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Gunter Severloh

[WIP] A3WarMod - a WarMod for Arma3

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Hello WarMod Fans!

Would like to announce a new version of WarMod!

WarMod for Arma3. This version of WarMod will be known as A3WarMod
About WarMod
What is WarMod?
A3 = Arma3
A3WarMod is the 11th Installment version in the WarMod series.
More information about the series can be found on my website here: http://warmod.webs.com/aboutwarmod.htm

About the mod
WarMod is a massive addon/mod customizable compilation mod.
It compiles almost all the gameplay, effects, AI, fixes, functions (specific to the editor or user controls, or other misc things) addons & mods into one mod, and plays like a regular mod.
The mod is mainly a gameplay type mod it wont have added units, weapons, vehicles, planes, or anything of the like, the mod is designed in mind to bring together the modding community's

work into one mod, that adds many new gameplay features that the vanilla Arma3 game does not.

How does this work?
How I build the mod
What i do is go to armaholic and go from page to page in the download section (Arma3) and review each listing there that has anything to do with gameplay,
even sections that add units, weapons, ect..,
as sometimes listings there will have tweaks or addons that change a weapon or adds something to the game.
From there I bookmark each addon/mod into a folder on my browser for future references and download the file into a folder on my computer,
I setup a folder for what i installed and whats new, for what was tested and works, ect,. Each new addon i test by itself to get an idea of how it works what it does ect,.

After testing 1 file I start building the mod, I have a @A3WarMod mod folder and add tested mods to the mod and as each mod gets finished i add them,
then i test that mod itself looking to see if each feature i tested individually still retains their features/functions or basically still works without issues
among the other mods, 98% of the time i found (in previous WarMods) that all features usually work without issues, however theres time where a feature isn't
working and I have to do a number of tests to determine which file is the culprit as well as watch the rpt.

Aside the possible problems, this whole process is done til I have all the files I downloaded into the mod, some have userconfigs and are installed accordingly,
so mods that have userconfigs will be in one userconfig folder which i never had any issues with before in terms of mod conflicts.

Once the mod is together do varies testing in a few scenarios of my choice to watch the results, basically I just play test the mod in sp editor, a hosted mp missions,
and on my Arma3 gameserver I rent. So this is work involved, the most tedious of the work which tbh im not fond of is building the readmes which
imo is important for a mod like this otherwise I get alot of questions asked of me which i learned from back when i released the 1st WarMod and the following after.

Customization & Readme system
The mod is a completely customizable, modular mod, this means that any feature you dont care for you can easily removed, and or swap files for other files.
Dependent files are noted in a readme for the customization aspect of the mod to indicate what files are dependent on what.
A readme system is setup that will list all the addons, and mods in the mod what files they have and are dependent on if any and what they do.
A readme will be setup to separate all files into subjects for example each readme is contained in a folder titled Features by subject
separated by subject, and listed in a Alphabetical, numerical order.

Those subjects listed are as follows:
-Ai Enhancement
-Armored & Vehicles
-AT Antitank
-Ballistics, Tracers, & Zeroing
-Binocs, Nvgs, & Zoom
-Choppers & Planes
-Editor & Menus
-Explosions, Fire & Smoke
-Infantry & Mounted Weapons
-Sky, Land & Textures
-UI, Hud & Gear
(wont be the exact list , just an example used from my COWarMod version)

Other readmes
Mod directory readme - this will give you a outline of where everything is at in the mod as the documentation folder that contains all the readmes
will be located in the @A3WarMod folder along side the addons folder which contains all the files of the mod.
Customization Folder will contain 1 readme to list all folders (customization directory) in the folder that folder for all files that are available to use (folder and readme is wip)
All Features List - this will list all the addons/mods listed by their actual file names and what they do, their will be a alphabetical/numerical list at the start of the readme then a section after with descriptions.
Mod links readme - this will list all the addons and mods in the mod with links to their actual download.
Known bugs readme - if there are any know bugs or oddities they will be listed here
Credits - will list all authors of all the addons and mods in the mod
Permissions - lists a log of all the permissions acquired and for what from whom

Current status of the mod
Currently I have been working on the Arma3 version of WarMod on and off since October 2013, have mostly been testing with a couple of friends
of mine during this time on and off my gameserver through missions.

The mod isn't ready for release yet, still need to do the following:

  • test many new features yet
  • more research on addons & mods that would be appropriate for what WarMod is about
  • need permissions from the authors of the addons and mods
  • build readme's
  • build loading screen
  • design A3WarMod emblem logo to represent the mod (need help here)


About it for now. I had waited for a while to announce this as at first I wasn't sure I wanted to do another warMod, but with all the feedback and questions
I get about having one and the new addons and mods I been playing with many addons and mods I cant play without ;) I decided to do a WarMod for Arma3.

Another thing at the time (last year, and start of the new year) was, I was involved in a few other big projects, and personal projects, now that those died
down i can put my energies towards what I do best compiling!

I will post more news when i have some progress.


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What is the setting of Warmod? 2035 or contemporary? Looking at the feature list of the Arma 2 version, this looks very exciting indeed.

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Thanks guys, setting? Setting is whatever the modders in the community decide it is.

WarMod is just an addon/mod compilation mod, see the about page on the WarMod site--> http://warmod.webs.com/aboutwarmod.htm

will give some detail as to what WarMod is about and for.

Im not actually building anything in terms of configs, textures, new models, weapons, ect,. this mod is a "collection" of all the addons and mods that as said on

the about page all the gameplay features already built.


What I do with WarMod is i have a process for building the mod:

1. research any addons/mods, and anything else dealing with gameplay, AI, fixes, functions, enhancements, changes, adjustments

2. download

3.test individually

4.test together, keeping in mind what each mod does, and referring to a reference list I keep for testing

5.test specific scenarios to see if a given mod individual, and together with others still functions


     So like all previous versions and COWarMod the Arma2CO version being the biggest with 230+ addons, and mods in one, the testing alone

and the readme/s is need to build to reference the mods make it take alot of time.

