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Hey guys,


I dont know exactly how to move or edit this thread to the complete section. But the DEV version of FF has released on steam workshop! Please read the workshop page about what FF "DEV" has in store. 


Have fun,




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Forgotten Fronts DEV updated yesterday


~ Added [WIP] German ranks in Insignia tab
~ Added M43 Feldanzug & Variants
~ Added M44 Drillichanzug (Erbsentarn) & Variants
~ Added Ersatz Y-strap for K98 and STG-44 webbing variants
~ Added STG-44 & G-43 Webbing Variants
~ Added M43 Feldmutze (More variants to come)
~ Added Type 1 & 2 SS Helmet Cover (Multiple camouflages)
~ Added Updated Panzerwrap Texture & Variants (Recce, StuG, Erbsentarn)
~ Fixed WH Belt Buckles on SS Parka's
~ Fixed Several names of [WIP] French items
~ Fixed Increased brim thickness of M40 and M35 helmets by 10%
~ Fixed Renamed all German uniforms from Feldbluse to Feldanzug



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AMAZING, really amazing Mod I ever expect ! Just keep on your nice Mod guys! A very promising stuff for WWII in ARMA3.

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Forgotten Fronts DEV updated (few times since 31 Agustus, but guess we forgot to put the announcements here!)

31 Agustus: Soviet Update
Added New Uniforms:
>OBR 35

>OBR 43



Added - PPSh-41 Drum Pouch to gear variations

Added - RGD-33 Hand Grenade pouch to gear variations

Added - Obr. 35 Captain belt with Golden Star insignia

Added - Ushanka Folded models Added - Ushanka Folded + SSh-40 models

Added - Tanker Helmets (Black and tan)

Added - Tankist Furazhka

Added - Tankist uniform (Private. Junior Sergeant and Senior Lieutenant

Added - Obr. 35 Shinel ranks Added - Obr. 35 Gimnasterka Ranks (Subdued)

Added - Obr. 35 Gimnasterka Ranks Added - BN-39PM Gasmask Bag

Added - BN-40PM Gasmask Bag (Grey and Khaki)

Added - F1 Hand Grenades in NVG

Added - Medals and Awards

Added - Officer gear!

Added - Obr.35 1939 ranks

Added - Furazhka with Dust Goggles

Added - F1 Hand grenades to webbing and NVG

Updated - Pilotkas

Updated - SSh40 texture + variants

Removed Obr 35 w/ puttees (including telogreika variant) Old gear


21 September:


- Fixed Bolt action firing framework (shall no longer conflict with NF! All credits to h- for the framework)

- Added new helmet net model

- all NVO accessories are now also available in glasses

- Added FJ Helmets (also with camos, nets, covers)

- Updated M26 Adrian Helmet models

- Fixed Burlap cover w/ band being off center - Updated helmet covers


5 Oktober:

- added LW fliegerbluse

- added LW parkas

- added Fallscihrmjager

- added LW Webbings (proportion for ystarp still wip, kinda clippy with fallschirmjager smock)

- added open parkas

- Updated all parka textures

- Added WH Smocks for DE

- Added WH Smock over M40 Mantel for DE

- Added M38 SS Smocks over M40 Mantel

- Added more M40 helmet textures

- Added SS Smocks with dot 44 trousers

- Added M44/M43 feldbluse mix

- Added M43 Feldmutze variaties (total 6 modelle)

- Added LW and pantser Feldmutzen

- Added SS M42 Camo Cap

- Updated M38 SS Smock models

- updated pants/Jackboots models for DE feldbluse sets

- Updated Lewis M20 texture

- Updated DE web gear texture

- Updated Textures and normals for NL Veldtenues

- Updated French gear and uniform models

- Fixed inappropriate proxy in obr43 viewpilot LOD

- Fixed Uniforms appearing whitewashed in long distances


6 Oktober patch

- Fixed broken shadow on reversed M43 feldmutze

- Fixed Ersatz MG pouch is canvas instead of Ersatz leather

- Fixed missing model.cfg entry for early MG Webbing

- Fixed incorrect belt buckle on one of the dot44 uniforms

- Fixed strange litzen artefact on M43 and mixed pea dot

- Fixed weird selection issue on wehrmacht smocks

- Removed Broken Feldgendarmerie kette from arsenal

- Added Mantels with SS belt buckles 


Current issues:

- Some uniforms does not have proper insignia slots, smocks missing sleeve ranks slots, etc

- some uniforms might still suffer distant whitewashing syndrome

- floating breadbag on several vest models



Steam Workshop

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