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Death Match 4, Players + AI

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Hi all!

I want to announce the DM4 2015 version (My death match mission engine)

This new version has almost 90+% of de code reviewed! Looks like very similar to the previous version but I changed many things to make it work even better.

Please notice the video that not only shows the features of the DM4.5 mission engine but it also shows its high performance:




Armaholic.com => http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20699

Steam =>


Finally I want to thank to every one who voted my Capture The Flag mission engine that I submitted to the Arma 3 Content Creation Contest (Multiplayer)

Thanks for your support I'm now a proud MULTIPLAYER finalist ;)

Finally it worth all the hours I put in the Capture The Flag mission engine! Creating a CTF mission system like I did it was not an easy work... But now is done I let you know that I'm surprised and happy at the same time when I realize I created it!

I would like to thanks specially to united-nations-army.eu and 88th.es


If I manage to win something it will be more than a dream for the little kid who started programming by himself when he was around 8 years old... Thinking that one day he will be able to create his own Pc games...

Thanks for your time guys!

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Hola Murcie,

Good to see you still working on your missions. Congratulations on becoming a finalist! Good luck!!

I hope you keep making interesting dynamic missions in the future.

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Thanks mate!

I think I will never stop making Arma creations as I use it to keep my mind alive!

I'm just working right now in a GCTF... Grand Capture The Flag mission... Basically is a CTF with vehicles, roles, many players... and same quality and HIGH FPS! The idea behind this project is to use a modified version of my CTF to make large serious wars! Balanced forces and location for each team but they must fight like teams to win!

looks like that it works! I'm just working on how to implement roles to make them useful and coherent!

Soon I will have something to show ;)

I'm also talking to another guy to join forces... and make something... different... ;)

Thanks for your time!

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Hi Murcielago

would you be willing to share how you put the lock 1st person / allowing 3rd person option in the mission parameters?

I've made a few Zeus / MCC temples that my squad uses that utilizes our mod list. And form time to time we wish (well I do) we could to a 1st person lock only mission.

I know you can force 1st person in the editor but I'd so much prefer the option to turn it on and off like you have in your mission parameters depending on the type of mission we are doing.

I don't need anything fancy like allow 3rd person in vehicles, constant 1st person only lock is perfectly fine.


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Murcielago_ESP, long time.. I see you been very busy..

when I have time do you mind if I add rhs/cup to your new update?

I'm still busy with RTS3 and RTSV but love your ctf/dm for a long time.

and now my server is alive/rhs/cup...


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Hello! Anyone  know where in the mission file i can add and remove weapons? I want do add the new DLC Weapons Like Mk1 mk14 etc

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I have just found the Death Match 4 missions and they look great just what I was looking for, a change from coop, which I love. There are.only a few of us who play so TDM doesn't work too well due to odd numbers.


Thank you for your efforts, I had a good test against AI which was fun.


I have one question though, does this work on a dedicated server or will I need to host on my PC?

Thanks for your help.





OK, I have put the files on a dedicated server but I can't change any of the parameters. Is there a way of setting them in the server.cfg?



Thanks again.


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