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    I'm playing games since 1984! I love simulators since I was a child. Now, I enjoy playing Arma games and I love editing for Arma games. I have good math skills and programming skills. In addition I know how to use programs like Photoshop, 3D Studio Max... When I'm saturated of Arma I like to play Race 07 (Racing simulator) I have two legal copies of Arma 2 C.O. in my computers to test all I created.
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  1. Murcielago proudly presents the new version of the Capture The Flag mission engine with a pack of 16 missions. This new version is an hybrid between the CTF mission pack I created for the 88th Infantry Tournament (2014) and the original CTF 2.0 mission engine. Make Arma Not War: http://makearmanotwar.com/entry/ZPHKLjsfVq#.VRGHz_msV0y Armaholic(Download mission pack): http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28442 Bis Forums: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?190196-Capture-The-Flag-2-1-Mission-Pack&p=2905851#post2905851 Dropbox (Download video FULL QUALITY): W.I.P.
  2. Download link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28442 "Make Arma Not War" link: http://makearmanotwar.com/entry/ZPHKLjsfVq#.VRG8FvmsV0z Dropbox (Download video FULL QUALITY): W.I.P. What is this Capture The Flag 2.1 Mission Pack? This is a Capture The Flag mission pack created with the mission engine I created for the Arma 3 contest “Make Arma Not Warâ€, Capture The Flag 2.0 - Quake. This new version is an hybrid between the CTF mission pack I created for the 88th Infantry Tournament (2014) and the original CTF 2.0 mission engine. This mission engine has been created with a different way to create the systems/codes. All the effort was focused on achieving a unique Pc and Network friendly mission engine (CTF 2.1 has been created with 2 public variables and without triggers) This mission pack contains 16 missions featuring: . 34 nationalities that you can assign to the teams, like in a Football or Rugby match! . Special codes/systems to guarantee HIGH FPS and LOW LAG from the beginning until the end. . Last version of TRACKINGCAM system (Spectator mode to stream and control the match) . Automatic Team killer system included by default (Automatic system with VOTING to deal with team killers) . Arma 3 FATIGUE system disabled by default for DYNAMIC GAMEPLAY! (It can be turned on) . Camera at the end of the mission that shows the winner team. . Translations to: English, French, German and Spanish. . Solid code tested by the 88th Infantry Tournament players (2014) . Optional TAG and SMART MARKER systems. . ANTI-CHEATING system. . Respawn protection. . Mission engine that works like a template to make easier to generate more missions. Please take a look to the YouTube video to see how Arma 3 can run with HIGH FPS in a complex mission with a lot of action. Video has been recorded at 1920x108@60FPS The TrackingCAM footage shows a real complex multiplayer mission were players did not receive any special orders. High FPS, low lag, no fatigue, solid performance from the beginning until the end, the Tag and Marker system in combination with voice communication brings Arma to another level. How to use it? 1. Place the PBO files inside the "...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\MPMissions" folder. 2. Open the game. 3. Press "PLAY/MULTIPLAYER" 4. Press "NEW" 5. Sever configuration: - NAME: Give a name to your server. - HOST: - LAN: Will create a mission on your home/local network. The mission will be not visible on Internet. - Internet: Will create the mission on Internet so your colleagues and others will be capable to join to the mission. - MAX. PLAYERS: Set max number of players. - PASSWORD: Set a password if you want. 6. Select "Stratis" or "Altis" from map list. 7. Select a CTF2-MissionName mission from the mission list. (Recommended difficulty: Veteran) 8. Press "PLAY" 9. Remember that the ADMIN can change the mission parameters by pressing on the "PARAMETERS" button. Thanks to: [88] LORD, [88] Kinno, [88] Valtas, [88] Txikilain, TDR KAKO, [88] Ilegend, TDR Mustiov, [88] Damaxi, [88] Benitez, [88] togogo, TDR Michaeldelbe, ^katEr-begemot, ^mak.alex, TDR Darkso, TDR Nekros0, TDR SrCastro, TDR Gato, [88] GaNNicuS Special thanks to: U.N.A. (www.united-nations-army.eu) & 88th Co."Walking Death" eSports Club (www.88th.es) Created by: Murcielago (mgllgm@hotmail.com - [88] Murcielago) 24th March 2015, Oxford, UK.