      Overall when said and ready, the mod when you play it will enhance your vanilla game with alot of new added features, functions, enhancements,

effects, ect,. that all the contained mods have.

WarMod will not have any sound mods such files are to massive to compile, and to me thats not specific to gameplay in terms of character function

ingame like for example adding new tracers, or weapon resting.

WarMod will not add new units, weapons, vehicles, ect,. it will however addon as said gameplay features and functions specific to the character, and the game in general.

It will effect Client and server, but most of the mods if not all will be client, you will however see the features in coop yourself for you, if no one else but you has the mod,

the mod also doesn't need to be on a server to see the effects (features, functions).

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          Hey guys, fans of the WarMod series!

A little update, wanted to let you all know that the mod is still in the works, along with my

other many projects mainly for IF these days, I have been working on this on and off, sometimes off for a month or a couple of weeks, but currently I am mainly

have been testing in sp and in coop, some months I had where I was pondering to even release this mod, or go through with it, because its such a tasking endeavor that

I feel I may be pushing my self to much to appeal to the fans of my series, then on the other note, again a mod like this requires time, patience, and thorough testing in order to work,

plus after all this time since I dont play without the mod 😉 just playing with it is exciting enough that I want to share it, which is how the series started to begin with.


Testing in coop

I have recently reacquired an Arma3 server I rent from Fragnet and my buddy and I test the mod when we play, I just tell him look out for this, and that and really

aiming to see and make sure things are working as they should, as you guys know its a compilation mod so its important that each individual addon in the mod works

without being overwritten by something else.


Permissions and customization

As I had listed in my first post there are several things I need to do before I can even release the mod, usually the first thing I do is acquire permissions to use

author's addons in my mod but i wont start that until I have a good idea of what addons I want in the mod, as well as which ones are working, as some addons that refuse

to work with another usually ends up in 2 ways, either removed, or removed and put into an options customization folder, which is more ideal then just removing

something and having less options and or features in the mod.


Permissions though are important to me, because in another look at this to me and Im sure you all can agree the author's of such great addons and mods that have

released in Arma3 and before deserve alot of credit for their work, my goal of course is to get permissions to include their work, and of course help them get more

recognition and attention to their addons.


Without the communities work in adding to the game the WarMod series would not be what it is.

A3WarMod will have a couple of custom features in it that I have also been working on and testing, playing around with.

about all the news for now, what I will do for now on is report whats been accomplished to give you guys a better idea of how far I am before it gets released.

Lastly I want to ask if there is any addons in that you think would make a good addition to the mod, as im always looking for ideas to add to the mod.

Remember WarMod is about gameplay features, effects, fixes (if any that BIS hasn't fixed), and misc things.

Also im wondering if I should bother with an AI addons at all, what you guys think?

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glad to see the return of this awesome mod :) i loved the gunship module ;)

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Gunter what about the distant explosion screen shake by Laxxmann ?

It makes the screen shake proportinal to explosions, and its based off the speed of the shockwave, a small thing that I think seems fitting for a compliation mod, he is a cool guy, its such a small mod he will probably give you permission to use it.

Also, I wonder if you have done anything in reguard to that old system from arma 2 version, it had like those gore body things, have you got that into arma 3 or worked on anything related? i think something cool with that could be done... imagine physX body gibs.... but that is probably really difficult :)

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Late reply, Thanks tyl3r99!

Gunter what about the distant explosion screen shake by Laxxmann ?

Already in the mod 😉

its such a small mod he will probably give you permission to use it.

Yes I think he will.

Size dont really matter that much, code is code whether its months of work or 1 day's worth of work, whats important is that the modder spent his freetime

doing the work for free, and this we must respect, not saying anything in relation to you as in not to get permissions but in general.


So in general modders who write code depending on who you talk to or with dont want anyone touching their code, or redistributing their work without permission

non the less whether he gives me permission or not its the rules and is imperative and only courteous to ask.

In COWarMod for example it took me about 3 weeks to acquire all permissions, i sent pms to 43 modders for that mod, in my previous mod A2WarMod for Arma2

I had acquired 40 permissions, now why only 43 permissions for COWarMod when the mod has 230+ mods in it?


Because each modder created between 1 and 10+ mods as has alot of these guys have, for example Kju had the PVPScene tweaks that was about 141 tweaks.

Anyways hope im not rambling on.


Also, I wonder if you have done anything in regard to that old system from arma 2 version, it had like those gore body things,

have you got that into arma 3 or worked on anything related?

Your referring to COSLX

I have tried and have done some testing with COSLX which has the blood, bleeding, gore, dismemberment, ect,. in Arma3 but the results for a couple of things

were buggy and did not work, so yes I have looked at it, I had also answered the question here (last page last post)

but my mind has somewhat changed since then, and im willing to look at it again and see what I can do, as sometimes your level of knowledge with modding

and looking at files and issues and just trying to see how things work teaches you things, and by doing that I have acquired some more know how,

so yes I will look into it more after I have done testing of what im currently working on.


Testing and the current state of the mod

Currently theres about 48 addon/mods in A3WarMod right now and this doesn't include the 12+ I've yet to install and test,

so right now Im testing all 48 addons that are currently in the mod, im testing the mod in various sp, and mp/coop scenarios- through the sp editor, in an hosted mp game,

and on my Arma3 server, and I have a few scenarios that i use to test, one scnerio is specifically just features testing, basically to see what the addon does

and to see if it works as its currently running alongside alot of other addons, so making sure an addon works and does what its supposed to do, as well as maintaining

performance be it sp or mp is my priority.


      So I have a singular feature testing scenario, then I have a scenario where i test with all sorts of weapons, vehicles, ect,. to see how stuff interacts, then I have a scenario against AI,

a fun little mission i like to play I call OPS-Kill Ratio maybe something I can include with the release of the mod.

