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[Tool] Drongo's Toolkit Voices - standalone DSAI

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Based on the Drongo's Voices module found in Drongo's Toolkit, by Drongo69
Modified and made standalone by kenoxite

Standalone dynamic speech/speaking AI (DSAI) tool for mission makers.

DOWNLOAD v1.0: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?3d2hi983iapaj85


  • AI units are able to say different phrases, depending on context
  • English, Russian and Arabic voices
  • You can exclude entire sides, groups, classes or specific units from saying anything
  • Units will either whisper or don’t say anything when it’s considered nighttime
  • Units will yell and call for help when wounded
  • Compatible with kSuppression (units yell for incoming grenades, when they’re pinned down, etc).
  • Overrides ECP DSAI, if present
  • Works in MP


  • DrongosToolkitVoices.pbo (included)
  • ECP_DSAI.pbo (found in ECP)


  • Merge the template mission into yours
  • Copy all the files and folders from the template mission (except mission.sqm) to your mission’s directory
  • Edit the DTV_settings.sqf file, if appropriate


  • Female civilians will yell when in danger. Otherwise they’ll be silent, as there’s no feminine voices provided in the pbos.
  • DTV is less responsive to the environment than ECP’s DSAI, as it tracks groups at a very basic level, and lacks a built-in infoshare. On the other hand DTV is way more flexible, allowing you to specify the language spoken by each side, including arabic.



- Initial release



  • Drongo69, original DSAI scripts
  • vektorboson (OFP script lib)
  • General Barron (randomint.sqf)
  • ECP, for inspiration and DSAI pbos
  • CoC guys, for CoC NS 2
  • SLX, for inspiration

DTV includes a yet again modified version of DrongosToolkitVoices.pbo. This time all the arabic voices have been converted to wss format and lip versions of each one have been created. That means that now any unit speaking arabic won't use telepathy anymore to comunicate, but will move his mouth accordingly.

You can download this modified version separately, through the below link.
DrongosToolkitVoices.pbo (modified arabic voices): http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?l7bwm93jt9fsli2

All credits to Wolfrug and Sickboy, who created the arabic voices in the first place.

Edited by kenoxite
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ECP_DSAI_2.pbo only adds the POW and surrender voices, which aren't used at all in DTV.

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DTV is simply a DSAI tool. It doesn't alter or modify the behaviour of anything. It's smart enough to make units say things related to the environment (if they're moving, if they're in combat, if they are hurt, etc), but it doesn't manage the AI at all. That's not its job.

If you want units to surrender you can still use SLX (or ECP) while adding DTV to your mission. You'll have all the features from SLX plus DTV's DSAI. The built-in DSAI in SLX only uses the default OFP voices. Both should compliment each other quite nicely and shouldn't conflict AFAIK.

For ECP I created a built-in check that disables the DSAI (but not ECP's infoshare), just to prevent both the potential cacophony and inconsistencies in language (as you can make WEST speak russian and EAST speak english if you like, while in ECP both have fixed languages).

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Thanks, barccy. I'll check it out.


There's also kenney's voices, which include a lot of lines for females that can be included while in combat.


Right now I'm 200% busy, but if I ever update all this I'll surely include those. Meanwhile you could probably edit the scripts yourself to make use of those voices.

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