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ive started my own hand to hand combat style based off....

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close the thread, too much bravado amongst these boys to offer any real or helpful insight to me on here. Apparently being skinny and having good lucks and a smartass mouth makes you a worthy opponent to your kind. i know im good.

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never seen the show but i can guess what its about. ive seen my fair share of bully's even in my adulthood, and im talking, actual physical aggressors. Yep, I guess you could say old Bronze never could escape the wicked, but at least now i can deal with them. i can name a few id like to kick their ass even today from long ago. ill have to check it out.

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Define "real fight" please, as street fighting is clearly not one of them. Intensionally want to kill your opponent? Thats murder. Doing it in military unit? You might as well find it even more for defensive purpose then you might have think.

No limited fights like kickboxing, boxing and take kwon do. Here you are limited to very few technics that yozu are allowed to use.

Its no real fight, its a tactical sport with limited technics. Where both sides have to do the same.

Real fighting starts in the sports area with freefight (he should find this sports in every city), its not limited to some tactics.

Then there are those defence technics like systema & krav maga (i prefer atk), where you learn do deal with more than 1 opponent in a unconventional way of fighting.

There you need to get down any opponent in less than a few seconds to make sure that you have your back free for the next incomming guys.

Here you are not limited to anything, YOU have to decide what you need to do in a situation to protect yourself and what is unnecessary in some situations. You learn to kill there, but you learn avoid such situations too.

(as i started we had to learn much § before we started fighting)

And YES for me fights are on the street where your opponents wants you to eat dirt. Where you have maybe to deal with more than 1 against you, in a non controlled (rules, techniques bla bla) area.

I dont start a fight, but i can end a fight.

Hey eagle, i know women (60-70 kg)there i would bet my whole year income that they could beat you without any problems in very short time. Shit they could kill you, because thats what they are learned for years. Grow up, you are not chuck norris. Evry man will find his master, you only need to search better (try advanced fighters instead of kids).

By the way im older than you ;)

Close the thread

This is no discussion about hand to hand fighting, its just the woaahhhrrr look at me im the bronze "noone can beat me because i studied take kwon do" eagle monolog... (only fans allowed/ plz dont discuss)

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If you mean full contact free style fight then I already know it.

As of street fighting, 70% of time you are fighting with kids who dont have any Martial Arts training and the kids you facing only knows punching and kicking and sometime stoning and knifing and most of all handgunning, not really a "real fight"

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I think thats really a bit too much of bad joke and chest puffing

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i see what you're doing. you're trying to all drag me into talking tough so you can say that im causing a flame war as you usually do. its called manipulation.


a black man who has an interest in martial arts is a joke. your people could sell snot to a blind man and get more respect.

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For those of you who don't believe, please watch what should i call it? Could i get away with calling this kung fu or should i just call it kenpo?

Sorry but it is embarrassing, this reminds me of Kung Fu Panda, sorry man:o

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i see what you're doing. you're trying to all drag me into talking tough so you can say that im causing a flame war as you usually do. its called manipulation.

Nah, we be just sayin' the truth. This is not only a ridiculous thread idea, but it's the worst place to put it. Find yourself a proper martial arts community if you want some respect. The rest of us members of a military simulator community prefer to use guns rather than our fists. ;)

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Then why show it to us if it's old without informing us before hand? See, your train of logic is riddled with holes.

I can't understand why this thread hasn't been locked yet. All it's good for now is getting some lulz out of. :rolleyes:

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no i mentioned repeatedly the video was old you had not read.

you honestly think that a few words from some kid on a forum will make me quit?

you're very overconfident, rude, closed minded, don't take this the wrong way, but are you white?

now im confident. why don't you come beat me to stop teaching martial arts, then ill quit.

till then, step aside and let mature men speak.

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Agreed this is now getting really daft.

If the OP was really convinced that his new style was amazing he wouldn't be seeking validation in a computer gaming forum.

If the OP really was a dedicated serious martial artist then he wouldn't be going on about winning all his fights as they would have been attempted muggings etc and self defence only rather than arranged matches (unless you're trying to create a sports style for the lulz).

If the OP really wanted to create a fully effective fighting style the main defensive technique wouldn't rely on getting hit.


I can point you in the direction of some excellent source material on the interweb for not only effective fighting techniques but the information you'd need to understand the mechanics behind them, physical conditioning techniques etc if you like?

