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[ OPTIONAL ADDONS: TFAR ; CUP_Weapons ; CUP_Units ; CUP_Vehicles ; TalibanFighters ; TacticalBeard ; RHS:USF ]

ACE3 Compatibility is still WIP!

'Takistan Insurgency' is a cooperative multiplayer mission/game mode for ArmA 3, influenced by the insurgency mission made in ArmA 2:OA by PogoMan and Fireball.




  Search buildings for INTEL
  Question civilians for INTEL
  Dead insurgents can drop INTEL
  Once INTEL is acquired, a ? marker will appear on the map
  The ? markers are clues within the vicinity of a cache
  The more INTEL you find, the closer the ? markers appear
  Weapons caches can be destroyed with an EXPLOSIVE SATCHEL
  There are nearly 100 grids occupied with insurgents to clear
  RED grids will turn BLUE after being cleared
  Complete randomly generated tasks for rewards
•   Plug and play! Supported mods will automatically be used in mission, if host enables them

  Random insurgent patrols in forests, valleys, hills, mountains, and towns
  Insurgents may also be mounted on static weapons, such as mortars
•   Insurgents can become wounded; a nearby insurgent may drag their wounded away and revive them
  Civilian traffic, parked cars, pedestrians, and residents
  Civilians may decide to pull out a concealed weapon or strap on a suicide vest

•  Interact with and question civilians (Only the Intelligence Specialist can interpret the locals)
  Domesticated animals and wildlife *WIP*
  Randomly generated roadside IEDs
  Randomly generated roadside VBIEDs
  Call to prayer sound emits from minarets in villages every hour
  ArmA 2:OA style post-processing effect/color corrections
  Basic wind simulation effects trajectory/velocity of fired rounds
  Wind direction changes throughout the mission
  Random wind and fog values, which change throughout the mission
  Virtual Arsenal is accessible from the weapon racks at base, inside the warehouse
  Simple scripted medical system with revive functionality
  Respawn at base or on friendlies in your group, if enemies aren't within 75m of them
  JTAC role can call in CAS to drop explosive ordnance on a target location once every 10 minutes
  PCML Launcher is a single-shot disposable weapon
  Players can attempt to field repair vehicles, but E.O.D.'s with a ToolKit are more efficient
  Vehicle rearm, repair, and refuel station in front of hangars
  Destroyed vehicles will respawn at base after 2 minutes
  Players can toss ropes from a transport helicopter they are in and repel down when it is stationary
  Some vanilla weapons/grenades cannot be used in base (TK prevention)
  Vanilla scripted VON radio system, if TFAR/ACRE2 is disabled


Takistan Insurgency is one of the most optimized insurgency missions out there:
  Global Video Settings: Everyone has reduced draw distance for shadows, objects, and visibility
  Garbage collection: Removes dropped equipment, destroyed vehicles, corpses, etc.
  Optimized Scripts: Cleaned all scripts of needless content for optimal filesize
•   Optimized AI Spawning: Slowly spawn AI units to reduce stutter and desync




Takistan Insurgency (No Mods)




Takistan Insurgency (Taliban Fighters & Tactical Beard)




Takistan Insurgency (Taliban Fighters)










•  Documentation: The mission is quite sophisticated and doesn't include many comments in scripts for optimization reasons.  I'll create a document about everything in time...

•  Steam Workshop: Release mission officially on Steam Workshop for even more accessibility.
•  Logistics: Load crates of ammunition and smaller vehicles into and out of larger vehicles, such as a HEMTT or Chinook.
  Simple Scripted Medical System: Replace current scripted injury system with a simple injury/medical and respawn script.

•  Player Faction Options: Host can change the player's faction (ie: Default NATO, US Army, US Marine Corp, UK Royal Marines, Russia, Germany, etc.)
  Full ACE Support: If host has ACE enabled, the mission's scripted injury, repair, and ballistics will automatically turn off for ACE to work properly. * WIP
  Headless Client Support: Integrate a system to auto-detect and enable a headless client(s).
  BattleEye-Free Protection: For servers that don't want to enable BE, this system will give the admin control to kick/ban/punish players as well as help prevent incidents
  Better Ambient Civilians & Animals: Civilians will interact with each other, the environment, and players. [Next Update: 1L]
  Introduce PVP: A couple player slots will be opened up on the insurgent side to join the insurgency against BLUFOR.  Insurgent players will be able to strap on a suicide vest, plant IEDs, and more!
  Port to Other Maps: Port the mission to other fitting maps: Afghan Village, AliabadClafghan, Fallujah, F.A.T.A., Tora Bora, N'ziwasago, Kunar Province, Reshmaan, and Zargabad.