So the idea again is to test each addon, and make sure that each feature works while along side the other addons, and then when they do work and the performance

of the game/mod is satisfactory, like no lag or bugs, or any issues then I move to the next addon, this whole process is very time consuming because on average the

most I can test in a day during the week when I have to go to my job, is about 3-5, it depends on my energy and motivation for the day, theres some days

I dont want to do a dam thing, but watch a movie, other days I'd rather just get on the server with my buddy and play, so motivation

is a factor in building something like this, weekends I can get alot done and thats where I make most of my progress at.


     A mod like this is mentally tasking but its also very fun too because you get to test and play with all these cool addons, the excitement of having all these features

and playing a missions just makes playing Arma3 alot of fun, for example yesterday morning for 2 hrs I was testing a few features, and I liked the results so much i

ended up playing the mission through, I had a real blast, so with play testing i can get a little carried away 😄

Anyways if there are any questions, thought or ideas, of what more I can add to this and test while Im in the process let me know.

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Good to hear, hopefully you can get some cool stuff in there.

You mentioned things such as weapon resting, I wonder , did you make your own weapon resting mod or is it from another modder or some derivative etc.

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All the addons and mods are from other modders, only thing I have done myself was a weapon site zoom and loading screen, i'll make a vid of it to demonstrate, i have 2 settings for it.

The weapon resting that will be in the mod will be both vtz, and agm's, but only one will be used as with A3WarMod I will have a folder for customization,

so the player can choose which one they want, by default AGM's version will be in the mod.



A3WarMod like all the mods in the WarMod series are customizable and modular, that means if theres a feature in the mod that your not fond of or dislike basically

then you can remove it without it causing any issues, the majority of addons and mods in the mod are self contained which means they dont depend on other files to

make them work, if there are which are a couple then I will make a note of that in the readmes.


Features by Subject readme

Like seen here for my CoWarMod I will have a readme that separates all the addons in the mod based on what they do, this way if your lookign for something in

particular in terms of information about a feature or to yank a file because a feature is disliked then you can easily get an idea of what it is or does.


Quick file readme

There will be other readmes such as this idea I had where all addons will be listed with their associated files for quick access to files

and knowing what they do, purpose of this is to help a user identify whats in the mod based on the files, so again if theres a feature one wants to remove then

you will know what to remove, of course I will have a release thread for the mod when its released to the public and you can always post your question there and ask me.


Website reference

Like my other WarMods all files, readmes will be setup on my site accordingly for a quick reference to whats in the mod.

Weekend mod plans

This weekend I will be working on making a list for myself of all the addons/mods that i plan on having in the mod and writing up a pm I can send to the modders

and working on acquiring permissions, this will probably take about a week or more depending on how fast everyone replies but i will start it this weekend.

Some of the modders use a creative common license where you can use the mod without needing to ask but i prefer to ask them specifically so they know from

me where their work is going, and i do it to to let them know I will have them in my credits as I always give credits for other modder's work.

The biggest credits list I built was for COWarMod & A2WarMod


AI enhancement mods?

I been pondering the question since I started the mod in October whether or not I should add any AI enhancement mods to the mod like i did with

COWarMod (see list)

problem is AI addon/mods is that you really dont have much control over the number of features each mod has in terms of running along side another AI mod,

so it will be difficult and possibly cause problems because one mod could have a similar or same feature as another mod, also it may be to much demand on

a player's computer because AI mods draw on the CPU to process alot of information and when that occurs less CPU is given towards other addons that are doing

more simpler things, so what i will try though is to to test them together in a mod without any other mods and see what kind of effect I get, but then I might just make it

customizable and have it where theres only one mod in A3WarMod by default, and then the user/player can swap out what mods they want.


AI addon and mod testing take a bit more time to do so one has to be somewhat thorough to make sure each is working and the main thing not causing conflicts,

last thing I want to have is playing and awesome game and think everything is ok and then blam the game crashes or does a bsod on me and have

to do a hard reboot 💻 dout!! FPDR

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Updated the 1st post with information about the mod, something I should of done the 1st time :j:

but I was in the middle whether to take on a new WarMod or not because the amount of time and energy it took to build one, plus at the time I was in

the middle of a few other projects.

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Hey guys little news of the progress.

Currently this past weekend I spent alot of time testing and doing alot of tweaking and troubleshooting, I been testing the mod with a few missions mostly in sp editor,

and ran into issues with lag, which i found the cause adn fixed, then issues with something not working which also found the cause, some things have to be left out til they

are finished, and or updated, and then theres other things that cant be run together.


For now I have acquired one permission from a modder in the community, only one I had sent out in the past week, but I will start acquiring permissions

once i determine what I want in the mod and get it stable and playable fun, which is close.

Mod is far from complete, but its slowly coming along, i have my puzzle so to speak a bit scattered as I been going from one mod to the next and testing things on the fly

rather then in an order like i should but overall playable wise the mod is like a balancing act for me where I am trying to determine if i like certain features

or the game is playing out the way I want it too.


Ideally like all WarMod in the series, the mods aren't a complete compiled collection of all the gameplay addons and mods out for a given game, about 90-95% of the

mod is my gameplay style which I prefer a cross between run and gun and realism, so im not fanatical about realism but I do prefer something

to be realistic if possible, depending what it is.

If those whom have played with any of the previous WarMods in the series you'll know how the mods play so you can expect the same thing from the Arma3 version.


Only thing I have decided not to do in this version of the mod is include AI enhancements, why? have you seen the

AI list I compiled

its insane whats out there, its way to much work, to try to get a balance between mods, plus it wont be realistic to pull off without building

some config which is somewhat out of my "expertise". Plus it will take the mod alot longer to finish.

So ideally what I will do is provide a link to the list in the readmes, as well as on the release thread when the mod is released.