Furthermore, lock please this is getting really silly.

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I am indeed white, and I am also Canadian, but what does race have anything to do with this? Did I once mention your skin color? For a person of colored skin you certainly don't do a good job of hiding your own racial prejudice. How am I supposed to take that?

§1) No Flaming/Flame-baiting/bigotry

Abusive, racist, sexist, homophobic comments (or any other type of bigotry), personal attacks and name calling are not allowed either on the forum or through PM's.

If I recall you've already been banned once. Might want to stop before you get banned again.

What I am trying to do is stop you from making yourself look like an even bigger fool than you already seem. You are posting this in the completely wrong place, you are responding like it's a shock to see the responses you're getting, and you're displaying your tough-guy bravado all over the place.

But hey, keep going where you're going. You're not going to change anyone's perception of this.

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"i am indeed white"

insulting towards blacks, lack of respect, overconfidence, you laugh at every mention out my mouth, rude, closed minded, so proud of the hell you give towards others yet consider yourselves God's people, yes i can tell you're white.

back on topic...

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I'm sorry but, looking back at the posts I've made in this thread, I can't seem to recall one where I was being at all racist towards yourself or any other ethnicity. Maybe you can help me out.

I laugh only at a guy who beats his chest and claims he's invincible. It has nothing at all to do with your race, mine, or anyone else's. It never did.

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I am indeed white, and I am also Canadian

What!? :eek:

I thought you're Qatari. :(

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yes you are sorry now thats enough.

here is my fighting manual:

the truest measure of ones

skill is his ability to apply

what is learned in a fluid

and effortless manner.


i have learned these techniques through various martial

arts schools throughout the united states and have put

together a style that works for me based off of what i know

and can do easily during an actual fight, knowledge

attained through sparring. The overall goal of my style

is to hold off the enemy disabling their will to fight as

well as outclassing them in stamina and ease of effort.

overall mine is considered a knock down style like judo,

but using hit manipulation to bend the opponent into

an uncomfortable position that cannot hold itself up.

we use the three points of balance principle since the

body is a cylindrical object as well to pull this off. once

two points pass one, the object falls. for women who have

little power, i emphasize using the index knuckle on

the muscles apex.


* practical form

* speed

* surprise

* strength

* striking power

* adaptability (being able to chain moves)

* knowledge of use (application)

* hit manipulation

* three points of balance

* simple move naming methodology

* knowledge of moves

* knowledge of conditioning

* zen


-meditation, always start off with meditation,

empty your mind, mushin, if the mind is full

how can one learn? empty mind before training.

This is a zen buddhism principle.


-what you train on one side of the body you must

equally train on the other side, so that you have

no weakness in switching up.

-prioritize balance, stamina, power, and speed

for overall effectiveness, during sparring all

of these should be at acceptable levels.

-the moves must be practiced until they're

easy to do, and sparring will bring forth new

tactics and applications, but master the

basics first.

-a formal class goes in this order, meditation,

stretching, conditioning, reps, moves, spar.

-in sparring loosen up with full knowledge

you are about to be attacked. a privelage

real situations won't provide.

-repetition is the key to muscle memory,

what amount you do for one side do for the


-to stretch for the front snap kick elevate

the leg 90 degrees straight or higher on

something sturdy with the foot pointing

straight up. to get your leg up there you

either come in straight or inside out, and

when returning either straight or outside

in semi circular. to return the foot inside

out would be to spin. also press on the

knee, try to remain straight up and also

stretch leaning in, but give equal time to

both. sitting down while elevating the leg

is good as well, but make sure its elevated

higher than your waist, and you are sitting



-i recommend no guard in a street

situation, but to maneuver and be

stealthy. now for sparring use the

forearm across the stomach rear

chin cover 45 degrees in stance,

feet shoulder width apart.

if the front arm goes dead let it

hang lazy, lazy arm style, perhaps

earlier than that.

-in sparring, don't prepare to be hit,

prepare to strike. always maintain

control of the fight and send a strong


-keep the guard against the body

within striking range, the jam is

used to take his space with your

hands instead of your feet, you can

also withdraw the jam to give space

or cause him to move in on you,

much like moving back would entice.

refuse to "give" the hands, also if

hands are given to you, you don't

have to work with them, you can work

around them, like water. water doesn't

have to follow the rules, it flows freely.

