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Yay, first new mission release since January 2016!


Version: 1.0

Required Addons:

UN Units 2030 by SabreD


-One folder for use in the editor (feel free to learn and copy from this mission).
-One pbo that goes into the "missions" folder to play right away.


After a brutal 4-year civil war, the Jerusalem treaty brought an unsteady peace to Altis.
Frequent clashes throughout the first months of 2030 caused the ruling, but powerless political parties to turn to the UN for help.
As of June 1, 2030,  the UN Force Intervention Brigade is beginning to forge a peace in Altis.  
With UN Transition Support Altis mission in effect, your task as Pakistani Marines offier is to clear the mines on the main road towards Topolia and spread the reach of the UN outside of the capital Kavala.


Known Issues:

The objectve does not tick off, despite having a trigger with SetTaskState "Succeeded". Mission does end anyway.








[Dust]Sabre for his versatile UN addon

Kronzky for his handy UPS

BIS for a great game series




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Fantastic, I'm gonna play it when I return to Arma (I'm "otherwise engaged" at the moment.:icon_biggrin:)


Good to see another mission from you, ME!

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Hey Undeceived,


thank you for the enthusiastic remark, but hold your horses, my comeback is not a scripting marvel like your masterpieces! ;)

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Hi Mathias,  I remember enjoying your Arma 1 Security mission, and glad to see you're back at it.   I haven't finished this new mission yet, but am enjoying it.  I like the UN premise, and clearing mines while under constant threat.  I did have a problem that is probably ARMA AI's fault.  While advancing on the road I give the All Stop commands to my squad while I deactivate mines.   But after doing this a few times the APC refuses to move.   To make progress I have to eject the driver and drive myself.


Anyway, thanks for an enjoyable mission.

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Hi Johnnyboy,


thank you very much for your favorable review. The ArmA3 driving AI is indeed not perfect, you might want to try to line up your squad in line formation that keeps the APC more on the road. Also, clearing mines is your task, not for your subordinates.

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