For now i will continue testing and possibly record some vids of some gameplay of what it looks like.

If there is any addons, or mods you would like to see in the mod let me know with a link.

All for now.

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As I have been asked by fans of my WarMod series, i will quote my response:

Finally, any progress with your A3WarMod?

         Yes made a few discoveries on functions using certain mods, as well as some other things, this mod is not going to be like the other WarMods this will be mostly geared

towards infantry aspect, but will have something in there for choppers and vehicles/tanks too I'm finding the Arma3 version to more challenging then all the other versions because of

the complexity of the mods, and whats out, but I have been working on A3WarMod on and off since October 2013, even building an A3WarMod version for IFA3 which atm

seems to run pretty well, thing is with the Ifa3 version there will be limits because of the theater of war, so we cant have fancy modern stuff in there in terms of functions so

I have to keep an eye on things to make it more dumbed down if you will to the limits or the functional aspects of what was possible in WW2.


Aside that A3WarMod itself I'm really just customizing the mod for my play style as basically most of the WarMods were, so this means that im not going to have all sorts

of features in it that i personally dont really care for myself, or rather not interested in using but im sure for what i have in the mod and will have the community will most likely

like the compilation none the less, however I have tested quite a number of addons and still need to yet to make sure they all work with what I have so far in the mod.


The main idea for me based on my and my buddy's play style is basically what i call Run n gun realism, so it goes something like this:

Elimination of weapon sway (standing, crouched and definitely prone)

(weapon sway drives me batty I cannot stand it!) - although for realism purposes can have sway come into play based on fatigue, i dont mind the fatigue so much

as long as its not for odd long times

Basically heres a overall run down of what i have and where its at.


Realistic ballistics

This means to me penetration values, when i shoot a gun depending on the distance from the target i'd expect the target to respond accordingly based on what would actually happen

in real life, not some bullsh*t 2-3 shots til kill and enemy AI, maybe a 5.56 but seriously its got to be believable, at close range imo a 5.56 should kill, if not incapacitate a soldier if

not wound them bad enough depends where they were shot, if in the chest then its borderline death if not a kill, head is obvious kill.


Currently it takes 1-3 shots to kill and enemy this is what I have running currently, and i love it, way it should be, imo i think what needs to be understood for a soldier is that

we are still vulnerable even if we wear a chest armor there should be limits. of course it depends who your fighting, as most of the time I play test, im fighting ISIS guys from

Iraqi warfare mod and they have no chest armor as far as i know but they all go down in 1-3 shots, for csat soldiers its about the same if not 1 more shot,

depends on the caliber of weapon your using.


Ragdoll physics

Enemy soldier needs to fall based on shot, direction of shot, so currently I have a couple of addons that make this work, this still needs more testing in terms of other addons,

and I think it could be tweaked a bit more but so far its pretty decent.


Explosions ect,. obviously Blastcore no description needed 🙂

I like tracers but they wont be like every bullet, not realistic to me, so its got to be believable.

-Blastcore A3

-Blastcore Tracers A3


Medical,bleeding, and injuries

Only thing I have for this atm is bleedout from TPW's mod, idk if i want to go the whole medical route, as it does nothing for me, way i play obviously isn'tt realistic in some aspects but if

I get shot im not going to look at a black screen or a screen all f*cked up and not be able to play for 3-10min til i get patched up by a friendly or medic, i find that boring, i just want to

patch myself up and keep going, hence run n gun, so with regards to the medical aspect I think default fak bandage or what have you already ingame is fine.


For other stuff like wounding and such and mostly for AI i will be looking into COSLX to see what I can get working ingame, idk about no dismemberment, maybe just bleeding

and blood splashes, and screaming or pain yells for the AI but thats about where i want to go with it, i do like the idea of AI being disabled or wounded where they are on the ground

writhing in pain and bleeding like you see with tpw bleedout.


weapon sites zoom

(this I've gotten permission for) and have tweaked quite a bit, so far all stock/vanilla what have you iron sites, and scope attachments zoom in automatically, why?

I had always hated trying to line up my sites target, I hate the idea of struggling to shoot my gun, i dont play with cross hairs on, but i dont want to spend half a clip trying to see

through tiny sites,or having to press my button to zoom the sites and then try to do all this with the dam gun moving like im drunk, wtf so i fixed all of that!


Other features

-stamina bar

-drag static weapons

-VTS Simple weapon resting (i liek this better then agm because it seems more adaptable to certain surfaces which i found agm not to work)

-parachute fix

-ingame controls interface, basically this

-editor expansion

-no idle animations -( cant stand it where im standing there or sitting in a chopper trying to look out the window and here my guy is got his hand in front of my face, im like do you mind)

-Panoramic Night Vision Goggles

-MOCAP Melee - (needs testing)

-RWCO: Rotor Wing Combat Overhaul (yes choppers)

-Smarter tanks

-US Helicopters (HAFM OVerhaul) Mod (depends on another chopper mod, so unless you have that mod then this wont do nothing for a user)

-Weapon recoil camera shake mod - (i like the concept, needs more testing but im 50/50 on it, but i may include it for the compilation aspect)

-VTS Duck Hunt ( AI is now suppressing you from further away) (I said I'd have no AI mods in the mod before but there are a few exceptions)

-Tier1 Silencer Fix (The suppressor muffles the sound, making it harder for the AI to hear you and it also reduces the muzzle flash making it harder for them to see you.) (yet another AI addon, idk if its worth it still since the latest updates, so need to test more, again another AI exception type tweak)

-ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD) and Group Indicators (STGI)

-SAMO Squad Action Menu Orders, this addon (another AI exception)

-Rifle Collision Addon - (possibly needs more testing, used it already so im 50/50 on it)

-Openable doors For A3 vehicles (needs testing)

-voicestop (stop talking)

-Mission Editor Expansion (considering im in the editor all the time)

-MDH TopDownAttack (like the Javalin I love the launcher and would like to see a top down feature for whats ingame already)