-double horizontal palms flat out facing

down, and go double vertical fist when

front snap kicking.


-to bring up the back leg first is to shuffle.

you can also step, and slide and even hop.

don't forget the sidestep either direction

and the dash, advance, and retreat as well.

also there is weaving, slipping, turning, etc.

all types of things you can do to get out the



-elbows, forearms, wrists, shins, shoulder, knees,

feet, and palm, all block in my style.

-counter after blocking


-some kicks are side kick, roundhouse, push kick,

snap kick, heel kick, reverse and spinning moves

as well, back kick, crescent, anything else would

in my opinion be too flashy but never limit yourself.

- snap kick training is to walk and air snap kick low

for a few reps, then higher and higher for a few

reps each time, careful not to move the head or

the arms as you walk and kick.

- no matter what form you take during the front snap,

or any kick, to get more height always keep the hand

below the height of the knee on the corresponding or

same arm as the kicking leg.

- lean into your front snap kicks with the lead shoulder

but kick from the hip turning it into the target.


- thumb on the side of the index finger knuckle naturally,

not wrapped underneath, when making a fist. better for stamina.

- light punching should be as easy as knocking on a door.

- hard punching should be as a fist pushup but faster.

-box palm in, up, down, out or inverted, and

change it up for stamina.

-line up the fist, solar plexus, and target in

for power.

-snapping punches damage, push punches go

through, or, their arc of climax is past the target.

-the back knuckle is hitting with the back of the

fist, sorta like a downward backfist, you can rotate

or chain the back knuckle like a chain punch to

the front of the face. remember the rotating back

knuckle or hammer fist chain.

-the chop can be done with a closed fist as

well. after contact i like to go up to look as

if im taking the enemy's soul out of him.

- using the index finger trigger knuckle

on the most round part of the muscle will

cause pain against a stronger opponent,

particularly to the sensitive areas like the

nipple and apex of the rounder muscles

of the arm, chest and lower body. i teach

women these punches.


-theres all sorts of power you can develop

to fight with, advancing power, push pull power,

explosive power, snapping power.

breathing using the "s" noise

will also give you different results. oss!

-power starts from the ground up, divert your

chi down to build power.

-put the weight of the blows in your hands and feet,

and turning your body and using twisting or advancing

footwork will also generate more power.

-dance a little to generate stamina as well as

changing the fist style.

-twist the rear foot into it.

twist the hip into it.


-There are key areas to manipulate the

body for a takedown through grappling.

takedowns by grappling are taking

an opponent to the ground. i recommend

focusing on the joints such as the elbow and

knees for good takedowns. manipulating the

turning of the foot, pressing on the back,

manipulating the head and waist will also



-according to science (specifically the tv show

mr. wizard on nickelodeon) there are three points

of balance to every cylindrical object, the top

middle and bottom. if two points pass one the

object falls. using this theory we can create

knockdowns. i call this hit manipulation.

think of a puppet if you will. so knowing how

the body moves you must plan how you want

to manipulate him into moving through various

strikes and holds to get them on the ground

and you in a safe position.


- others know what they're told, we know

from experience, that is why we spar, and

also for rank.

- in a street fight you don't have to play by

the enemy's rules, and i suggest you don't,

but to translate this principle into our spar,

we don't always use the same method of

attack or the attack implied by the defence.

-confidently ease into striking range and

prepare to intercept.

-the most basic tactic that works is to hit em

when they're open.

-to use a stance will be your first mistake in an

ambush. Your first move is your first move.

you don't always have to attack from the front,

or even face your opponent.

-maintain balance and a high power attack

with a strong physical message.

-remain in striking range, approach the

enemy's guard with your elbow and roll into the trap

-try to keep the opponent outside your legs when you


-when you break the enemy's rhythm

he usually loses the fight.

-punch off the block immediately, don't wait

for the combo to end.

-hit whatever seems to be their weakness focus on that


-the enemy's body position and direction

gives signs of when and where to attack.

combine this with the cylindrical balance principle

and hit manipulation to score a knockdown.

-if there is no guard carry out your attack.

if there is a guard bypass it.

-southpaw vs. conventional, conventional

vs. southpaw, opposites, this is the yin yang

theory in action.