  DOWNLOAD - 26.NOV.2017


Version: 1L
Size: 3 MB
DOWNLOAD LINK - (Google Drive)
Download Link - (Armaholic - OUTDATED!!!)
[ OPTIONAL: ACRE2 ; TFAR ; Taliban Fighters ; Tactical Beard ; CUP Weapons ; CUP_Units ; CUP_Vehicles ; RHS:USF ; RHS:RFAF]

Updated: 'Addon-Free Arma Radio' script
Updated: 'Combat Realism' scripts
Updated: 'Simple I.E.D.' script

Updated: Civilian questioning script

Added: Civilian interactions script

Added: JTAC can now order CAS to do a gunrun on target

Added: Defined CfgDebriefing with 3 debriefings to mission

Added: Delay to looping code which caches units in grids

Added: Lobby parameter to toggle Stamina for players (Default: Enabled)

Added: Leg pouch from Laws of War DLC to list of possible vests for insurgents

Added: Expanded main base

Added: Blast crater (2D decal) at position of IED blast, if triggered

Added: "CAS is back on station" message for JTAC, when CAS action is available

Added: Civilian vehicles may now contain passengers

Added: Civilians near minaret pray on a prayer mat during Call to Prayer *WIP*

Added: Zeus game master module; admin logged in controls Zeus



• Updated: Traffic script to include new CUP civilian vehicles

• Changed: In-editor mission settings defined

• Changed: CAS script is now initialized via initPlayerLocal.sqf

• Changed: Call to Prayer schedule is accurate to Kandahar, Afghanistan

• Merged: AI sounds are defined in a .hpp file, instead of the Description.ext

• Merged: HALO sounds are defined in a .hpp file, instead of the Description.ext

• Merged: Holster weapon code was merged with CRS

• Tweaked: All side objectives have randomized locations now

• Tweaked: Civilian vehicle speed limit raised to 10, up from 8

• Tweaked: Insurgents can shout when throwing grenades/smoke

• Tweaked: Suicide bomber's distance needed to explode increased to 3.8, up from 3

• Tweaked: Color-correction post-process effects

• Tweaked: Adjusted placement of some objects and added onto the base

• Tweaked: Disabled Dynamic Simulation of objects/units in base

• Tweaked: Insurgency logo is applied to sign without script commands

• Tweaked: Takistan Insurgency intro text size increased

• Tweaked: Briefing and Debriefing enabled

• Tweaked: Disabled wreckManager in Description.ext

• Fixed: RPT / script errors related to EOS (Thanks to sc)

• Fixed: RPT error related to randomize gear function selecting an empty string

• Fixed: Script error related to missing "pain5" sound

• Fixed: Script error related to "killAAA.sqf"

• Fixed: Script error related to "killVehs.sqf"

• Fixed: Script error related to "OnPlayerRespawn.sqf"

• Fixed: Script error related to incorrect CUP weapon pistol classname

• Fixed: Script error when aborting CAS

• Fixed: Script error when opening CAS Request menu

• Fixed: Typo in JTAC CAS script file "casMenu.hpp"

• Fixed: JTAC CAS's "snap to nearest target" works on dedicated server's now

• Fixed: Call to Prayer sound would only trigger when within 50m of a minaret

• Fixed: Weapons cache counter now reports correct number (Thanks to sc)

• Fixed: Side objective script should only initialize once

• Fixed: Tank platoon objective would try to reinforce units across the map

• Fixed: Missing semicolon in civilian traffic's "serverFN.sqf"

• Fixed: Civilians would continue to their waypoints, after fleeing into a house

• Fixed: Insurgents were missing grenades,  smoke grenades, FAKs, & radio

• Fixed: Incorrect script path defined in open/close map button for respawn window

