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Ships, Naval Mines, and Naval Objects

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This addon adds numerous naval objects and ships. New harbor/sea ships with faction-based Textures.

41 MB Download: pook_PBR_v3.2.rar


New v3.2: 7/5/2015

FIX: Missing texture, RVMAT references.

FIX: Adjusted Zubr rear cargo getin points downwards to address "too hit" get out wounded issues.

FIX: Zubr can now board AI cargo without needing to join group.

IMPROVED: Adjusted the propeller "vehicles" accuracy to be less detectable by AI. Should prevent the "unknown plane" callouts.

New v3.0: 6/28/2015

FIX: SCRIPT LAG on Assault Ship. Replaced with new scripts!

NEW: ZUBR-class LCAC. Pics on last page. Features:

- Action menu item "Secure vehicle cargo" which attaches up to 6 land vehicles into cargo hold.

- Action menu item "Unload Vehicles" which unloads all vehicles secured in cargo onto beach.

- Articulated ramps... requires engine Off to operate.

- 2x A-22 140mm rocket pods on bow of ship.

- 2x AK630 CIWS on midship.

- 4x Strela launcher / laser designator on commander turret.

- Working driver console gauges.

- 2x PBX able to deploy/retrieve via action menu items (n. Crew located to cargo positions upon retrieval.

- Deployable life rafts via action menu.

- Smoke shell countermeasures for beach landing.

- Fully walkable interior, although size of vessel may cause fall-through of model.

- Capable of carrying 150 (!) passengers in cargo.

- Articulated radome, hoverfans.

New v2.2:

- Rescue Raft (8 man)

- Rescue Raft (3 man)

- Tugboat

- Cargo Freighter & Empty Freighter

- Kayak & Hunting Kayak

- QuickStrike and MDM resupply depots


- Rescue Raft (8 man) Found under "Civilian > Ships". (new in v2.2)

- Rescue Raft (3 man) Found under "Civilian > Ships". (new in v2.2)

- Tugboat Found under "Civilian > Ships". (new in v2.2)

- Cargo Freighter Found under "Civilian > Ships". (new in v2.2)

- Freighter Found under "Civilian > Ships". (new in v2.2)

- Kayak & Hunting Kayak Found under "Civilian > Ships". (new in v2.2)

- Assault Ship (new in v2.1)

- Assault Ship Wreck (new in v2.1)

- Zodiac for standard factions (4-man version) (new in v2.1)


- PBR-Transport

- Patrol Boat

- Assault Boat

- Research Vessel

- Minelayer ships

- Escort patrol boats (new in v2.0)

- Sailboat (new in v2.0)

NEW: Boat Flares and Boat Horns (both available via action menu!)


- QuickStrike and MDM resupply depots (new in v2.2)

- QuickStrike mines: Air-deployed water mines (new in v2.0)

- SCUBA interdiction grenades: FINALLY, a grenade that works below the water surface! (new in v2.0)

- SCUBA interdiction grenade launchers for use in ASW engagements. (new in v2.0)

- SCUBA interdiction grenade launcher script - allows addition of launcher to any boat/vehicle via scripting. (new in v2.0)

- Depth Charges (new in v2.0)

- Naval mines (medium, large, extra-large)

- Mined beach barricades

- Minefields! (new in v2.0)


- "Mines" Warning sign (the BIS object not listed in the default editor)

- "Mines" marker buoy (with flashing light)

- "Diver Down" marker buoy

- "Diver Alpha" marker buoy

New objects are listed in a new category under:

"Empty > Naval Mines and Barricades"

IMPORTANT NOTE: The mines will arm in 120 seconds of INIT. This timer allows safe operation of minelayer activity without blowing up on your own mine. New air-launched mines arm in 30 seconds of INIT!

New nautical mines, mined beach barricades, mine warning sign, and a mine warning marker buoy listed in a new category under:

"Empty > Naval Mines and Barricades"


Requires CO/A2+OA 1.56 or better! Tested on CO 1.62.

Tested successfully with TGW and CWR2 addons! :)







v2.2: 9/3/2013

FIX: Inheritance Fix (for intermittent aircraft errors affecting BIS A10 and other aircraft)

FIX: Some animations on ships

IMPROVED: ASW ships and new ASW rearm depots in separate PBO (pook_water_ASW.pbo)

IMPROVED: Assault Boat armor panels

IMPROVED: Naval Mines are able to be destroyed by satchel charges, etc. This needs more testing; will probably not be improved any further for A2.