  3. Murcielago_ESP

    Death Match 4, Players + AI

    Thanks mate! I think I will never stop making Arma creations as I use it to keep my mind alive! I'm just working right now in a GCTF... Grand Capture The Flag mission... Basically is a CTF with vehicles, roles, many players... and same quality and HIGH FPS! The idea behind this project is to use a modified version of my CTF to make large serious wars! Balanced forces and location for each team but they must fight like teams to win! looks like that it works! I'm just working on how to implement roles to make them useful and coherent! Soon I will have something to show ;) I'm also talking to another guy to join forces... and make something... different... ;) Thanks for your time!
  4. Murcielago_ESP

    Death Match 4, Players + AI

    Hi all! I want to announce the DM4 2015 version (My death match mission engine) This new version has almost 90+% of de code reviewed! Looks like very similar to the previous version but I changed many things to make it work even better. Please notice the video that not only shows the features of the DM4.5 mission engine but it also shows its high performance: MAIN PAGE: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?155118-Death-Match-4-Players-AI&highlight=dm4 DOWNLOAD LINKS: Armaholic.com => http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20699 Steam => http://steamcommunity.com/id/mgllgm/myworkshopfiles/ Finally I want to thank to every one who voted my Capture The Flag mission engine that I submitted to the Arma 3 Content Creation Contest (Multiplayer) Thanks for your support I'm now a proud MULTIPLAYER finalist ;) Finally it worth all the hours I put in the Capture The Flag mission engine! Creating a CTF mission system like I did it was not an easy work... But now is done I let you know that I'm surprised and happy at the same time when I realize I created it! I would like to thanks specially to united-nations-army.eu and 88th.es If I manage to win something it will be more than a dream for the little kid who started programming by himself when he was around 8 years old... Thinking that one day he will be able to create his own Pc games... Thanks for your time guys!
  5. I pleased to share with you the new version of my Tag System. Tag System is a feature that allow to see your colleagues names... until today! Now it will also allow to let you know who is carrying the flag or where the dropped flag is! Tag System was created with the idea in mind of helping the player to make easy to fight in group but without bothering the player. How I achieved it? By default Tag System appears like small semi-transparent objects that when you are playing you will forget they are there. Once you want to see what is happening around you can use the "scan action" (The icon in the middle in the picture above) at this time icons will be solid and you will see the names of your colleagues, distances, where the backpack is or who has the backpack. After 15 seconds the Tag System will return to its idle state, small size and semitransparent ;) Like always, this and other features can be disabled using mission parameters to make a more hardcore experience. Capture The Flag 2.0 should be played with ingame VON (Voice Over The Network) for the best gamming experience or TeamSpeak. New update: 26/10/2014: . New Tag system completed. . Default weapons are now assault rifles only. . Silencers are disabled by default.
  6. >> DOWNLOAD (Steam): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=330911872 >> DOWNLOAD (For servers, PBO file): http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27117 Please vote me in the Arma 3 Make Arma Not War contest: http://makearmanotwar.com/entry/ZPHKLjsfVq#.VEnrF_nF9qA Capture The Flag 2.0 is a mission engine, for Arma 3, created from scratch to bring the CTF missions to the next level. Capture The Flag 2.0 system is based on backpakc-flag mechanics. I created the CTF 2.0 mission engine not only to be solid, light and network friendly, this new system also allows to introduce new features: . Be able to pick, for each side, one of 33 nationalities (Flags, backpacks and plates) . Backpack drop to be able to pass the backpack to a colleague. . Quality details like for instance, in a CTF 2.0 mission you will not see players with a flag floating on their backs... instead, you will see players carrying backpacks with vivid colours. . Team weapons. All players will have same standard equipment but two boxes will give to each team: 1x assault rifle+GL, 1x machine gun, 1x rifle, 1x sniper rifle, smoke, weapon sights. . Automatic markers and tag systems to allow you to play with friends like you never did before! These systems are independent and can be disabled by mission parameters. . Protection on respawn and friendly fire system with voting. Now you can forgive a team mate for killing you... or not. The system will punish by default the team killer but you can stop this if you want. If the team killer reaches 4 team kills the team killer game will be locked. If the team killer behaves well his team kills counts will be reduced 1unit every 8min. . TrackingCAM is a spectator mode that allows you to track players. What makes special TrackingCAM is the TV mode. This mode is automatic and it will show a player all the time without the need to touch your computer. Is like watching the TV! . Dedicated CTF table + statistics. . 