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  1. The Frenchman

    Never Mind ArmA2 The Game Of 2008 Will Be...

    Only 10 factions? :/
  2. The Frenchman

    Transformers The movie (07.04.07)

    Does anyone know if they are still going though with the contest where people can submit a line for the movie? I remember YTMND getting "Do a barrel roll!" way above the competition.
  3. The Frenchman

    ArmA rule #1

    I love it how the RPG works like a potato gun and how he constantly rolls on the ground. It really is BF2!Â
  4. The Frenchman

    Military Humor

    I found this on YTMND. Â
  5. The Frenchman


    How could you not remember Milkman?! I still remember those forum nights which involved precious moments of team killing and yellow flares; back in the days when Harnu was just a lowly member. Nevar forget!11 Â
  6. The Frenchman

    School shooting "phenomenom"

    Well I can honestly say I wasn't expecting this: Link You may remember these wackos from them picketing the soldier's funerals.
  7. The Frenchman

    Robots in WW2

  8. The Frenchman


    Saw it a second time this afternoon in an IMAX theatre. I loved it! Â <span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>I think I have a crush on the oracle girl now. >_></span>
  9. The Frenchman

    Medieval II: Kingdoms

    Hopefully Lithuania will be included. Someone needs to keep those warmongering Poles occupied while I unite central Europe under the fleur de lis!
  10. The Frenchman

    Goodbye Placebo

    He's leaving?! He didn't even get the chance to ban me!
  11. The Frenchman

    Halo Wars

    I'd rather have Halogen honestly.
  12. The Frenchman

    Microsoft kills mod for c&c generals

    Gah! And they were so far in development too. I've been waiting for this mod for years. D:
  13. The Frenchman

    Military Humor

    Afgan army training at it's best! Â
  14. The Frenchman

    Football World Cup 2006 in Germany

    The real reason for the headbutt... Unsportsmanship for the win! Â
  15. The Frenchman

    Half-life 2 is out (and CS:Source)

    I hate ordering things from the Internet so I'm probably not going to get episode one; not to mention I've lost interest in the Half Life series(not the mods mind you; Dystopia still rocks my socks :P).