NEW: Ammo Reload Depots (ammo box) for the MDM and QuickStrike naval mines. Found in editor under "Empty > Ammo"

NEW: 8-man and 3-man rescue rafts. CIV faction. Moves VERY slowly just like a real raft. Signal flares for the "driver" station.

NEW: Tugboat. CIV and PMC (Independent) factions. Tugboat features numerous ladders and rope ladders for entry from water. Intended for ship-based anti-pirate operations. Accessible cargo area below decks. Working smoke stacks, horn and signal flares. Room for 6 cargo passengers. As with all BIS moving vehicles, you will be swept off the deck if it is moving. You must board her when she is stopped.

NEW: Freighter and Cargo Freighter. CIV and PMC (Independent) factions. This large vessel features loaded (cargo) and unloaded versions. Working ladders for access from water, and numerous ladder and stairwell entry points. Working doors on cargo containers... perfect for "find the objective" missions. Bonus: crow's nest sniper hide on front scaffold. As with all BIS moving vehicles, you will be swept off the deck if it is moving. You must board her when she is stopped.

NEW: Kayak - CIV faction. :)

v2.1: 1/23/2013

NEW: Large Assault Transport Ship. Features include transport for 24 troops, scripted launch/recovery for 2 zodiacs, fully animated cargo doors, dual MG mounts, bridge with fully animated gauges. Credit to Gnat - Zodiac scripts are based on his FSF scripts!

NEW: Large Assault Transport Wreck model. Found under "Wrecks"

NEW: Zodiac boats per faction. No longer are factions limited to "just" the CRRC and PBX!

NEW: Boat flares (launched by driver, commander) and boat horns!

IMPROVED: PBR gunboat armor panel improvements, PBR dual M2 MG's.

FIX: Numerous LOD improvements for different ships.

v2.0: 11/2/2012

NEW: SCUBA interdiction grenades: Grenades that explode underwater. As you know the Arma2 engine doesn't allow underwater grenades. I was able to achieve this by using a proxy model that invokes a script. Underwater grenades have a 5-second fuse during which time they slowly fall to the ocean floor. Grenades will drop around 15-20 feet before detonating (hard to measure exact distances underwater). NOTE: Default sound scheme is no explosion when grenade hits the water. Some sound mods alter this behavior meaning you might hear two explosions - the impact of the grenade on the surface, and the main explosion.

NEW: SCUBA interdiction grenade launchers for Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW). Loaded by default on the new escort patrol boats.

NEW: SCUBA interdiction grenade launcher script - allows addition of launcher to any boat/vehicle via scripting.

NEW: Depth Charges: Loaded on new escort patrol boats designed specifically to deploy depth charges and combat underwater threats. Can be added to any boat in the editor.

NEW: Escort patrol boats. Armed with depth charges and SCUBA interdiction grenades.

NEW: QuickStrike mines: Converts Mk82/83/84 series bombs to naval mines with a new fuse system. These mines have a 30-second arming delay.

NEW: MDM Russian mines: Air-dropped mines MDM-3 (500kg) and MDM-5 (1500kg). These mines have a 30-second arming delay.

FIX: Missing reload sounds on some guns.

IMPROVED: Model improvements for all ships (motors, awnings, etc).

BETA: Sailboat model (UNFINISHED!) It must use the motor to move. I have not made any wind control scripts and am unsure if this is possible? Intended mainly for display!

v1.3: 5/5/2012

FIX: Various factions had incorrect crew members.

FIX: Boat texture fixes and RVMAT dependencies.

NEW: Naval Mines and Minelayer ships.

NEW: Civilian Research Vessels with scuba diving lights, flags and buoys.

v1.2: 4/2/2012

FIX: Patrol Boat Fire Geom LOD issue with rear gunner. Rear gunner can now be killed.

v1.1: 2/12/2012

IMPROVED: Patrol Boat and Assault Boat Cargo capacity changed to 12. Civ still at 6.

