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  1. carpetburns

    Unusual Lag

    I have been playing Arma since the Beta and have hired a dedicated server for several years and create coop missions for me and a few friends to play. Lately, I have had an issue where only I get lag\stutter and only when one of my friends join the server. it is the same person every time. I create the mission and can test it on my machine with no issues. I can upload it and play it on the server with no issues. When other friends join the mission I have no issues, but when one particular person joins, immediately I get annoying stutter\lag. When I move, after a few seconds, my screen freezes for a second or so, if I turn the screen freezes for a second or so, then it catches up and I find I'm looking in a completely different direction than where I should be. If this particular person leaves the server, the lag\stutter stops and I can play okay. This started to happen after I upgraded my machine to an i7 with a better graphics card, an Nvidia 980ti, or something like that. I have removed Arma and reinstalled. Updated graphics drivers and mother board\network drivers. Any thoughts please.
  2. carpetburns

    APEX - Medical Confusion

    Thanks Maj.Boogie, I will try that tonight. I though not using the modules would be enough, although I am normally always wrong! CarpetBurns
  3. I hope someone can help with this issue. I have APEX installed and several MODs such as MCC Sandbox and ACE3. When creating an MP mission, I load all my mods including ACE3. I do not use any of the ACE3 medical and revive modules, I was using the revive option that came as part of End Game. Since APEX, the revive option in the multiplayer menu was expanded so most of the options I had in the Description.ext file were available from within the editor. So I stopped using the options in the Description.ext file. I use basic revive with no need to be a medic or have a FAK of Medic Kit. Although all playersI seem to be able to revive other players, I have several issues. The first one is I can still heal specific body parts with bandages and inject morphine etc.for myself and others. I thought this was an ACE3 option and was available if you use the medical modules? I expected to just have a very basic, press space to heal yourself, kind of thing. Sometimes you are damaged to the extent you go unconscious, after a few seconds you become conscious again and you can heal yourself, by treating each body part and giving morphine if needed. Again not what I was expecting. However, even though you are not in pain and you appear to have full health, your vision is all monochrome with a red haze round the ourside. Eventually you bleed out and die, even though there was nothing you could have bandage. Does anyone else have these or similar issues? Can I use ACE3 and use ArmA's inbuilt medical/revive. What could I be doing wrong? Thank you for any help. CarpetBurns
  4. carpetburns

    Death Match 4, Players + AI

    I have just found the Death Match 4 missions and they look great just what I was looking for, a change from coop, which I love. There are.only a few of us who play so TDM doesn't work too well due to odd numbers. Thank you for your efforts, I had a good test against AI which was fun. I have one question though, does this work on a dedicated server or will I need to host on my PC? Thanks for your help. CarpetBurns OK, I have put the files on a dedicated server but I can't change any of the parameters. Is there a way of setting them in the server.cfg? Thanks again.
  5. I have been using MCC for some time but have an issue that recently started happening. I use PlayWith Six to manage mods, so I am using the latest version that PwS has. I also use ACE3, All Terrain pack and a few other mods. I setup a mission using MCC for me and my mates to play, this is really easy and saves my many hours in the 2D editor. Once I setup a mission I generally don't use MCC except sometimes I need to add or remove some enemy AI depending on how many peeps turn up. I also use the Mission Success or Mission Failed buttons to end the mission at the end. I setup the access module synched to the player I will play as and also add my playerID. My issue is that after a random amount of time normally after an hour of being in the game, I lose access to MCC, it is not in my scroll menu leaving me with no way of adding or removing stuff or ending the mission. This may not be an MCC issue as I lose access to Zeus too, but I was wondering if anyone has seen this before and have a fix or somewhere to start looking for the issue? Thank you for any help. CarpetBurns
  6. ChunkyTomato, did you get this to work? If so where did you put the first bit of code, the _endGameThread part? Thanks for any help.
  7. Thanks for the replies very helpful. I'll redo what I did and try again. By the way I thought I was posting it somewhere else but got fat fingers and need to put my glasses on. Idiot!
  8. Hi, I have been watching videos of people using your radio in ArmA 3 and me and some friends used 0.9.2 a couple of weeks ago. We have updated to 0.9.6 yesterday but since then we could not connect to our dedicated server. We can see the server but when we try to connect we just get a picture of Altis or Stratis but then stops loading. If I run the server without the radio it works fine, so I assume I did something wrong. I setup the server like I setup my client. I put the ArmA addon folder (@task_force_radio) and the userconfig folder in the root of ArmA. I checked the launch options and @task_force_radio is listed in the list of mods. I didn't do anything with the keys as I didn't do anything with the keys on the older version. I have looked at forums but can't find anything that specifically talks about server setup. Is there something else I need to do on the server. Thanks for any help. Chris
  9. I am not using anything outside of MCC except for some units and vehicles placed with the 2D editor. I only use MCC to create custom crates. However, I have noticed that if I create a custom crate, clear it then add contents, the original objects are still in the crate with my added ones. I might try saving without creating a custom create and see what happens. I have tried just adding a start location but still get the same problem and single line in the save/load box. There is a VAS but only if I use MCC, if I remove it the VAS is not there, so I assume it is part of MCC. This is what saved after I added a start location and a box with 2 different items in but when I try to load it II just get Loading Mission but it wont load. [[],[["WEST",[["GAIA_ZONE_INTEND",[]],["mcc_gaia_cache",false],["MCC_GAIA_RESPAWN",0]],[]]],[["EMPTY","B_supplyCrate_F",[15170.6,17365.6,0.000450134],359.99,";if (isServer) then {[[_this, [[],[]], [["HandGrenade"],[5]], [["FirstAidKit"],[5]], [[],[]]],"MCC_fnc_boxGenerator",_this,false] spawn BIS_fnc_MP};;_this setpos [15170.6,17365.6,0];"]],[0.3,0.3,0.1,0,0.0107804,0],[2035,6,25,12,2,""]];
  10. I normally create a simple starting scenario in the 2D editor. Then I launch it as a multiplayer game of just using the preview button. I then add stuff using MCC like a starting position, enemy units and zones etc. I then save the MCC stuff to a text document. Once I am ready to play the scenario I load the MCC stuff from my saved text file. This way I can load different missions from the same starting point depending on the text file I chose to load. This was working fine but since I downloaded the latest version this is not working. The information is displayed in Save/Load as a single line. If I copy this or press save to clipboard and save it as a text file then try to reload it, I just get a black screen with Loading Mission in the middle. All I can do is escape out. I suspect something is not being copied when I copy it to the clipboard but not sure what or why.
  11. carpetburns

    Farooq's Revive

    I have only tried this script once. If I am correct in thinking that a medikit is needed and not a first aid kit then the option to change to use a first aid kit would be good as a combat live saver by default has lots if them! Apart from that the script looks really good and I'm going to use it in my next mission. Great work!