3D Weapon menu that will allow you to custom your weapon while you can see your avatar. . Automatic flexible limits. . Detailed briefing. . Long and short intro. This feature is required as CTF 2.0 can be used for serious gameplay. For this reason people who join when the mission already started will watch a short intro to avoid them to see the other players. . Intelligent complex scenario design. . Different environment conditions: light, rain and fog. ... Template... This is the icing of the cake! This CTF game engine is a template. With a few changes you can introduce all the Capture The Flag 2.0 features to your mission. Capture The Flag 2.0 is a multilingual (English, French, German and Spanish) mission engine. All of this created without triggers, using only 2 public variables and having a minimal impact on game performance. INSTALLATION (Steam): 1. Click on the link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=330911872 2. Log in. 3. Click on the "+Subscribe" button. 4. Goto to multiplayer, New. 5. Pick CTF2 - Quake from the Stratis map list. INSTALLATION (For a dedicated server. PBO file): 1. Place the file in this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\MPMissions 2. Goto to multiplayer, New. 3. Pick CTF2 - Quake from the Stratis map list. I started working on this project before the Arma 3 contest was created... It has been a huge challenge to create a Capture The Flag mission system like this. Like I said in the video "The code used to create CTF 2.0 only has in common with previous CTF Arma modes that you can see flags on them. Before I created it, and then, I understood it ;)" Even creating the video has been a big job as after all the time invested in this project it deserves a video at the same level than the mission system. I normally I do not explain every single thing about my creations (Not because I do not want to do it! I do not talk about them because I have more of them in my mind!) but I think this time I will spend some time talking about the systems and details that Capture The Flag 2.0 - Quake mission system has. I'm warning you... The original sound track for this mission was the Game of Thrones melody... Soon you will understand why ;) Thanks for your time Created By Murcielago (mgllgm@hotmail.com) UPDATE LOG: 26/10/2014: . New Tag system completed. . Default weapons are now assault rifles only. . Silencers are disabled by default. 24/10/2014: . First version
  7. Download link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26925 Head Wall Glitch Fix is a script that stop people from using a bug to be able to see and shoot through walls in Arma 3. This issue affects too to buildings and other objects. I hope soon the glitch that allow this will be fixed. I did some research to make this project and I'm aware that Bohemia Interactive knows about this issue. I already introduced this code in a new version of the Capture The Flag missions I created for the player VS player tournament that the 88th.es team is making with the help of mionix.net. This fix and the TrackingCAM ( ) are perfect to create a great player VS player environment for Arma 3. Please give me your feedback specially if you found that something can be improved about this code. Thanks for your time
  8. Hi GiorgyGR! About the fatigue not a problemo! I have a system to disable it! I will include in my own version. I just need time.
  9. NEW VIDEO, NEW FEATURES and 3 EXTRA MAPS!!!! Capture The Flag mission engine now reaches version 2.21! TrackingCAM (Spectator mode) is here to stay. This new version includes new maps and features to make the CTF engine mission even better! Added 3 extra maps (15 maps): 88CTF_Colosseum_XS.Stratis (NEW) 88CTF_Girna_M.Stratis 88CTF_SandRiver_M.Stratis 88CTF_Feres_S.Altis 88CTF_Frini_M.Altis 88CTF_Gravia_S.Altis 88CTF_Ifestiona_S.Altis (NEW) 88CTF_LaMina_XS.Altis (NEW) 88CTF_Neochori_S.Altis 88CTF_PowerPlant_XS.Altis 88CTF_ShutterIsland_M.Altis 88CTF_Storage_S.Altis 88CTF_TheFactory_S.Altis 88CTF_TheHill_M.Altis 88CTF_Zaros_S.Altis Added TrackingCAM (Spectator mode) and some other improvements to polish even more the Capture The Flag mission engine. Every map has 24 for slots and like always you will have the best multiplayer performance for a mission as complex as the CTF game engine ;) I'm sorry... I even forgot to talk about the dedicated Capture The Flag table! This table is independent of the Arma score table and it will count, without errors, the deaths, kills... and captured flags, touches, friendly kills for every player! (You can see the CTF table at the end of the video) Thanks for your time! Murcielago DOWNLOAD LINK WILL BE RELEASED SOON! (Armaholic.com)
  10. Thaaanks! It is hard to see that no one posted anything here or in the YouTube video! I have a heart guys! ;) It has been a complex heavy work! This CTF mission system does not have anything to do with Bohemia Interactive CTF system. Only making the textures for the backpacks took me some time but, that is what you need to do when you try go the extra mile... TODAY! I let you know that we are having more CTF maps coming... and with updates! . AUTOMATIC FLEXIBLE LIMIT system! . New uniforms to make it even more professional/hardcore! . Code improvements: - No triggers! - No eventhandlers! - Only 2 public variables! - New secret feature... ;) - Team work! I do the codes and systems and [88] LORD and [88] Jeriko are making the missions. All to achieve a hardcore CTF experience with MAXIMUM FPS and MINIMUM LAG! Dear guys, if you are interested to use the CTF template please just wait... DO NOT USE THE SPHERES! There is no need as the NEW automatic limit system based on flags does everything! Just add the buildings and objects and I guess in one/two weeks I will be able to share the truly pure hardcore CTF system. The “non-hardcore†one will come later! ;) I do not want to looks like coky but I hope people take some ideas and codes from the CTF system to make high performance missions for Arma 3. This is my new goal... I already made my dream come true by having an interview with Bohemia! I will ALWAYS remember it! I'm happy helping people from teams that want to use the CTF system I created. In addition I will love to see people improving it with their ideas and/or helping me to translate to more languages! The more feedback the more I will give you guys! Please vote me to keep this crazy guy creating things for Arma! http://makearmanotwar.com/entry/ZPHKLjsfVq#.U5t9Z_ldVqB Look for the 88th Co. CTF server to contact us or just to enjoy a nice serious CTF match experience! Sometimes we try the new versions in public! Any questions about the CTF mission system -> mgllgm@hotmail.com Thanks for your time Murcielago