IMPROVED: Patrol Boat and Assault Boat distance LOD improvements (less polys).

v1.0: 2/10/2012 - Initial Release

From the readme:




The mines are activated by a trigger attached to the mine "vehicle" at INIT. The trigger has a 120 second arming delay (to prevent damage to a minelayer operation). Medium mine trigger area = 6x6. Large mine trigger area = 9x9. Mines are activated by SHIP objects AND by amphibious (LANDVEHICLE) vehicles. The AI will see the mines but won't try to avoid them, therefore they are a threat to AI!


Standard Naval mines:


These mines are submerged approximately 1 meter below the water surface and bobs with the waves:

pook_watermine // medium mine

pook_watermine_large // large mine


Adjustable-height mines:


These mines are adjustable via animation and intended to be used for deeper deployments (like subs) or higher to stick out above the water surface to simulate floating on the surface. The animated height range is about 5 meters up/down:

pook_watermine_low // medium mine (moored) >> Adjustable height

pook_watermine_large_low // large mine (moored) >> Adjustable height

To adjust the height: set the animation "mine" in the mine's INIT with the following:

this animate ["mine",0.5];


Air-dropped mines:


Air-dropped mines dropped by aircraft. All air-dropped mines have a 30 second arming delay! Upon impact they will bob under the surface just like other mines.

Default BIS aircraft now have an "ASW" model in the editor armed with deployable mines for ASW sortie missions.

- Weapons and Magazines:

- QuickStrike Mk62 / Mk63 / Mk64 Mines: Based on Mk82/Mk83/Mk84 bombs respectively.

pook_QS_BombLauncher -







pook_QS_BombLauncher_6 -










- MDM-3 and MDM-5 Mines: Similar to FAB-500 and FAB-1500 bombs in size (500kg and 1500kg explosive charges!)

pook_MDM_BombLauncher -





pook_MDM_BombLauncher_6 -







- After launch, these behave like the other naval mines and spawn "vehicle" mines at their location. These "vehicle" mines are the actual explosive mines with the attached trigger. The triggers on these air-launched mines will arm in 30 seconds! (arming for the standard naval mines is 120 seconds):







Naval Minefields


Minefields! Available in the editor under the Naval Mines and Barricades section. The minefield "center" will launch a script on INIT to spawn the rest of the mines in the field. This can obviously be scripted by spawning a minefield center in a mission.

Minefields are approximately 100 meters in diameter. There are 2 configurations: "standard" unmarked minefield, and "marked" minefield that has marker buoys around the minefield area.

Marked minefield buoys are anchored in place to prevent bumping them into the minefield area (since they are based on buoys and can move if bumped).

Minefield Center "vehicles":

pook_watermine_minefield1_center // Unmarked Minefield

pook_watermine_minefield2_center // Marked Minefield


Depth Charges and Underwater (SCUBA interdiction) grenades


Underwater charges are accomplished via scripting associated with the new grenades' spawn.

The new Escort ships (in v2.0) are armed with Depth Charges and grenades. Both are activated via the crew's Action menu and use scripts to launch the charges.

Shortcut keys:

Depth Charge: GetOver ("V" key on default US keyboard)

SCUBA Grenades: ReloadMagazine ("R" key on default US keyboard)


Static Beach Barricades and Marker Buoys


The barricades are identical to the existing ones (hedgehog, dragon teeth, and large dragon teeth) with the addition of the mine trigger. They should make beach landings quite interesting! :)

pook_minebarricade // mined hedgehog

pook_minebarricade_concrete // mined dragon teeth

pook_minebarricade_concrete_large // mined large dragon teeth

pook_BIS_SignM_Mines // BIS mine warning sign

pook_watermine_marker_buoy // warning buoy with flashing light

pook_diver_alpha_buoy // Scuba diver buoy with International Alpha flag

pook_diver_down_buoy // Scuba diver buoy with Diver Down flag







CDF-modified PBR armed with M2 front, AGS30 rear, and M240 midship.

- Cargo capacity 2

- Factions: CDF, CDF-Independent, NAPA, CHDKZ.

pook_PBR_GUNBOAT // CDF-West

pook_PBR_GUNBOAT_CDF_IND // CDF-Independent

pook_PBR_GUNBOAT_GUE // NAPA-Independent





CDF PBR modified for transport, armed with M2 front only.

