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  1. PitViper

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    They are also not making the server and client code/files openly available meaning they have a defacto monopoly on servers which allows them to blackmail potential players out of money just to play on said servers.
  2. PitViper

    Zeus Feature Request Thread

    There's been alot of talk about visibility requests. On that matter, I'd like a toggle or variable which limits the visibility of the units by the zeus to what its associated team can see. It would give the zeus more imperative to use UAV's creatively as well.
  3. PitViper

    A storm is coming (Arma 3 Zeus DLC)

    This is precisely what I'd like to see.
  4. PitViper

    Zeus Feature Request Thread

    On the create tree portion of UI, I'd like a new top branch which could be called "favorites" or "shortcut" or "quicklist". Units from the master tree could then be added or deleted from this branch. This would be for speedy and efficient placement of new units by the GM. If the GM only intends on using an infantry squad and a tank during the mission, it would be much quicker then clicking through the massive master tree list.
  5. PitViper

    Arma3 Sharks!?!

    Would like to a shark occasionally out in the sea. Doesn't need to be lethal.
  6. PitViper


    1 part of ragdoll which I feel they must eliminate is the ragdoll effect when someone is shot out of a helicopter at a decent height. The ragdoll looks horrible. They should add a check to see how high off the ground the corpse is and use a real "falling" animation if its over 12-15 feet.
  7. PitViper


    I really like the ragdolls but they could be tweaked a little. They could perhaps be just a touch more rigid. The only glaring problem is when we see knees or elbows hinging in the wrong direction. I don't know if BIS could add one way hinges at those locations on the jelly man.
  8. PitViper

    Why use nationalities in a video game?

    The combatants in Arma 2 are fictional. They just happen to resemble the situation with Russia/Georgia/Ossetia.
  9. PitViper

    The best war movie ever

    Don't know if I'll get slapped by the admins for resurrecting this, but I wanted to add my opinion: All good mentions, but I especially like Gettysburg and Tora! Tora! Tora!
  10. PitViper

    Armed Assault videos

    Has anyone else stumbled upon this? Sin329's videos in hi-res
  11. PitViper

    Player jumping

    like I was saying before, perhaps after the soldier completes the jump, he automatically drops into the prone position... that would keep people from hurdling with him..
  12. PitViper

    7950 GT vs 8600GTS

    hmmm.. How about 7950 GX2 (1gig) vs. 8800 GTS (640mb)? Given Maruk's post, I'm guessing the 7950GX2 "plays" better with Arma but the 8800 has a bit more muscle. I'm a bit scared reading about all the 8800 issues posted on most arma forums. Is there still the 8800 fog issue? Maruk, Do you think the 8800 issues will be resolved for ArmA? or are we talking about fundamental design issues?
  13. PitViper

    Player jumping

    There should not be jumping. What there could be is a climb/roll movement over fences or sandbag walls. Once over, the player drops automatically into the prone position. That's how we did it in my training.
  14. PitViper

    Any SLI Users?

    I'm going to be building a system specifically for ArmA and I'm wondering if the SLI situation has improved with the latest 1.08 patches and the newest drivers from Nvidia. Has anyone noticed any improvements? I will be running XP not Vista. Also, I know the 8800 series has had problems with Arma, would it be better to go with a 7950GX2 SLI (quad GPU, 2gig vram) versus a single 8800GTX? Opinions and recommendations welcome.
  15. PitViper

    Armed Assault videos

    Has anyone received the hi-res version of the BHD video from sin329 yet?