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I am wondering how much it costs to run arma3 server? The prices seem to go from 5-300 $ month and I got no clue how many players they can support? So can someone shed some light of how much you need to pay for x amount of players?




Edit: Answering my own question with the link I found: http://nazeboo.com/server-hosting/arma-3-server-hosting/

Still would be nice to hear how big servers everyone is running and at what price

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Hi, to give you an idea this is whom i rent from: https://streamline-servers.com/gameservers/arma3.php

its a $1.50 a slot, i have 16 slots, so for me it costs $27/month.

the more slots you have the more you pay, also there are other things such has CPU high priority which will add

a couple bucks to the price, locations are free, depends what you want and what your going to use it for, public will cost more,

mine i use for private use/Coop.


But how much you pay will depend on the server company you go with, also known as GSP (Game server providers).


Now if you want to see a wide selection of GSP's then look at this list:



You can browse by name of the server company, a few i have rented from since 2006 (Arma 1 - Arma 3)

  • Fragnet
  • GameServers.com
  • NFO Servers
  • Stream-line

For which ever server GSP you choose, read the reviews of them, prices might be good or perfect for you for a given

server but then you get shit support and the lag is bad.

Price isn't everything but a good one helps, so review them.


As for Stream-line http://www.gsprating.com/streamline-servers/

Of all the servers i've rented they were the best imo i've had, just my opinion from my own experience, not saying you should go with them, but i suggest adding

them to the options of other servers you could go with and streamline is up there with good prices, support, and good performing servers. Configuration is pretty easy,

uploading mods you do through an FTP like Filezilla which makes it fast and efficient vs the panel itself.


Hope that helps.


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Is the server load much dependent on the game mode and mods you are running? I would imagine the default modes to be light (no downloads needed, better optimization etc) as well as say vehicle KotH (few players nearby, no AI) - something like BECTI where each player has their own AI entourage and there are additional assets/features could be much heavier per player, in the worst case at least. So pricing per seat may be a bit funny, but probably still the easiest way to go.


Are there much different service levels (besides raw performance cpu, b/w etc) between providers or alternatives for hosting?


You could do everything at home and I guess many people would have the hardware, but bandwith (esp. upstream) can be more of an issue. Unless you live in a student village, or are authorized to use company assets etc.


Next level would be taking your physical server to a hosting center - this might be the most costly approach, unless you also want to rent the h/w. And I guess would only make sense if you want to run lots of other stuff beside a single ARMA server.


At the bottom I guess is kind of full service, you get an ARMA3 server already running and all you have to do is drop in the mission files and configure the parameters to your liking. And maybe there is some support on top of that and some extras like network robustness (DDOS) or admin tools.


But what's between this level and having your own box hosted? I guess some companies just sell you a linux shell and some computing resources and it's up to you how to use them. Something like that could be the most cost effective way for a tech savvy user to run their server(s)?


Thanks for the links, interesting stuff.

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Any idea if this site is reliable https://comparegamehosting.com/game/arma-3/ ? Sounds like it's written by someone who actually knows the stuff, they also claim to have done considerable research and the results end up being pretty much the usual suspects. Not as fishy as one site which listed most providers with a number of reviews and 5 stars, with the few 4 stars and the odd 3 star one. Or then you'll just get good performance and service in the vast majority of cases, unless you go with too much a budget plan for a busy server.


I guess server load would have 3 determinants:


Players -> go with CPU, BW

AI -> CPU (BW if also lots of game objects/data?)

Mods -> CPU, disk


How much SSD helps could depend a lot on the provider. Kingston same as most major brand SSDs used to be more marketing than technology, with a handful of labels offering the true superior performance. Also many hosting companies run hardware that seems to be enterprise grade but is dated (slow DDR3 memory and so). Even more don't list any specs or explain how many game servers are running on the same hardware. I guess the largest providers might even put servers / virtual machines on a cluster and migrate the load around as needed, and mix gaming loads with loads of other profile. Datacenters today are pretty advanced. In the end the value is in large well recognized brands and you can't stay in this business if your performance is constantly bad.




Despite mentioned as being expensive by one .au reviewer, Streamline-servers seem to offer the dirt cheap option for a small ARMA server in the EU. Amazon hosting might be a great option if you need flexibility, compute optimized instances would be best for ARMA: https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/pricing/on-demand/

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If you need a Hoster with a excellent support ....... and I mean EXCELLENT (respond within 10 minutes after you send a ticket), take a look:




Example: 30 Slots for 40 GBP quarterly


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14 hours ago, Thomas Rye said:

I'd recommend using Compare Game Servers to find a decent host for Arma 3, i found Citadel Servers through them and couldn't be happier.



The link doesn't work. But anyway I have tested the citadel serves and zap-hosting and have to say they have their pros and cons. And I'm going to continue trying out the different service providers

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One of the best imo, http://www.gsprating.com/streamline-servers/

and i been renting since Arma servers since 2006, had 3 servers for arma3 in the past 4 yrs, my last 2 from the same GSP


Their service has gotten better imo as now they have 10 slots available when before when i rented it was only min of 16, i always rented for private use with friends.


See my link in my previous post for the GSP Rating, their you can see the rank, reviews, ect,. for every server.

Hope that helps.

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