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  1. Axek/Axyl


    Great Idea. Anyone have this automatically loading on their Dedicated Server? Can't get it loading for us.
  2. Hey Guys, I can't remember off hand what I did there, but I know it was accurate. :) I think the raster did have a buffer or something at one end. I'll try and have a think about it.
  3. Great to see this being put out in public Kush!
  4. Looks good Inexus. Did you update the tool to create those mission links on the fly? Might be better to call them in from a separate javascript file? That way you don't have to keep re-writing every file each time there's a new mission? I've got some fixes coming for my version too, that covers better unit symbols and support for the various sides.
  5. Here's my backblast code if you want to use it/chop it up/use it for inspiration... private ["_unitFiring", "_weapon", "_deathRange", "_deathAngle", "_countKilled", "_countHurt", "_launchers", "_islauncher"]; _unitFiring= _this select 0; _weapon= _this select 1; _deathRange= 8; // 8 meters. _hurtRange= 25; _deathAngle= 30; _countKilled= 0; _countHurt= 0; // Extra Launchers... _launchers= ["av_at4"]; // and those BIS ones that start with launch_.... _isLauncher= ["launch_", _weapon] call bis_fnc_inString; // Should it have backblast? if ((_weapon in _launchers) or (_isLauncher)) then { // What units are near the firer... private ["_units"]; _units= _unitFiring nearEntities ["Man", _hurtRange]; { // Not ourselves... if !(_x== _unitFiring) then { // are they not blocked by wall? private ["_notBlocked"]; _notBlocked= lineIntersects[aimPos _unitFiring, eyePos _x, _unitFiring]; if !(_notBlocked) then { private ["_inAngle"]; _inAngle= [getPosATL _unitFiring, (getDir _unitFiring)- 180, _deathAngle, getPosATL _x] call BIS_fnc_inAngleSector; if (_inAngle) then { // within 8m Dead... if ((_x distance _unitFiring) <= _deathRange) then { _countKilled= _countKilled+ 1; _x setDamage 1; } else { // Hurt them...with just the tip. _x setDamage ((getDammage _x)+ 0.25); _countHurt= _countHurt+ 1; }; }; // end of inAngle check... }; // end of check for unit not being blocked from weapon. (i.e. wall.) }; // end of check that it's not the firer... } forEach _units; }; Not sure why you'd put backblast in a medical addon though?
  6. Axek/Axyl

    Mobile Phone based DAGR

    For the map tiles, I exported the map via the Topography cheat and then cut it up with Map Tiler. Two of the tile sets are in the download area for my mass AAR, if you want them. But some of the CTB guys have also taken higher res images and created better detail tiles. Yet to finish up integrating those. I also wrote a map scrolling script that moves through the map at different zoom levels, taking screenshots and saving them preset as tiles. (The extension takes a screenshot and cuts up only the relevant pixel area desired.) But it needed a bit of polish and in retrospect, the detail we have works well already.
  7. Axek/Axyl

    Mobile Phone based DAGR

    That's not difficult at all. My AAR (link in Sig) essentially does that now, just not in real time...and making it real time isn't a big deal. (My code is there for anyone to modify.)
  8. Hey Everyone, Rosuto's ACE DAGR in A2 used to annoy me in that you had to use the mouse to interact with the keys. (So I wrote an A2 Addon that used a map mouse click to add a waypoint to the DAGR.) For A3, I thought it might be interesting to try and make a similar DAGR that runs on your mobile phone instead. While you're in game, with a GPS, the addon would send your position and other navigation details to your mobile phone, which is running a DAGR interface to display the data. The app would be able to work with waypoints etc and be (arguably) easier to interact with than an on screen version. So far I have... Developed an addon that grabs your positional details and sends it to an extension. Developed an extension that sends that data over UDP to a configured destination IP/Port. (This extension could be used by any A3 code to send UDP based data to any destination) Created an Android prototype app that displays that data, updating every ten seconds. Screenshot of my Android app showing the positional data. For simplicity (and laziness) the datagram packet is in JSON format, currently looking like this... {"x":1795.38,"y":5844.65,"alt":5.50144,"dir":139.823,"spd":13.2} If anyone's interested in creating an iPhone version, then let me know.
  9. Played our first mission on a map besides Altis last night. (Sangin, using Kushluk's DICE mission.) Click on the image below to go to the live AAR. The AAR recording was also done from the server, rather than from any connected client. No server frame rate drop was noticeable, but we didn't have a big load running either. (It's a Friday night, most of us have better things to do.) All the downloads on the website will let you run the same as this. From the web site point of view, I'm trying to avoid requiring PHP, .Net or Java, so there's no dynamic server code. So currently there's one HTML file per map, but I'll fix that up once I rearrange my javascript logic.
  10. That's a shame. It's something that I love having in ACRE. (The external speaker operation for most vehicles)
  11. Hey All, I've put up the prototype of my next AAR based system - the one that produces web based reports and tracks all movement/firing on the map. Instructions and download links are here. Source code is also on that site if you're interested in the various parts. Would appreciate your feedback. Cheers.
  12. Hey Mate, Thanks for the post. It's coming along. Haven't had any hiccups with any player numbers, though now we're playing on different maps - I've yet to grab tiles for each of those. The web interface code is really a prototype and needs to be written well...plus made map agnostic...to get it out there. (It's also centric to West human players) If you'd really like to run the prototype code, then get in touch through a PM?
  13. Version 0.3... * Checks eye position against eye position, rather than your eye position to other player's feet. * Fixed issue with height position of text when units are inside buildings. * Font size changes depending on the distance the unit is away from you. Download here.
  14. This is an addon, so install it like any other addon you might be running....and it will mean that you can use the FIA units (or faction if you will) on the three main sides...West, East and Independent...rather than just West. (It doesn't add extra sides to the game.)