- Cargo capacity 6

- Factions: CDF, CDF-Independent, UNO, NAPA, PMC, PMC-West (BAF).

pook_PBR_M2 // CDF-West

pook_PBR_CDF_IND // CDF-Independent

pook_PBR_GUE // NAPA-Independent

pook_PBR_UNO // UNO-Independent

pook_PBR_PMC // PMC-Independent

pook_PBR_PMCWEST // PMC-West (BAF)


Patrol Boat:


Fast boat armed with front DSHK, rear M240. Driver controlled police light.

- Cargo capacity 12

- Factions: RUS, CDF, CDF-Independent, PMC, PMC-West (BAF), UNO, TAK



pook_PATROL_BOAT_PMC // PMC-Independent


pook_PATROL_BOAT_CDF_IND // CDF-Independent

pook_PATROL_BOAT_UNO // UNO-Independent



pook_PATROL_BOAT_GUE // NAPA-Independent

pook_PATROL_BOAT_TKGUE // TAK Locals - Independent

pook_PATROL_BOAT_TKINS // TAK Insugents - East


Civilian Patrol Boat:


Civ patrol boat with front spot light. Driver controlled police light.

- Cargo capacity 6

pook_PATROL_BOAT_CIV // CIV- Chernarusan Police w/ searchlight

pook_PATROL_BOAT_TK_CIV // TK_CIV - TAK Civilian

pook_PATROL_BOAT_TK_CIV_EURO // BIS_CIV_special - Euro Civilian

pook_PATROL_BOAT_CIV_RUS // CIV_RU - Russian Civilian


Assault Boat:


Fast boat refitted by certain "insurgent" factions for water and pirate operations. Armed with dual-mounted DSHK front, rear AGS30.

- Cargo capacity 12

- Front turret spotlight

- Available only to certain "insurgent" factions: NAPA, CHDKZ, Takistani Locals, Takistani Militia.

pook_ASSAULT_BOAT_GUE // NAPA - Independent


pook_ASSAULT_BOAT_TKINS // TAK Insurgents - East

pook_ASSAULT_BOAT_TKGUE // TAK Locals - Independent


Research Vessel:


Unarmed vessel with diving lights and deployable scuba flag/buoy.

- Cargo capacity 6

- Flags and Buoys deployable by Driver and Commander

pook_RESEARCH_BOAT // CIV - Chernarus CIV


pook_RESEARCH_BOAT_TK_CIV_EURO // BIS_CIV_special - Euro Civilian

pook_RESEARCH_BOAT_CIV_RU // CIV_RU - Russian Civilian


Minelayer (medium mines):


Minelayer fitted with 8 deployable medium mines. Mines deployable via action menu by driver or commander. Vehicle must be moving less than 6 kph to deploy mine.

- Cargo capacity 10

- Front DSHK



pook_MINELAYER_CDF_IND // CDF-Independent

pook_MINELAYER_GUE // NAPA-Independent


pook_MINELAYER_TKGUE // TAK Locals - Independent

pook_MINELAYER_TKINS // TAK Insugents - East



Minelayer (large mines):


Minelayer fitted with 4 deployable large mines. Mines deployable via action menu by driver or commander. Vehicle must be moving less than 6 kph to deploy mine.

- Cargo capacity 10

- Front DSHK



pook_MINELAYER_LG_CDF_IND // CDF-Independent

pook_MINELAYER_LG_GUE // NAPA-Independent


pook_MINELAYER_LG_TKGUE // TAK Locals - Independent

pook_MINELAYER_LG_TKINS // TAK Insugents - East



Patrol Escort (depth charges):


Convoy escort ship fitted with depth charges and ASW Mortar. Weapons are deployable via action menu by driver or commander.

- Cargo capacity 10

- Front DSHK

pook_ESCORT_RUS // RUS-East

pook_ESCORT_CDF // CDF-West

pook_ESCORT_CDF_IND // CDF-Independent

pook_ESCORT_GUE // NAPA-Independent


pook_ESCORT_TKGUE // TAK Locals - Independent

pook_ESCORT_TKINS // TAK Insugents - East

pook_ESCORT_TAK // TAK-East

pook_ESCORT_PMC // PMC-Independent


pook_ESCORT_UNO // UNO-Independent


Large Assault Ship


Large capacity cargo transport.

- 24 cargo capacity

- Dockable Zodiacs x2... Credit to Gnat - Zodiac scripts are based on his FSF scripts!