  11. Good morning! I'm very happy and pleased to share this hard job with you. It makes me feel a little bit embarrassed if I think on how many hours I spend on creating it, but quality has a price. I'm here to talk about hard job... and how easy is to create a new Capture The Flag mission thanks to the CTF template! Yes! CTF Template. A mission folder has been included to allow users to create a new mission. This template will allow you to move the common CTF objects to your desired new location, then you can add the limits finally you can copy the rest of files from another CTF mission and it will work! For example the intro camera is created thanks to 3 objects. Currently 99% of the mission creation can be done only using the mission editor (To place the green and blue marker zones and to modify the “combat zone ring†you must edit the “Init.sqf†file) Have fun and enjoy with us the pleasure of playing Arma 3 with maximum FPS and minimum lag!
  12. Dear Grumpy Old Man, I only going to say you... :) ... Mate... Yes! I'm on that project too... I was working on it when I realize that with the last patches my CTF+ system works perfectly... I made CTF+ some time ago but I stopped it because I knew that Arma 3 bugs were killing my study... I normally like to create brand new codes so I spend some time studing how I can do this or that... I decided to stop for a moment that project and finish the CTF one because I know there is a huge lack of quality PVP missions in Arma 3. About my shooting range for Arma 3... I will tell to you that I'm not alone on this project and that I'm going to carry on with the same quality and idea... QUALITY and CODES THAT YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE. Stay tuned! And spread the word. We need more content that works properly. I hope my work will make think twice, users and content creators. Some famous Youtube channels are making jokes about my loved game because the bugs and the poor quality of its content. I hope they can see my work ;) This is why I do what I do.
  13. Thanks guys! I hope more people see that you can do things like this with Arma 3. It takes time to create something like this, specially if you do it alone! But it is a pleasure to see it working and it is even a bigger pleasure to be the person who create it. My missions work... very well from the beggining to the end thanks to how I do the code. Using this methode I created things like The Silent Rescue (Arma 2), DM4+ (Arma 3), TDM+ (Arma 3) and CTF+ (Arma 3) This missions contains amazing codes... and huge performance! Why pleople does not change the way they do the code? At least I'm glad that Dr Death JM understood the message as he wants to review his work after seen my CTF+ system. Dr Death JM, I do not understnad this part of your message "in another post I was asking for ff, does the have the needed scripts for ff (not ctf)?" Dr Death JM, about creating... systems like I love to do, mate the CFT have been the hardest one! I'm not new on this... I love creating systems and share them so feel free to use them. About my CTF+ is the most advanced thing I created as a product! To use it is almost copy and paste! But the easier way is to modify one mission to create yours. Thanks for your time Miguel
  14. . DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24798 . Please take a look to my new creation. It is a new Capture The Flag mission system, I called CTF+ system (By the way guys there is no Capture The Flag "tools" in the current Arma 3 version) . This CTF+ system is a brand new one and it only uses 2 public variables and does not use triggers. CTF+ has been created from the beginning with the idea of being light and solid. . CTF+ system has been properly tested and is so light it allows to add new features to the game! Knife kill system, tag system, smart marker system, friendly fire system, complex scenario design... all having a minimal impact in game performance! . CTF+ system is also easy to use! If you have some Arma editing knowledge you will be able to have your own mission in less than an hour because I created the CTF+ system as template concept (It is almost copy and paste!) . The CTF+ system (Template) will be translated to some languages. Currently it features English and Spanish languages. . We are going to try to translate it to as many languages as we can. "If you do not have an epic moment after playing CTF+ for some time I will return your money back ;)" Please feel free to use my codes/systems but I only ask to mention the original author. I spent a lot of hour to create a brand new revolutionary professional goodlooking Capture The Flag and I'm not charging for it. In addition I did not try to hide anything. I'm currently working in a competition version of CTF+ system with more revolutionary features... Stay tuned! Thanks for your time Murcielago 24 February 2014 Oxford England (A 14min video is a short video because this Capture The Flag system has details of quality every where!)
