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  1. zeep

    co10 Escape

    We have been playing this fun mission for many years, with two players. It was always fun and challenging to play. But throughout the years it seems that it has become harder and harder. When i put the AI on lowest it feels like it is already godlike. There are many instant deaths (for the players), AI seeing through trees and bushes, even in the Prison spawn many times as soon as a player arms himself, or fires the first few shots, the AI kills with a few shots. Also the enemy Helicopter, Tanks and whatnot all come soon after we start the round. I understand much of how the mission plays out is random, and some spawns are easier than others. I always run the mission on a Listen server and it works fine. Although performance seems to have become worse. I guess the mission and AI are getting more demanding? Is there a way to make the AI set to Cadet actually mean easy? Like i said, we've been playing this mission for years and both of us are custom to it. It's like the AI has gotten so much godlike. Thanks for the continued support for this great mission. Any tips to soften our struggle are welcome!
  2. Hi kju, nice to see you are still around! That's a massive list of tweaks, i will check it out. Thanks
  3. Is there a way to just completely remove "Rearm at xxxx" from the mousewheel menu? I'm no coder, but if there's some mod / script can run as host, that removes this for all clients, that would be great. When we play missions it's all too common that somebody by accident does "Rearm at ..." whatever is in front of him and suddenly they have a different weapon or loads of smoke grenades etc. Arma 3 should have a menu option to disable it. I don't know anybody who uses it in game. Thanks for any info.
  4. zeep

    co10 Escape

    Good tips! I find we use pretty much the same tactics throughout the mission. It's just hard with 2 players :) Something else about this mission : Weren't there civilians driving in vehicles randomly at some point? I remember very often vehicles randomly pass by on roads, giving us a chance to obtain a vehicle. But recently i never see civilians driving anymore. Is this a server setting that i'm missing? Or possibly, a listen server bug that's new? I've only ever played this mission on a listen server and it has always worked fine. I understand. This mission can be unforgiving :p Cheers all.
  5. zeep

    co10 Escape

    I don't know about the etiquette about altering missions etc. But since i mostly play with 1 other person too i'd be curious to try your changes, if you would share the mission then. If it's allowed.
  6. zeep

    co10 Escape

    Is this a bug? When we spawn on i.e. a small island, the bots just keep spawning in, in areas that were cleared. Also heavy armor and apc's suddenly appear, even though no enemies were seen travelling to the island. Still enjoying this unforgivably hard mission weekly. We're only two players so it can be tough.
  7. zeep

    co10 Escape

    Hi deadum, glad to know i'm not the only one experiencing this. It's exactly like you say. :) Indeed Neo, thanks for keeping these incredible fun missions going!
  8. zeep

    co10 Escape

    Hello NeoArmageddon. A friend and me always play this mission. The 1.8.1 version for Tanoa and Malden. (Also i'm subbed to https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1093996668 ) Sometime throughout the last year ( i think) the AI feels like it went from Easy to really seriously godlike. Regardless of what settings i use in mission parameters. Recruit, Easy, it doesn't seem to matter anything. The AI is always x-ray, nightmare sharp, and spawning where i just cleared an area some minutes ago.. Now granted, my friend and myself are no youngsters. But we used to survive at least 25 minutes. Today it's rarely longer than 10 minutes before we're completely overrun and taking fire from everywhere, with very accurate aim. These last 4 / 5 months playing this mission has crippled my belief in myself as a gamer. :) (jk) We don't have a dedicated server, usually i host the mission, pw the server and my friend connncts. I don't know if the listen server that can be the cause? I came to this thread some time ago and downloaded 1.8.1, thinking maybe a new version didn't have the hard AI, but it's still very good. Is there a way i can lower the AI skill through debug perhaps? Or is it a bug that we're experiencing?
  9. Hi guys. I'm looking for a mod that allows me to change VOIP / VON quality when i Host a mission. Arma3 defaults to a very low quality with no means to increase it. For a dedicated server it can be set in the server config file but it's not a dedicated server.
  10. Old member here, but let me ask this like a new player would. So i'm new. I bought Apex and i'm starting the campain. Run Arma 3 > click Multiplayer > click Apex Protocol. In the next menu Arma3 shows me very conveniently to Host a game. Great, now i can play with my friends! All goes well and we're in-game. But the VOIP quality is horrible! And there is NO way to set the quality anywhere. Why does it default to the lowest of the lowest quality?? It makes no sense. And if BIS insists of keeping it low, why is there no way to set VOIP quality in Arma3 when hosting? Am i doing something wrong? Please excuse me if my tone is annoyed, but i've posted about this issue more than once, to no avail. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T122626
  11. I missed that completely. Thanks
  12. I bound it to a key but it does nothing in-game (coop with friends) when pressed.
  13. I didn't like the same locations over and over.. There should be randomization of the objectives and their locations. The engine can do all that easy yet the devs didn't make that. I want to take whatever loadout i pre-amde in Arsenal. Also, End Game should be without AI. OP should edit title. ;)
  14. Is there a way to set the VOIP quality when i host a server? Not a dedicated server, but a listen server. The default it seems is the lowest possible quality. Luckily i'm not using my 14k4 dial up modem anymore so it can go a tad higher. Why is it even so bad still??