- Animated cargo doors

- 2x DSHK or 2x M2, depending on faction

pook_ASSAULT_SHIP_RU // RUS - East






pook_ASSAULT_SHIP_GUE // NAPA - Independent

pook_ASSAULT_SHIP_CDF_IND // CDF - Independent

pook_assault_ship_wreck // Wreck model (found under "Wrecks")


Zodiacs (for each faction)


Uses default BIS model. Created for all factions.

pook_Zodiac_CDF // CDF - West

pook_Zodiac_GER // KSK - West

pook_Zodiac_BAF // BAF - West

pook_Zodiac_ACR // ACR - West

pook_Zodiac_RUS // RUS Spetsnaz - East

pook_Zodiac_TAK // TAK - East

pook_Zodiac_INS // ChDKZ - East

pook_Zodiac_TK_INS // TK Insurgents - East

pook_Zodiac_GUE // NAPA - Independent

pook_Zodiac_CDF_IND // CDF - Independent

pook_Zodiac_TKGUE // TAK Guerilla - Independent

pook_Zodiac_PMC // PMC - Independent




Patrol Groups

pook_SHIP_CDF_Patrol // CDF-West

pook_SHIP_PMCWEST_Patrol // PMC-West

pook_SHIP_RUS_Patrol // RUS-East

pook_SHIP_INS_Patrol // CHDKZ-East

pook_SHIP_TAK_Patrol // TAK-East

pook_SHIP_TK_INS_Patrol // TAK Insugents - East

pook_SHIP_GUE_Patrol // NAPA-Independent

pook_SHIP_TK_GUE_Patrol // TAK Locals - Independent

pook_SHIP_UNO_Patrol // UNO-Independent

pook_SHIP_CDF_IND_Patrol // CDF-Independent

pook_SHIP_PMC_Patrol // PMC-Independent

pook_SHIP_CIV_Patrol // Chernarus-CIV

pook_SHIP_CIV_TK_Patrol // Takistani-CIV

pook_SHIP_CIV_TK_EURO_Patrol // Euro-CIV

pook_SHIP_CIV_RUS_Patrol // Russian-CIV

Assault Groups

pook_SHIP_CDF_Assault // CDF-West

pook_SHIP_PMCWEST_Assault // PMC-West

pook_SHIP_RUS_Assault // RUS-East (Spetznaz)

pook_SHIP_RUS_MVD_Assault // RUS-East (MVD)