• Fixed: Barracks doors weren't openable due to dynamic simulation

• Fixed: Incorrect value in "Allow NVG w/ Optics" lobby parameter

• Fixed: Garbage collection no longer deletes vehicles spawned at base

• Fixed: Garbage collection no longer deletes decorative base vehicles

• Fixed: Garbage collection no longer cleans up Blufor groups

• Fixed: Some base objects were set to hide 2x, causing errors

• Fixed: Reverted many simpleObjects at base to normal objects to prevent errors

• Fixed: Flickering of concrete surface near hangars on runway



• Optimized: Merged the base guards' groups into one group

• Optimized: Replaced Arma 3 hescos surrounding base with Arma 2 hescos

• Optimized: Walls which surround the base are now comprised of less objects

• Optimized: Removed items from base vehicles, without script commands

• Optimized: Deleted unused "cantDo.ogg" audio file from mission

• Optimized: Deleted all code related to non-existent napalm feature in CAS script

• Optimized: Deleted "ais_marker.fsm"

• Optimized: Deleted "fn_diary.sqf" from A3 wounding script

• Optimized: Deleted redundant check in "map.sqf"

• Optimized: CAS script checks for specific unit, instead of a variable of units

• Optimized: CAS script's usage of the createVehicle command

• Optimized: Removed a large block of redundant code in "housePos.sqf" script

• Optimized: Added delay to EOS constantly checking for players in radius of grids

• Optimized: Replaced EOS's (select(floor(random _i))) code with selectRandom

• Optimized: Replaced set command with pushBack in EOS scripts

• Optimized: Spawning of insurgent vehicle passengers

• Optimized: Texture setting of offroads and technical

• Optimized: Simplified code which handles AI sitting near/on/in houses

• Optimized: Disabling of suicide bomber's AI features

• Optimized: Suicide bomber's animationState check

• Optimized: Suicide bomber's check for nearby Blufor troops

• Optimized: Suicide bomber's usage of the createVehicle command

• Optimized: Replaced enableSaving[false,false]; to enableSaving false;

• Optimized: Replaced set command with pushBack in EOS scripts

• Optimized: Removed offline singleplayer support from EOS height limit code

• Optimized: Removed redundant isPlayer check in EOS trigger condition

• Optimized: Removed unneeded side check when cache is destroyed

• Optimized: Removed unused public variable in cache script

• Optimized: Removed disabling of ambientAnimal behavior from agents at base

• Optimized: Removed cargo clearing code from all containers at base

• Optimized: Removed setCaptive code from all simpleObject vehicles at base

• Optimized: Shortened name "fnc" to "f" in the "fastRope.sqf"

• Optimized: Intel and caches are no longer logged into server's RPT file

• Optimized: Replaced a few if(isServer || isDedicated) checks, to if(isServer)

• Optimized: Cleaned up more "needless whitespaces" in scripts

• Removed: zealot111's 'Fast Rope' script

• Removed: zealot111's 'Field Repair' script

• Removed: 'CRS - Deafness' script (Not MP/dedi compatible yet)

• Removed: Most debug code from EOS scripts

• Removed: All debug code from intel/cache scripts

• Removed: Some redundant settings from the "Description.ext"



• RPT errors related to civilian traffic script

• "Object not found" RPT log spam (Arma Bug)

• Players spawn as seagulls if -autoInit isn't defined in server launch parameters

• Players spawn as seagulls if persistent=1; isn't defined in server's server.cfg

NOTE: It has been exactly 5 years since I started playing the Arma series!  What better time to release an update?!  Please read the ReadMe.txt file included!  Be sure to add -autoInit to your server's init command line and add persistent=1; to your server's server.cfg to fix the seagull issue.  Please report any issues you have with the mission.






hostname="Phronk's Takistan Insurgency";


voteThreshold= 0.33;

motd[]= {" "," "," "," ",



//onUnsignedData="kick (_this select 0)";
onHackedData="kick (_this select 0)";



class Missions{
class TakIns{
class Params{EmptyLine1=0;
cachesLimit=6;//Number of caches needed to destroy in order to end mission
intelItems=2;//Max number of intel spawned in houses per town (This is multiplied x2 or 3 in certain towns)
ambAnimals=1;//1 = Civ traffic and extra wandering civilians / 0 = No traffic and no extra civs
Daytime=6;//Time of day
Weather=40;//Weather - Range from 0 to 100
vDist=1000;//View Distance in Meters


Grass / 50 = No grass
Shadows=75;//Default shadow draw distance setting
a2cc=1;//1 = Enable A2 Takistan post-process effect / 0 = Disable A2 Takistan post-process effect
AFAR=1;//1 = Enable the Addon-Free Arma Radio script / 0 = Disabled



class DifficultyPresets
 class CustomDifficulty
  class Options
 class CustomAILevel



Hostname: ~TAKISTAN INSURGENCY~   [@CUPTerrains;@TalibanFighters;]
Port: 2302
BattlEye: No
FilePatching: Yes
VerifySignatures: Yes
TeamSpeak: ATCAG.TS.NFOServers.com

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you'll want to use addAction for the interaction. It would probably be best if you set it up so the action is added to the player for civie that was within 50m and have it update once every 30 seconds or something, that should help performance out a bit.

