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Hey guys,


I dont know exactly how to move or edit this thread to the complete section. But the DEV version of FF has released on steam workshop! Please read the workshop page about what FF "DEV" has in store. 


Have fun,




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Forgotten Fronts DEV updated yesterday


~ Added [WIP] German ranks in Insignia tab
~ Added M43 Feldanzug & Variants
~ Added M44 Drillichanzug (Erbsentarn) & Variants
~ Added Ersatz Y-strap for K98 and STG-44 webbing variants
~ Added STG-44 & G-43 Webbing Variants
~ Added M43 Feldmutze (More variants to come)
~ Added Type 1 & 2 SS Helmet Cover (Multiple camouflages)
~ Added Updated Panzerwrap Texture & Variants (Recce, StuG, Erbsentarn)
~ Fixed WH Belt Buckles on SS Parka's
~ Fixed Several names of [WIP] French items
~ Fixed Increased brim thickness of M40 and M35 helmets by 10%
~ Fixed Renamed all German uniforms from Feldbluse to Feldanzug



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