pook_SHIP_INS_Assault // CHDKZ-East

pook_SHIP_TAK_Assault // TAK-East

pook_SHIP_TK_INS_Assault // TAK Insugents - East

pook_SHIP_GUE_Assault // NAPA-Independent

pook_SHIP_TK_GUE_Assault // TAK Locals - Independent

pook_SHIP_CDF_IND_Assault // CDF-Independent

PBR Groups

pook_SHIP_CDF_PBR_Patrol // CDF-West

pook_SHIP_PMCWEST_PBR_Patrol // PMC-West


pook_SHIP_GUE_PBR_Patrol // NAPA-Independent

pook_SHIP_UNO_PBR_Patrol // UNO-Independent

pook_SHIP_CDF_IND_PBR_Patrol // CDF-Independent

PBR Escort Groups

pook_SHIP_CDF_PBR_Escort // CDF-West

pook_SHIP_PMCWEST_PBR_Escort // PMC-West

pook_SHIP_GUE_PBR_Escort // NAPA-Independent

pook_SHIP_CDF_IND_PBR_Escort // CDF-Independent

pook_SHIP_PMC_PBR_Escort // PMC-Independent

Minelayer Groups

pook_SHIP_CDF_Minelayer // CDF-West

pook_SHIP_RUS_Minelayer // RUS-East

pook_SHIP_INS_Minelayer // CHDKZ-East

pook_SHIP_TAK_Minelayer // TAK-East

pook_SHIP_TK_INS_Minelayer // TAK Insugents - East

pook_SHIP_GUE_Minelayer // NAPA-Independent

pook_SHIP_TK_GUE_Minelayer // TAK Locals - Independent

pook_SHIP_CDF_IND_Minelayer // CDF-Independent

Patrol Escort ASW Groups

pook_SHIP_CDF_ASW_Patrol // CDF-West

pook_SHIP_PMCWEST_ASW_Patrol // PMC-West

pook_SHIP_RUS_ASW_Patrol // RUS-East

pook_SHIP_INS_ASW_Patrol // CHDKZ-East

pook_SHIP_TAK_ASW_Patrol // TAK-East

pook_SHIP_TK_INS_ASW_Patrol // TAK Insugents - East

pook_SHIP_GUE_ASW_Patrol // NAPA-Independent

pook_SHIP_TK_GUE_ASW_Patrol // TAK Locals - Independent

pook_SHIP_UNO_ASW_Patrol // UNO-Independent

pook_SHIP_CDF_IND_ASW_Patrol // CDF-Independent

pook_SHIP_PMC_ASW_Patrol // PMC-Independent

Research Teams

pook_SHIP_CIV_Research // Chernarus-CIV

pook_SHIP_CIV_TK_Research // Takistani-CIV

pook_SHIP_CIV_TK_EURO_Research // Euro-CIV

pook_SHIP_CIV_RUS_Research // Russian-CIV



Mine warning buoy with flashing light (I used a texture swap to make the flashing visible during the day!)


Research Vessel diving lights - underwater diving at night should benefit from this!


Research Vessel in the day with the scuba diver buoys on display. All of them say "Oceanic Research" in either Czech, Russian, or Arabic (according to Bing Translator) :cool:


Edited by hcpookie
v3.2 Release!

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They look great,Will you be releasing MLOD's too :)

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v1.0 released! See first post for download info.

Roadkill, yes, the MLODs are available ;)

Edited by hcpookie

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That PBR looks great, but the pirate boat seems slightly... off. Somethings missing, visually anyways, that I can't quite pin down.

Any chance of a twin .50 mount?


You should do a Swift Boat next... :p

Edited by Darkhorse 1-6

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Nice to see somthing new :)

Couldent you add a few more cargo seats on the assultboats? 6 seams a bit few wite all that space avaible. Whould probebly make it a bit more usefull if you are abel to load 10+ in the cargo.



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Foxhound and Old Bear, thanks for the mirrors! :)

I figured the dual-50 turret isn't something the CDF would use.

Also, I didn't want to make the boats a floating bus, since they are technically a "patrol boat" and you can add more boats to the armada as needed for more transport. Perhaps I have misjudged this?

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By popular demand - v1.1 released with Patrol Boat and Assault Boat cargo capacity for 12! :)

Download link the same... look for v1.1 zip.

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Great addon, looks like Nogova is going to get some new Patrol boats :) oh and some Nogovan Marines :)

Edited by R0adki11

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Lingor 1.337 (WIP) has two boats by hcpookie, too. GAL camo one and ARL's black one for pirate / control river operations.

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Update - Naval Mines official release is included in this addon to avoid any addon dependency issues. Major updates in v1.3 I just uploaded. See the first post for download and addon info!

Reference the original Naval Mines thread:



Edited by hcpookie

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Hi there,

hcpookie, i have the pook_socr.pbo from you, it's great !

But the texture wasn't so good, that's why i made a new texture for it, it's nice, if you want to add it to your @Pook, e-mail me, we'll found a method to send the .pbo retext to you, or just the socr.paa.

Thank you for your socr, it's great !

this is yours :


this is yours, with my work on it :



Edited by Vico

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Hey Vico I think you meant to post that about the SOCR boats here:


Regardless, that texture looks really good! I'll ping you offline so we can get that added in :)


Something I'm working on - Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV)

Uses the Parachute animation because that's the only one I know of that has the user's arms above his head. Need to find a way to get a new animation similar to the motorcycle driver animation with his head and arms raised.

Model is a bit on the small side; I need to work out the overall dimensions.

Edited by hcpookie

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Well the mountain bike animation isn't any good either... wrong orientation and the unit keeps pedaling the water!

Edited by hcpookie

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Hey Pookie

Something i've notes with the Mines: If you place them in MP, only you (or the player who palced them) can see them, other players cannot (but they still blow themselves up if they drive over them - which is actually pretty nasty but a bit unfair aswell) - is there any workaround or could this be fixed in near future?

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Thanks for this feedback! I'll check into MP placement and see what I can find.

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I was able to verify in MP (dedicated server) that the placed mines from the minelayer boats only appear for on the client who placed them. Obviously an issue that I will be addressing for the next version!

Edit: "duh" I am using createVehicleLocal to lay the mines, which doesn't propogate to MP clients. I need to redo those scripts. If memory serves I must run them on the server which I think propogates to all clients.

Edited by hcpookie

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