-lkr_ammo --> this (needs more testing)

-L_ExShake - (Camera shaking for distant explosions)

-L_armFatigue (need to test)

-INKO Disposable

-Helmet Mounted Displays Mod

-GDSN Shoulder Tap (dont need this if you have shacktack hud)

-Fluid Door/Hatch Opening - (50/50 on this and needs testing)

-Dynamic Movement - Descend in Style (had some issues somewhere with this while using other mods, so needs more testing,

and im 50/50 on this one because it may not be working)

-Dynamic Cover System ( i like it but.. imo it needs some tweaking and more testing)

-TMR Modular Realism

-Cyprus Quick-Release System - (needs testing)

-Cyprus Push-to-Hear - (allows you to temporarily reduce in-game sound and music volume by holding down a preset key. for when your in choppers, jets, and tanks, needs testing)

-Custom formations system (for the AI, needs testing)

-Combat Space Enhancement -(im 50/50 on this, seems to be a another duplicate mod like AGM, so imo and idk im up in the air about this mod, may not waste my time with it)


-Beazley's No BLUFOR Radio Protocol (need to test, and compare to what i have already)

-Authentic Gameplay Modification (only uses so many feature/functions from the mod based on what I want for WarMod)

-Armor Improvement System (AIS)

-Arma: Enhanced Movement (needs testing)

-Agile Littlebird (needs testing)


Thats about it of what i have so far, still alot more testing to be done, and when i test I test sp, mp (i host) and on my Arma3 server.

I also need to do some more research for more addons/mods out there that i can include too.

I had only gained one permission and am sorta of waiting on doing it as I'd rather test stuff and confirm I like it and no.1 it works.


Aside this I have a WarMod group here on the forums that I've had since the first WarMod in the series see here:


I plan on updating it and adding all sorts of info, and such, will prob do that over the coming weekend, so if you guys are fans of the WarMod series join the group!


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This looks like an awesome collection, most looking forward to some decent Ragdoll physics and features from COSLX.

I can still remember the WOW moment i had when i played A2 with COSLX for the first time.

I wish you the best of luck with this project.

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Thank you, yes currently playing with it, I wont play without it its awesome!

COSLX is a great mod, and i been back and forth with myself whether to work on it and try to get it into Arma3, but because of my limited lol obsolete scripting skills,

aside being able to look at scripts and configs if i can recognize some things, I had tried the mod in arma3 but get some oddities that are game breaking, so like the rest

of the mod I need to test, but im not ready to work on that part yet.


Currently im still doing alot of tweaking with the player character for their weapon sway, fatigue, suppression and other things related and making sure what i do have in

the mod do work as i had an issue with one

feature that prevented another from working, and I knew that folks would complain about it so it took me a couple weeks to figure it out, and I got it,

so stuff like that is what makes the project take so long.


But I work on the mod when im motivated to do so, some days i just dont want to work on it, as a mod like this is very mentally tasking, as your constantly testing, and bug hunting,

trying to put everything together and figure out why something isn't working is a headache in its own, why i was hesitant last year for attempting to build a arma3

version as the last epic one

(COWarMod with 230+ addons and mods that took me 6 months, 3 weeks worth of time to acquire permissions and a month's worth of readme building)

it burns you out mentally, so now I just take my time and work on it when im motivated, so about 1-3 times a week i work on it, it depends on schedule and energy

as I work a full time job too 3rd shift of all shifts.

What are your guys thoughts on this play style i have for the mod, the run n gun realism?

any other thoughts, or questions let me know.

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I love your A2/CO Warmod. It killed my old cpu Core I5-760 @ 4.2 GHZ and I HAD to remove some of the PBOs to keep performance up. :D

I still use it with every A2 game.

Agree on leaving the AI mod out as I've removed the ASR AI files myself and modified it wiht other AI. But you can include the AI in optional folders since most are small and it is a pain for user find, download and then start testing AI. At least with your package, its there and the user can swap AI mods for testing.

I'm testing VCOM, GroupLink 5 FX for AI myself.

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But you can include the AI in optional folders since most are small and it is a pain for user find, download and then start testing AI. At least with your package,

its there and the user can swap AI mods for testing.

That is an idea, they are all indeed small, about 1mb each if not a couple more, so the download wouldn't be bad at all, A3WarMod's current size is 200mb,

and that nothing compared to what COWarMod with a 745mb download!

So I may consider doing that then, thanks for the idea, i want to definitely be able to make the mod user friendly

With COWarMod I got away with alot of stuff regarding AI, in Arma3 its not forgiving, and the options, and number of mods to pick from are huge, theres

way to many to test, it takes to long, and its very intricate to determine what the cause of this or that maybe if something is not working, or some oddity is happening,

or the AI are not doing what their supposed to do based on what mod your working with, trust me this type of trial and error, elimination process is a real headache and since 2009

I've had my share of it, and im pretty much done with it.


Is WarMod a real mod?

Some may say that the WarMod's aren't real mods, as I didn't scripts, or code, or really make anything, well i beg to differ, i not only spent hundreds of hours of my spare time, (many months)

researching and downloading, organizing, separating, testing, acquiring permissions and asking questions, and even tweaking what i knew how and then compiling everything,

writing readmes, loading screens, designing a logo or art to represent the mods, and then writing out a page of info for armaholic download page, and then for the release thread, and then

on top of that building a number of pages for a reference for the community that use the mod on my website, then be on here everyday and answer questions, so imo i put the work in,

and its all just an idea im a compiler at heart, and aside 1-2 others, there hasn't been anyone else in the

game series to do what i have done and do it 10 times!! A3WarMod will be the 10th mod in the series, if you exclude COSLX it would be 9 but i did rebuild SLX.


