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  1. Sinister-tnuC-

    Insurgency (based off PR)

    looks interesting, ive got a suggestion. zip the pbo up with a readme.txt and also a list of addons. ive been away from AA. so i dont know what afghani_village map is. tnx
  2. Sinister-tnuC-


    thanks for that quick reply, d/l now
  3. Sinister-tnuC-


    getting missing addon 'haus' , any idea what pack that is in?
  4. Sinister-tnuC-


    looks nice BergHoff, ive been seeing the pics of this on ofp.info for a while and been looking forward to it any missions in the works??
  5. Sinister-tnuC-

    Dynamic Afghanistan

    FANTASMO mission, got me playing OFP again after many months of playing new flashy games ive missed something somewhere, how do i reinforce my squad? ive taken some casualties. bagels dynamic veitnam is my favourite mission ever, if this was able to carry some of those "hearts and minds" elements it would be take the cake keep up the good work please!
  6. Sinister-tnuC-

    Dynamic Campaigns

    just use the savegame cheat, ive had no save bugs with that, that bug was squashed in v.196 update. shift key and keypad minus key a the same time , then type SAVEGAME. if you didnt know :P
  7. Sinister-tnuC-

    AEF-Campaign: Train Trailer

    looks very good. will the trains be able to carry more than 1 group of soldiers?? would make for a good mission were 5-6 groups are dropped off at the front lines too storm positions. enemy at the gates style.
  8. Sinister-tnuC-

    The Bastige Island 6

    hi BN880. i played your 1st release of this and liked it alot, but because i play it solo the WGL pack is quite unfriendly. i looked into the mission files to remove the WGL addons but it is over my head . would it very hard for you to release an addon free version?? i can use Y2K3 mod then and play it solo. cheers
  9. Sinister-tnuC-

    Instant Battle MOD

    thanx for the link, gunna check it out . be back in a week
  10. Sinister-tnuC-

    Y2K3 - Updated Ofp Config.

    thanx for all your work on this Pappy. OFP truely ownz all games now. these 2 links on your download page give a small, corrupt file , 307megs. i used flashpoint.ru link and got a 358mb file. ftp://www.gamezone.cz/ofpd/mods/Y2K3-Version-6-Final.exe ftp://www.gamezone.cz:8021/ofpd/mods/Y2K3-Version-6-Final.exe
  11. Sinister-tnuC-

    Instant Battle MOD

    do u have a link for this mission yet?
  12. Sinister-tnuC-

    New Mission: Snow & Blood

    Oooerr, looks sexeh. pass on my thanx to Mr. Sengir
  13. Sinister-tnuC-

    BAS Tonali SF and BTR-T

    WOW i love these units, makes a change from playing US or russian units and very high quality. ive always appreciated the missions you include with the addons. thanx
  14. Sinister-tnuC-

    SOC BAS CooP 01

    cool, going to check it out. thanx
  15. Sinister-tnuC-

    Y2K3 - Updated Ofp Config.

    im with you pappy, wotever you want to change i will just nod with agreement. theres lots of us silent majority here .... BAS chinook ownzzzzz muahah