made unpleasant contact with a mine and can't drive anymore. Players get info where to assist a chopper recovery mission. If tank gets recovered in 1 piece, a bonus is earned. Vc rpg crews aren't far away though.

- players get info on massive enemy troops at a certain position near a friendly outpost. if they can't fight down the resistance there the enemy will launch a massive rocket attack on the outpost within 15 minutes.

that's it. hope you can use some ideas. can't wait to play your next version on the island. smile_o.gif

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