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phronk, are you able to test my current state of the CIM (civilian interaction module by Neilsen) from A2?

Link in my sig. CEM and CRM are still being worked on.

I think this could be used to great effect in an insurgency mission.

Sorry if this looks like thread hijacking but I think I may be able to help somewhat.

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I streamed an early demonstration of the mission today, displaying how the addition of civilian drivers/pedestrians and hand-placed animated civilians helps bring the map to life, as well as how the performance of the mission runs currently.

During this time, I did some very quick adjustments to some of the ALiVE modules and currently, the framerate I get is between 19 and 48 frames. I'd like to have even higher frames, but maybe with ambient AI it's not easily doable.

@[EVO] Dan: That is an interesting idea. I think I'll look into that.

@KevsnoTrev: I've actually already downloaded your CIM, but haven't gotten the chance to implement or test it. I know it's still early in development, but I can definitely see it's current features being very useful for my mission. ;)

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Played a lot Insurgency back in ARMA 2, still do sometimes it's a awesome mod when used with teamwork.

Looks interesting, keep up the good work!

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The mission is coming along pretty well, despite the mission being quite early in development still. Performance has been very good (aside from very brief stuttering when a large amount of units are being spawned in large towns) and there aren't too many bugs related to the mission just yet.


However, I have run into sort of brick wall with ambient civilians. I am using a slightly adjusted tpw civilians script and adjusted MAD T's ambient traffic script. The issue that I'm running into, is that the activity of civilians and the overall ambiance of civilians in urban environments seems to diminish very quickly and I'm not sure why. Despite setting them to be friendly with both East and West, they still run as far away from any firefights as possible and eventually despawn. This makes urban areas that are initially somewhat civilian active turn into ghost towns. Right now, this is one of my main priorities to work on fixing (bringing the ambiance of civilians to the point where I'm happy with it) while I do simple additions to the mission such as add other people's scripts that compliment the mission.


I've been doing a lot of "pre-alpha" testing for performance and functionality, but also to see how enjoyable it is to play, of course. Despite the mission being far from complete, I'd like to test the mission soon with a larger amount of players to get an idea how the player count impacts the mission's performance. So far, I've tested the mission with a maximum of only 5 guys and have felt almost no major performance hits. It is hard to organize large test sessions for an incomplete mission, so maybe the community can help here:

I am considering releasing a Pre-Alpha version of the mission for people to test and report the results back to me, whether it was good or bad. Knowing if everyone had really good or bad framerate in the mission with 14 or more players would be hugely helpful. I've been making this mission for groups of players from 4 to 14 guys. If it runs great for that many people, I'd really like to increase that player count and/or add even more features. I'll start cutting stuff out and optimizing once we've reacted a point where it starts to hit performance noticeably, especially in major ways.

The pre-alpha version would only require CBA_A3, ALiVE, and A3MP; it would not require the Aggressors mod. It would also not contain features like side missions and suicide bombers, since they haven't been implemented yet and will require a bit of work to do it right.

Edited by Phronk

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For the suicide bombers I would wait until after the next patch as then the scripted explosives will be in the game, this will be far easier to control and detonate. see <<----here---->> and part 2 HERE

Also the attachto in the BIS Wiki has a very good script for attaching the charge to the unit. be sure to check out example 4.

as for the ambiance issues - I believe there is an FSM controlling the civilians around gun fire, it might be a good check to disableAI "FSM" just to check, but you may be able to create your own control, so for example upon hearing gun fire they run inside the closest enterable building.

I think an alpha would be of benefit to you as there are a lot of people out there who gladly help others get their missions just right. Just remember though its your mission and you will get a lot of requests to add or remove stuff that might take it in a different direction. Not all of them are bad, but some are persistent.

