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Providing feedback to mission creators

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every mission creator out there welcomes constructive feedback and bug reports so he can improve his work he spent a lot of hours on. But please understand the following:

Be advised that a lot of user made missions were made in vanilla version - which means without any Addons or Mods loaded. They are meant to be played this way - if not specified otherwise.

Please read the included readme file, there's a reason why these documents are created.

Of course, you are free to play them with any of your favorite Addons/Mods loaded (like ACE2, ASR AT, etc...) but you need to be aware that these mods modify the game experience - and might be the reason for some problems and/or mission bugs.

That said, if you encounter a problem during a mission while running one or several mods, please disable all your Addons/ Mods and retry the mission in the vanilla version of the game before reporting any problems.

It will be more respectful to the mission creator and to the rest of the community - instead of waiting for them to find you the solution while the problem is not really his fault.

If your problem still exists in the vanilla version, surely the mission creator and/or the community will help you to find a solution. If your problem is solved in vanilla version, you know the reason for the problem. Of course you can report then that there is a problem with certain Mods loaded but don't expect that a mission creator will make a version just for your Mod. ;)

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his work he spent a lot of hours on

LOL months on

cheers W0lle and thanks

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