-first attack is a good way to control the


-to check is to prevent from


-remember the yin yang principle,

whenever the enemy goes big you go small,

whenever the enemy goes small you go big,

high low, low high, etc.

-when you spar don't just fight to beat the

crap out of each other, fight to learn and

to get better at pulling the moves off.

-a low center of balance makes you more

stable and less movable, more grounded

than a taller opponent. the horse stance

trains this ability.


- to me the number one has special meaning, as a holy number,

whenever i am tempted i say in my head "one", or when i can't

focus, it immediately clears things up and i think instantly faster,

one of my secrets

- in a position of power a safe coward throws his weight around

- never let a fool replace what your heart believes,

strength is the sign of the wise.

-don't be narcisistic and be out to be the best

fighter, thats not the intention, the intention

is to train to win in case that fight ever comes.

-never make an example of the innocent to

ward off the guilty.

-in peace of mind there is neither loss nor gain.

pokerface. mushin. same idea.

-don't attack people socially like with lies, rumor, gossip,

manipulation, and rudeness, thats not how we fight. be

kind socially but when its time, physically aggressive.

-a coward convinces you they're better and can't

prove it. A coward stands on the opinion of many

instead of their own, and a coward lacks dignity.

-mushin is the japnese word for empty mind,

which goes to describe the fighter appearance,

the poker face, as well as internally, not pre

occupied with other things.

-an enemy will feed your anger, and question

your hatred. will force your hand and question

your control. Will curse you to lose, and be

lost themselves. will claim you unworthy without

knowing honor

-one must acquire peace to defend it, this is the

secret of meditation. to establish control of ones


- if fighting back is not righteous, what is

being a victim? honorable?

-don't force an enemy's hand either fight

them or don't,

-don't half step in all you do, either life or death, heaven

or hell, friend or foe, all or nothing,

no dual mindedness, dual mindedness is when you take

two opposite decisions on the issue. this is not acceptible.

-kung fu is light and mobile and circular while karate is

the opposite, hard and direct and quite linear. my style

is hard, linear and circular and mobile.

- there is no way you can call yourself holy and be without

mercy, or call yourself perfect and not know tolerance.

-You must learn to face an enemy that insults you and harrasses you and

oppresses you and provokes you into attacking, then pretends its

defending itself, to turn others against you, i have faced this enemy

many times.

-never use double standards, what you will allow is what you

will accept upon you

-people who often get sick, are slaves to whatever is ailing them,

and since we are spirits, it could be anything that enters through

the senses in excess, level out what you take in, and administer

in proper doses, don't be afraid to step outside of your norm to find

what may work better, this could be anything from music to food

to the smells you put on to the movies you watch.

-an enemy will pick and choose what they want to understand,

instead of what you mean to tell them, no matter how you explain it

- a brave mouth does not make a skillful opponent

- a man at war is a warrior, or no man at all

- one who speaks with authority is not always superior,

likewise, one who threatens violence is not always capable.


-start every morning off with some type of drink that moves

the bowels, either tea or juice. coffee is fine too.

-your meal should consist of a piece of chicken or fish and a glass

of either cofee, tea, or some type of juice, not milk. Milk is for babies.

-You should only eat when you are hungry, and not according to a

regular schedule, but when you eat make it according to the meal

restrictions above, this way you will be full and energized all day

long hopefully in just one meal. to take the journey one must pack


-no salt (meat has natural salts), no starches like noodles, rice, or pasta

unless its wheat.

-no candy

-no soda, unless its mt dew, this is key

-walk as much as possible even if its hot or cold, just dress appropriately.

-if its hot don't wear long pants, and always have access to some type of

drink in case you feel dry in the mouth. i suggest you read up on the

laws of the land in regards to carrying weapons, but try to bring a sharp

knife with you at least. something to deal with things such as animals

but never stab up thugs unless they're using knives.

-if its cold wear pants, maybe some boots for the higher water levels,

in this environment you box more using the snapping lazy arm stance

planting the lead foot and advancing on the enemy's square. make sure

your jacket does not limit your boxing at least. i advise you follow this

with all your outfits. make sure you can fight in them all.

-avoid eye contact with those looking for fights on the streets.

-practice drinking when you're hungry.

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What!? :eek:

I thought you're Qatari. :(

Well, I have lived in Qatar longer than I lived in Canada now, so...

But that's beside the point. :p

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Enough of this blatant racism in here.

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