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That's very useful information, thanks a lot! I'll most likely use the attachTo command with a scripted explosive to a Middle Eastern civilian with a black vest on or something. Might even be able to do car bombs that way. I'm trying to refrain from using addons that add stuff like suicide bombers and instead use only scripts if possible. So far so good.

Doing some tests with the civilians such as disabling their ability to target or autotarget, as well as their FSM. Will edit the post once I've tested it enough.

Yeah, I definitely would like to release a Pre-Alpha of the mission (and future "test builds" of the mission) and most likely will.

Also, if I run into someone is more capable than I am and willing to accomplish the goals I initially set, that'd be awesome. The whole point of me starting to make this mission was to make an insurgency mission in Takistan the way I've experienced it before. Maybe even better! If veteran scripters want to hijack it, I'm all for it since it'd result in a better mission. Otherwise, I will do to the best of my ability to get this finished, because it's something I really want to play and have wanted to play in ArmA 3 since day one.

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Make sure you use functions wherever you can and use compileFinal, it'll help security and should increase performance a bit too. (as well as easier to update)

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ALiVE Update Coming

The upcoming update for ALiVE adds a civilian module that allows for suicide bombers, gatherings, moving around and staying indoors, house lights at night, possibility for some of them to rebel and draw their weapons, and more. That said, it looks like I may be able to get rid of the scripts I'm using that spawn civilians and suicide bombers, since it will be included in the add-on required to play the mission. Add-ons usually perform better than scripts, from what I've been told, so this is good news.

Test Sessions

Every day, I host the mission from my gaming PC for myself and a couple others to test the mission for stuff like average framerates in different areas of the map in different situations, desync issues, script functionality, and of course whether the mission is fun or not. The few people who've playtested the mission with me say it's coming along great and everyone has had excellent feedback about the mission's performance, aside from some very brief stuttering when large amounts of AI are being spawned in large areas, such as Rasman.

Friday Pre-Alpha Release

Two of the main concerns I have is how the mission runs on a dedicated server and how it runs with a lot of players. I do not have access to a large community of players who'd be willing to test this mission collectively, so I am releasing a "pre-alpha test build" (It will be for the stable build of ArmA 3) this Friday, hoping that another group out there with greater numbers will be willing to help by testing the mission and report their feedback to me, regardless if it is positive or negative feedback. In the meantime, those of you interested in seeing how the development is progressing can check the first post's last spoiler for daily (and sometimes hourly) updates to the mission.

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Very interesting.. if you need a server and warm bodies let me know. We are running Haze+Sacha's version of ALiVE Insurgency at the moment.

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@MacintoshRUS: I'll upload the mission some time tomorrow afternoon, most likely. A link will be in this thread in the first post.

@SavageCDN: Haze and Sacha were kind enough to reach out to me and allow me to use their scripts in my Takistan Insurgency mission (Credit for their work and contribution is given in-game, in their scripts, and in the readme document I'll be releasing with the mission). I've been doing closed testing with my group in an unpassworded server (client-hosted by me) with 2 to 5 other players, but I'd be more than happy to get your group's help if you guys got the numbers. I'll shoot you a PM.

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Pre-Alpha v1.0

Post deleted; mission version obsolete

Edited by Phronk
Version is obsolete.

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When I come into the enemy's square, it immediately becomes green on map (like if I captured it), even if

enemies are in this location.

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This is a known issue that I've been trying to figure out how to fix. Colored grid squares currently do not indicate if the area is clear or not and doesn't determine whether the INTEL is actually there or not. INTEL can only spawn in colored grid squares, so that is it's only use at the moment. The color, however, is irrelevant.

For now, it isn't too major of an issue; the people I've tested the mission with say they don't mind it at all because it makes village clearing less systematic (AKA less of "Okay, the map is green so we don't have to clear these two other houses we haven't checked yet")

Thank you for the confirmation, though.

Edited by Phronk

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Nice work Phronk, as you may have seen posts in the ALiVE Thread, ambient civ's including suicide bombers are coming!

