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RR Immersive Maps by LAxemann

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RosenRudel Immersive Maps (aka RR_mapStuff)

By LAxemann


What does it do?

Someone in my community (RosenRudel, or short: RR) jokingly said "we have ACRE animations, now all we need are map animations, haha". And the mod was born.
Immersive maps (Also called: RR_mapStuff) generally revolves around the ACE interaction menu(s) and does the following:

  • When opening their maps, player characters will actually hold up a map in front of them.
  • Players are able to put down their map on the ground via ACE-Selfinteract->Equipment.
  • Maps held by players or on the ground can be accessed by other players even if they themselves don't own a map.
  • When looking at someone else's map, you'll be able to see their markers
  • You can look at or pull maps from dead bodies
  • Maps will try to adapt to the terrain which is being played on
  • The mod features custom animations, they were all done within ~1min and look accordingly. 😄
  • The mod is mp-compatible, why else should you use stuff like this?
  • The mod generally works client-side but can be run on the server as well.



Known issues

  • Map markers will only update when re-opening the map (via M keypress) or when laying it down on the ground again. This means no real-time updating of shared maps YET. BI is working on stuff that will allow it
  • The animations are fugly.
  • There has been no extensive multiplayer testing yet and I reckon there can be a lot of issues, especially when switching maps via scripts etc.
  • Copying hand-drawn line-markers won't work








JR, Adama, Pfleger, Paddyy and Alius for testing! 🙂
Spacture for the idea!

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Always wanted to make something like this, but never had the patience. You're a saint. Can we knife hand general locations on the map?! Jk, good work.

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Nice dude something functionally manual for once!

Although i prefer not to use Ace, its a good mod, just not interested in using it.

What is needed from ace that the mod cant do on its own, just ace animations?


Remember this addon from Arma2oa did close to the same thing without requirements


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I won't completely wipe a non-ace version off the table, but definitely not soon-soon. It's not about technical possibility, but just the effort in changing it. This was a quick side project I did for my community, I unfortunately got a lot of other stuff on the plate right now.

Also:  @Gunter Severloh the mod you linked does nothing this one does, and this one does nothing the mod you linked does. 😛


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Hey no worries Laxemann, appreciate your work none  the less, i dont really play with ACE anymore like i did in the earlier days of the game

but i do still have the mod, its a great addition and thanks for your work!

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I released an update tonight which should fix any high network traffic/desync issues.



As soon as someone opens a map or puts it on the ground, the marker information of the player was broadcasted to every other player.



The marker information is stored locally on the owning player, the map only broadcasts who it "belongs" to to everyone. Upon opening the map via the interaction menu, the owning player sends the marker information only to the client which "asked" to receive the data.

The only downside to this way of handling things is that there might be a slight delay until you actually see the map markers (as transferring the data between clients can take a few ms).

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1.0 - 20210224
Added: Hand-drawn markers can now be seen as well!
Added: Ability to copy the markers of a map onto your own map (via ACE interaction menu)
Added: Realtime marker updates (Only applies to markers created by the map's "owner")
Tweaked: Maps now follow the hand's rotation, should improve "visual fidelity" a tiny bit 😄


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