A3WarMod main focus

My main focus with A3WarMod is mainly the player character soldier, how he moves, interacts, shoots, and some misc aspects of AI like ragdoll physics or ballistics,

rather then tactics, and strategies, there will be a couple of AI addons in the mod which are very simple and my big post previously lists them.

But to include AI addons or mods in the mod in a customization folder, I will need to acquire permissions to do that, but with this in mind I will have a folder with each mod

already setup for the user, one readme that lists them all and what they do, and then from there just install them, thing with this mod like the other WarMod is readmes

included are important to read, as the mod is to complex in terms of customization that just throwing files around will only cause trouble, so I try to make it imperative

that the readmes included and certain ones are crucial to knowing what to do, where to look,

and the main thing how to install.

Any other ideas, or thoughts let me know, even any mods out there that i may not have looked at that you think would be suitable for the mod.

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Hello WarMod fans!

I had spent my past 2 days off (Wed, Thurs-xmas) working on the mod, and have accomplished a tremendous amount!

Bug hunting / Mod compatibility / Performance

With the amount of testing and research I have done, I am I think wrapping up the research aspect of the mod, and testing has dwindled

down to looking at a couple of addons to make sure they are working with everything else.

I been doing alot of play testing, and have cleared up numerous bugs, and made many adjustments and tweaked all sorts of settings

to create a certain result for the mod.

Compilation mod?

As you all know WarMod is a compilation mod, but even though the majority of Ai, gameplay, effects, fixes, and other misc features in the mod are

compiled into one, there are some that are weeded out that cause others not to work, or are tweaked to make sure others are working.

So there have been a few addons doing almost the same thing as another mod which I have found a few doing just that, so the direction of the mod isn't a

complete compilation of all files into one mod, its more of a compiled customization of what works and what doesn't then of course I have a certain vision for the mod as well.

Custom Compilation

When the mod is released, the main mod will be all my customizations for the mod, tweaks and basically what i put together that works. So this means

that certain mods for example like AGM will have only certain files in it, in the main folder, in the customization folder however will be the full mod

minus those files that are already in the mod, from there you can swap out files or add files based on your interest in features.

Whats left to be done

Currently as stated above, im doing some final tweaks, and testing to make sure a few addons are working,

and the mod is performing where I want it.

Whats left to do:

- Create a new logo that represents the mod

- Get permissions (i have 2 so far)

- Organize the mod files for the customization aspect of the mod

- Build readmes

- Research for readmes


I will probably be wrapping up the tweaking and testing this week and at the same time work on other aspects of the mod mostly the

getting permissions and research for the readmes for the customization and features aspects.

If I do like I did in the past two days I can have this mod released in a week, as thats how far away I am, however, with permissions there is a response

time from the modders, then the research for the readme building will take some time as well, so we'll see.


Im planning on putting together a demo video/s for some of the features, so I will have something

for you guys soon, thanks for your patience!

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Project sounds awesome GS.

Good luck.

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Great work. Will you consider making this to be AGM compatible? I've been testing AGM in single player and it really has a lot of the good old ACE mod feel to it (AI medic). With Advanced Ballistics and TPW bleeding mods, AGM feels fairly good, but not as good as CoWarModAce + Ace of course.

Still much better than Vanilla A3.

Lastly, is there anyway for you to include the blown/burnt up corpse mod from CoWarMod? That is probably one of the top 5 feature mods missing from A3.

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Thank you.

Will you consider making this to be AGM compatible?

Yes, AGM is one of the biggest mods in it, and works fine, not all AGM files will be in the mod though, in the addons folder, I will include

the whole mod yes, but for the rest it will be in the customization folder.

I still need to check licenses and or get permissions for the mods to say anything I have put together is in the mod,

most likely considering my past 9 compilations the community knows my work and I would be granted permission, so im not worried, just need to do the work for that though.

Lastly, is there anyway for you to include the blown/burnt up corpse mod from CoWarMod? That is probably one of the top 5 feature mods missing from A3.

I dont know if thats going to be possible, thats from COSLX which was in COWarMod, i have already tested COSLX in Arma3 quite a bit and parts of it work, but

that dismemberment, charred corpse, exploded body uses the arma2 model so that would need to be fixed. The blood is really...meh in arma3 from COSLX,

the color is a lighter red which dont fit, and Arma3's is better, considering I have TPw's mod in the mod the bleedout from that is alot better, and the color alot better.

In all honesty I think bringing the COSLX wounding, bleeding aspects to Arma3 is a waste of time, as unless I get some help with that file then

its not going to happen, there is just to much code and script to go through that is beyond my skill and understanding to try to figure out.

The other files that were in COSLX that added many other features, I was actually just working on this past Thursday (Christmas) looking at the

configs for to see if i can get them to work in Arma3.

Need Config help

I have managed to get two features from the mod to work so far, the other stuff needs more research in the configs as basically the features require certain files from arma3

to work, and locating them in terms of putting the correct code is a pain in the ass, so if someone is willing to help there I would really appreciate it.

This would mean adding all sorts of new features to arma3 that are currently not released by any other modder, nor in the vanilla game.

Possible features I would like to add if i can get some help with configs

I have a decent idea of what im doing, Im just not sure about a few things, and thats really about it, so those features im

referring to are these, I'll list them here:

[u]SLX_Anim_AI_LowRifleMove:[/u] Makes AIs tactically lower their weapons slightly while walking for proper muzzle discipline. 
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_Anim_Death:[/u] Faster dying animations. Based on timings from real footage.
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_Anim_Prone[/u]: Makes prone have a new collision shape so that rifles don't clip into walls as much, 
and makes AIs not clip through walls when prone.
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_AI_Dodge:[/u] Makes AIs do evasive moves towards cover.
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_Alpha_Numbers:[/u] Makes team numbers in english be called by the phonetic alphabet.
(1 is alpha, 2 is bravo, 3 is charlie, 4 is delta, etc)
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_Alpha_Teams:[/u] Makes the color coded team names in english be called by the phonetic alphabet.
(red is alpha, green is bravo, 
blue is charlie, yellow is delta, white is echo)
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_CarGunner:[/u] Allows a player to take over the AI gunner of a car while driving. 
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_Cloud:[/u] Custom cloudlets that can be used for config or drop effects.
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_Dialogue:[/u] Fixes missing words and adds larger voice pitch variations.
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_Effects:[/u] Rocket engine and missile smoke effects. [b][color="#FF0000"](updated this file and it now works in Arma3)[/color][/b]
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_ExplosionDust:[/u] Makes explosion dust last longer based on the size of the explosion. [b][color="#FF0000"](updated this file and it now works in Arma3)[/color][/b]
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_FindCover:[/u] AI utility functions for finding cover and making AI's make a course diversion then continue on to their original destination.
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_GunSmoke:[/u] Gun smoke effects based on real life footage and personal experience.
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_Impacts:[/u] Bullet impact effects based on real life footage and personal experience.
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_ModWeapons_Sounds:[/u] Supersonic bullet sounds from real life footage.
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_ModWeapons_Sounds_Impact:[/u] Bullet impact sounds thanks to Dyslecxi.
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_NetCode:[/u] Simple network utility to execute code on all clients.
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_Shout:[/u] Makes people say stuff.
Dependencies: SLX_NetCode.

[u]SLX_Suppression_Effects:[/u] When people are shot at close enough a lot they duck lower, breathe quickly, and their hands shake a little.
Dependencies: SLX_NetCode.

[u]SLX_TankSmoke:[/u] Makes tank commanders fire the smoke grenades when the tank gets hit or there is an incoming missile. Also fixes smoke effect to not lag.
Dependencies: None.

[u][b]SLX_Wounds:[/b][/u] Based on real life footage and statistics (W. E. Fairbairn, FBI, police, thehighroad.org, etc).
Dependencies: SLX_NetCode, SLX_Shout.

[u]Location based wound effects on people when they are hit.[/u]
Arms - Small chance of an accidental discharge of their primary weapon. Small chance of dropping primary and/or secondary weapon when arms are very damaged.
Legs - Good chance of falling down prone if legs are very damaged. No effect when already prone.
Torso - Good chance of getting knocked down and out of breath for a second if damage is over 50%. If the torso is over 80% damaged and overall health is less than 60% then the person is critically wounded.
Head - 30% chance of temporary deafness and a 40% chance of temporary deafness, disorientation, and falling down if head is less than 50% damaged, most likely caused by grenade blasts.
90% chance of temporary deafness and falling if head is over 50% damaged.

If the person is hit in the head, body, or legs and overall health is less than the "SLX_Wounded" value then they are critically wounded.

[u]Critically wounded :[/u] [b][color="#FF0000"](this works, but they just lay there crying out, havent seen anything else with it)[/color][/b]
The person drops their primary weapon and lays on the ground writhing and screaming until either they are healed or die. They are unable to shoot any weapons, but can still throw hand grenades, so watch out.
Killing wounded people that pose no threat at the moment(haven't thrown a hand grenade) will deduct 450 rating points. So if you have 0 rating points and killing a soldier gets +200 rating
points and you kill a wounded soldier you end up with -250 rating points.

[u]Dragging wounded/dead:[/u] [b][color="#FF0000"](you can initiate the drag, but actually dragging them works partially and most times not at all)[/color][/b]
Wounded or dead people can be dragged to a safer location for giving first aid, corpse recovery, or item scavenging. Be careful of moving heavily wounded people though, moving them might kill them. 
Objects can also be dragged.

[u]Giving first aid to wounded:[/u] [b][color="#FF0000"](works but the animation is broke and glitches)[/color][/b]
Giving first aid is based on the skill of the person giving first aid. If first aid is unsuccessful in stabilizing the wounded person's condition then you will have to wait for a while before trying again. 
Giving first aid gives you rating points proportional to the skill of the person first aid is being given to.

[u]Taking captives:[/u] [b][color="#FF0000"](this works)[/color][/b]
If a wounded enemy is healed they will surrender. They can be taken captive and you can tell them to stay or follow you. If the captive is too far from you they will try to escape and continue fighting.
Taking captives gives you rating points proportional to the skill of the person being taken captive. Killing captives suffers the same rating deduction as for killing wounded. For a zero skilled soldier 
you should get 200 points for giving them first aid and taking them captive, the same as if you had killed them, but if you kill them after giving first aid and taking them captive you still end up losing 50 rating points.

[u]Moving people/objects in vehicles:[/u] [b][color="#FF0000"](not tested)[/color][/b]
People/objects can be moved into vehicles by getting into the vehicle while dragging or by using the Drag or Follow action when in a vehicle to load more than one object. Make sure the action is in your
action menu when entering the vehicle or you won't be able to use it. There must be free cargo space in the vehicle for the person to enter. Try moving the person to the other side of the vehicle from 
where you enter, then look at the person and the action should show up. An action is added to the vehicle to unload wounded and dead people. 

[u]Dropped weapons:[/u] [b][color="#FF0000"](not tested)[/color][/b]
Dropped weapons can be destroyed by using the action menu close to them or by damaging(by shooting, etc) them to 50%. They can only be picked up by the action menu. 
They are affected by physics and can get thrown into the air from explosions.

[u]AI's helping wounded/dead:[/u] [b][color="#FF0000"](havent seen it happen yet idk if it works or not)[/color][/b]
AI's will automatically try and help wounded or dead people. They will attempt to drag them into a safer position before giving first aid or scavenging weapons. 
AI's immediately go into alert mode when someone is wounded or killed.

[u]AI's taking secondary weapons and machine guns:[/u] [b][color="#FF0000"](dont recall ever seeing this in arma2CO)[/color][/b]
If someone with a secondary weapon or a machine gun dies then another AI from their squad will attempt to come and pick up the weapon.