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You have no idea how excited I am about that, too! Brilliant stuff and I can't wait! Also love the 'little' details like civilians turning on lights in rooms they're in houses and some residing indoors. Right now, I am using TPW's civilian script and MAD_T's Ambient Traffic script (which is essentially a modified TPW script for dedicated). ALiVE's update will basically allow me to stop using the TPW script at the least, which I've been told may be more efficient since scripts apparently require more resources. Very excited, it's gonna be awesome. :yay:

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Pre-Alpha 1.0a

Size: 1,012 KB

Download Link


  • Included: Insurgency ReadMe.rtf with information about the mission, known issues, and credits
  • Included: Takistan Insurgency mission version 1.0a
  • Included: Takistan Insurgency mission version 1.0a with Ohally's 'CAF_AG Middle Eastern civilians and insurgents (requires CAF_AG 1.5)
  • Added zealot111's 'Helicopter Fastrope Script' to the mission
  • Added an ArmA 2 anti-air radar to the NATO base
  • Added more stationary technicals and technicals which patrol the roads (50% chance for each individual technical to spawn)
  • Added signs to crates in base to help people find what they need
  • Added more cases of ammo for LMGs and long-ranged rifle ammo to crates
  • Added more weapons, magazines, grenades, explosives, AT launchers, etc.
  • Added two A-143 Buzzard jets at the hangars in the NATO base for pilots to provide fixed-wing Close Air Support
  • Added a CRV-6e Bobcat to the base (Experimental, may remove it later)
  • Added more fuel and transport HEMTT vehicles
  • Enabled short introduction cutscene by Hazey and Sacha Ligthert


  • Stationary technicals now each have up to 4 different locations they can spawn at
  • Crates can no longer take damage or explode (should fix crates randomly exploding at base or anywhere else for no reason)
  • Rearranged order which scripts in the mission are initialized first
  • IED placement markers are now harder to see during mission initialization (to prevent spoilers/exploiting IED locations)
  • Rearranged setup of crates, some vehicles, and mortars in NATO base
  • Modified briefing to provide more helpful information


  • Removed suicide bomber script from mission (suicide bombers will be re-implemented via ALiVE module when ALiVE update is released)
  • Removed wounded player markers from the mission (markers sometimes wouldn't delete themselves and remain there permanently)
  • Removed excess items from Hunters in base to allow players to store what they need in them
  • Removed "Supply Crates" marker from the map

EDIT: Hotfixed download link; mission was missing all scripts and images

Edited by Phronk
Hotfixed download link; missions were broken

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Created a new poll for people to vote whether they want Ohally's 'CAF ArmA 3 Aggressors' (517 MB) addon to be an additional requirement for the mission. Server hosts and players will be required to have the following addons enabled, on top of any other addons the host may enable, in order to connect and play in the mission:

@CBA_A3; @ALiVE; @A3MP; @CAF_AG;

Development progress is still coming long well. Testers wanted to be able to customize their "loadout" without having to dig through tons of vests and uniforms in a crate(s), so I modified 'Riouken's Gear Menu Script' and added it to the mission. It allows players to customize their helmet, backpack, vest, and uniform through a moveable interface window which is accessed via addAction from a special crate in the base. You cannot change your weapon, ammo, or attachments with it. You also cannot save or load loadouts. This is intentional. Currently, the only issue I've seen in very brief testing by myself is that an error message pops up when you first try to access the menu, but it's nothing major.

Haven't been able to test the mission with more than 8 people so far, so if you've got a group that's interested in helping with the stress testing, message me or post here in the forums!

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Hi! Thanks you so much for the mission!

As a great fan of AK-47, i was a little dissapointed at the animation it used in the mod. Perhaps you will consider using weapons from massi's NATO SF AND RUSSIAN SPETSNAZ WEAPONS


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Unfortunately, as much as I love the look and feel of Massi's addons, their configs are a mess and are quite frankly outdated; some of his addons are still practically from ArmA 3's Alpha and impact performance noticeably.

I'm sure Ohally has plans to improve the addon in the future. But for now, it seems fine enough to use in the mission. I'll probably wait for the Middle East insurgent weapons to be "fixed" or improved for players before I try adding player slots to the insurgent team. I might start experimenting with players on the insurgent side soon for the vanilla version, in the meantime. (Once I have enough players to test that with, of course)

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If I can give feedback after playing for some hours with my friends:

1-The base was under attack really often and we had no defense... The ennemy was near our spawn... I don't mind if the base gets attacked sometime but I don't think the insurgents could get to our spawn...

2-If possible the IED's markers should be invisible so that we don't see them on our map (minor detail)

Other then that I think you have a solid mission :D keep it up :)

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