  15. TDM+ Mission Pack (v.20140124) DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24393 This package contains 4 HIGH QUALITY TEAMvsTEAM missions: . Colosseum (12 players) . Complex (36 players) . Quake (24 players) . The Beach (24 players) All of them have advanced features like: . COMPLEX AND BALANCED SCENARIOS WITH A LOT OF DETAILS! A short cool intro will show you an overview of the battlefield area and in addition it will show you where each team base is located to make it clear that this is a TEAMvsTEAM mission. . TICKETS SYSTEM with remaining tickets always visible. . DAY/NIGHT/FOG/RAIN mission parameters. I even placed lights to allow to play the missions at night without night vision! You must see it! . WEAPON3D MENU to SELECT and SEE your weapons and avatar! (It features all current weapons in Arma 3. There are 27 different options to filter the weapons you want to use) This system also manage side attachments and sights. . SMART TAG SYSTEM to know easily where your colleagues are! This feature is very handy to stop accidents... team kills... This feature can be disabled via parameter for hardcore players. . SMART MARKER SYSTEM to allow you to see on the map not only your position and your colleagues position... you can also see all the markers for all the objects on the world! The smart adjective is because this system only works when you are looking the map! So it saves resources for what is important ;) . AUTOMATIC TEAM KILLER SYSTEM (With vote): I created this system in a way that the victim does not need to do anything to punish the team killer but the victim can also forgive his killer! Basically three mistakes and you are out! . SLOW AUTOMATIC HEALING SYSTEM: This system will heal you slowly... if you make a mistake and you get hurt you will pay the consequences! . KNIFE KILL SYSTEM: You will be able to kill and receive points for killing using a knife featured by a action menu. The victim avatar will be locked but able to move the head and his vision will fade to black while a bleed out sound will be played! You can also finish off the victim to have a total of two points! This new version is more realistic! Only the killer will see the K.K. system icon when the killer will approach to his victim from behind! . WINNER CAMERA: The winner team players will be shown at the end of the match! . AMAZING PERFORMANCE LIKE YOU NEVER SEE BEFORE IN A TEAM VS TEAM MISSION! (You do not need a dedicated server to be able to create your own server with this TDM+ missions!) * This mission type (TDM+) has been tested for a while now and the high performance of the mission will be maintained until the mission end. * This is how Arma missions should be done! With an intro, information and without errors! # HOW TO PLAY? 1. Place the PBO files inside the "...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\MPMissions" folder. 2. Open the game. 3. Press "PLAY/MULTIPLAYER" 4. Press "NEW" 5. Sever configuration: - NAME: Give a name to your server. - HOST: - LAN: Will create a mission on your home/local network. The mission will be not visible on Internet. - Internet: Will create the mission on Internet so your colleagues and others will be capable to join to the mission. - MAX. PLAYERS: Set max number of players. - PASSWORD: Set a password if you want. 6. Select "Stratis" from map list. 7. Select a TDM+ mission from the mission list. (Recommended difficulty: Veteran) 8. Press "PLAY" 9. Remember that the ADMIN can change the mission parameters by pressing on the "PARAMETERS" button. You can change: Respawn duration, number of tickets, weapons types, weapon attachments, day/night/fog/rain, ... Enjoy the experience! (If you want to share you experience with other friends the server machine should be the person with better computer and with better broadband connexion) + THE MISSIONS HAVE BEEN CREATED WITHOUT USING TRIGGERS OR PUBLIC VARIABLES + ;) Please USE and/or IMPROVE my missions/scripts/systems and SHARE THEM. They work! I will really appreciate if you mention me ;) It takes some time to create something like this. Thanks for your time All created by: Murcielago (mgllgm@hotmail.com - [88] Murcielago) 24th January 2014, Oxford, UK.