[u]Dismemberment:[/u] [b][color="#FF0000"](dont work all you get is an explosion mark on the ground, this feature depends on arma2 body)[/color][/b]
If a person is killed with a high explosive and their velocity is high enough then they will be torn apart. Can be disabled by setting number of gibs to zero.

[b][u][color="#FF0000"]Character Movement Files[/color][/u][/b]
(Note: the following files deal with your character movement)

[u]SLX_Anim_AT_Lying:[/u] Adds the prone posture while using launchers.
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_Anim_SteepLying:[/u] Adds the ability to lay down and move on steep surfaces.
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_Anim_Swim:[/u] Adds slightly faster, slightly less tiring swimming.
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_Anim_Crawl:[/u] Make the fast crawl mode faster. Based on real life personal experience of crawling.
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_Anim_Jump:[/u] Faster jumping over things. Based on real life personal experience of jumping over obstacles, 
sometimes with over 100 lbs of gear.
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_Anim_MoveTransitions:[/u] Faster stance changes. Based on real life footage.
Dependencies: None.

[u]SLX_Anim_WeaponTransitions:[/u] Faster weapon switching and stance changes.
Based on real life footage and personal experience.
Dependencies: None.


Right now my main concern is to review the permissions or licenses that the modders have set, some only want just credits others you need to

ask them, so I have to review the addons and mods I have in the mod and see which ones I need to contact the authors for, I would rather contact

them all out of respect for their work and for the sake of them knowing where their content is going to, so this aspect is a high priority aspect

for the mod, and without this I cannot release anything.

New addons and more testing

Aside that I have been doing some more research for other addons/mods to add and will need to do some more testing to see if I may include

the new features, make sure they work if I do include them, and make sure they are working ok along side the existing addons/mods in the mod currently.

Removed a mod -(buggy)

There was one mod I was disappointed about in removing it because it was a great feature, problem with it was it

lagged the game real bad,what happened when i just moved forward, or backward the game lagged, if i turned the game lagged,

it was bad, as soon as I removed it I had good performance, so i cannot include it. this was the mod I am referring too btw:


Edited by Günter Severloh

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Gunther, BadBenson is about to release an update for EnhancedMovement, you may remove it right now, but I´d advise to check it out when updated... even with performance issues, I just love the ability to jump small walls and climb stones, add a lot to immersion!

great to see all those neat SLX addons back into A3 engine! Anxious to play with A3warmod


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Great! Sure thing, the Enhanced Movement is a nice feature, and considering most of A3WarMod is geared towards the

infantry aspect of the game it will compliment it more.

When he does update it, i will need to test it, theres still quite a bit of time left before I can even release anything.

As for the SLX i only have two working features so far in the mod, the rest I need help with, but i wont get to those yet til i get permissions for what i have

and finish my current tests, and tweaks.

I want to make note if i have note already in a previous post, is that I have succeeded in changing a couple of things that I hated the most in Arma3:

Weapon Sway

I cannot stand it, this is my number one pet peeve in this game is the dam sway, it irritates the hell out of me, so i have a mod I used and tweaked it to the max,

spent some time researching it, and a few others, at first I had reduced the sway tremendously and i was happy for a bit, then still noticing that there was a slight

sway yet, it started to bother me so then doing research again, i discovered something while reading, and looking at the files, I had somehow

conflicts between 2-3 addons that were doing almost the same thing.

I had to do some tests by doing a process of elimination, after getting down to the last addon and testing it, it ran perfect, i was actually

knocked off my feet at what I was now able to do.

So now because of this I have no sway when prone, no sway when crouched, and no sway when i'm running and gunning!!! :soldier:

The sway can be tweaked though through the userconfig so its not like its set in stone, WarMod is modular, and customizable the whole series

has been like that since the start, so if you prefer no sway, or minor sway, or specific sway based on stance, then you can do that, for

those run n gunners like myself then by default if you will there is no sway ;)

I have a fatigue from TPW the EBS aspect which when you max out your fatigue your screen twitches indicating your heart beat,

but it takes alot to get there unless...you have been shot and are wounded, but none the less its a serious blast to shoot enemy soldiers!

Even though the sway is eliminated, which tremendously helps you, vs having to spend half a clip to kill a guy,you still need to aim,

you still need to take cover ect,.

How many shots does it take to kill an enemy in A3WarMod?

Lets step back a moment to the vanilla game, we all know based on the gun that it took up to 5 rounds or more to kill a guy excluding the headshots which I found were

usually one, of course at the same time you were trying to get your sites to stop moving so you can hit the guy, but yes 5+ shots to kill a guy, this like the weapon sway

was also annoying, yes there is chest armor there depending on the soldier type.

Back to the mod, depending on the bullet your firing it takes me 1-3 shots on average to kill a guy normally 2 if its just a chest shot, this is with a 5.56,

you can only imagine what bigger calibers would do.

Edited by Günter Severloh

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I really liked CoWarMod in A2 - I primarily played in singleplayer back then.

Do you think that you will work on some COOP based tuned version ?

Would be really great to get some of the advanced features tested for an MP environment ?


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Hi serjames,

Yes that is an idea i can do, an interesting and more specific idea at that, thing is from what i have played and tested so far, the majority if not almost all of it works np in coop.

Once i get the mod in its final stage where the tweaking is done, which im still doing btw as the main things is determining if everything is working, I can create a version specif to coop, which i should be able to determine fairly easy, but really its almost not necessary as most if not all of it works in sp and mp, but i will keep the idea in mind, i still have quite a bit of work ahead to get this thing running properly.

Current status

Currently still doing tweaking and adding and removing things, making decisions on things i set aside, and also working on acquiring permissions at the same time which I have

acquired about 13 so far 8 of those from Authors whom i had contacted through pm. Keep in mind there are authors that have a few mods under their name.

Number of Mods

The number of mods in A3WarMod right now is about....60ish thats not including those i need to test yet.

All for now.

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