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  1. Dont panic we are on top of it, Highhead has already put the fixes in our dev branch, just waiting to push the button!
  2. I'm away with work at the moment, so cant check the code on my PC, but the rounds are stored in a variable. From memory have a play using the below code: _newAmmoArray = [["HE",30],["ILLUM",10]]; _battery setVariable ["NEO_radioArtyBatteryRounds", _newAmmoArray, true]; I will be able to fully check at the weekend, if I remember! Gunny
  3. +1 Infraction........................................... For thinking we would mind :cool:
  4. Well not exactly true, Im off down the Pub :p
  5. Download links will be provided once we've done 0.9.6, if there is to be a 0.9.6. Feel free to download and play 0.9.5 which is available from our Website, PlayWithSix or Armaholic.
  6. Well you say that, ALiVE_fnc_nuke exists!
  7. - - - CLAS - - - - - - FLASH - - - - - - 231110ZFEB15 - - - - - -MESSAGE BEGINS - - - 23rd Feb 2015 ALiVE Commumity Intel reports suggest incoming update of ALiVE, exact time is currently unknown. All units are expected to be in a state of readiness to receive the update. - - - END OF MESSAGE - - -
  8. That class name doesn't seem to match any of the ones listed on the 1st page of the PG Servuces thread, I suggest you check them out.
  9. https://dev.withsix.com/issues/75805
  10. Somebody add a ticket and I may just take a look! Ability to add code to CS units, I.e add items to the cargo etc may just be nearly done!
  11. Sorry what is the actual issue here? Please supply the mission you used, and the exact steps you did prior to this happening, I will constantly do it for 2hrs to see if I get a rocket fired vehicle! What's the debug output?
  12. Funniest thing about the sitrep is those two injuries are actually true, yes a fridge ;)
  13. The example is what has been used in the AS Alamo Mission on our website to blacklist certain things, you will need to create your own version of the staticData.sqf, with what you want blacklisted, from what. I noticed you stated 'Ease', blacklisting will actually stop that class of unit being spawned at all, so you will probably want to play around with the UNIT and GROUP Blacklists to see what works best for you.
  14. No probs, not having a go, just merely pointing out the great timing. ---------- Post added at 08:43 ---------- Previous post was at 08:42 ---------- I too have not even heard of aliveCategory. :confused: Please check out this http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Unit_Mod_Config_Standardisation