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  1. Hi @Sa0k, thanks for update. A question: there is an option for removing wreckage and corpses?
  2. Well.. you can tweak ambient system config or you can use a user made map that does not include so many animals in environment configuration like Kunduz, for example (if I'm not wrong). Anyway, a script is a bit "tricky" to do because of the loss of performance, as you know.... but there must be a solution for this, I am also interested.
  3. Hi @Phronk, I feel the same as you about the rabbits in Arma 3:p and and I made this little pbo file, it is true... disables all ambient animals and ambient environment sound, but I use this instead http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26014 in this way I have environment sound again, but no rabbits:). If you want, try it.
  4. gulag

    ASR AI 3

    Hi, @Robalo, how about some settings for AI to use their grenades and AT units with HE rockets rounds to use them against infantry units?
  5. gulag

    Feat of Arms

    Thanks @CosmicC10R, I use this mod along with AGM and R3f-aicomtarget, and I like the way the AI reacts. Great job Mikey :ok:
  6. gulag

    Feat of Arms

    Why are so many files in userconfig folder? We need other files than FOA.hpp file?
  7. gulag

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Then I guess "LAxemann's Enhanced Soundscape" will replace some shortcomings.
  8. I'm sure you'll do a great job, you have already added lots of immersion in Arma 3. Like everyone here I look forward to "taste" your work. :)
  9. gulag

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    I love this mission, is great, thanks Rydygier. I was wondering if it is possible to be ported to Chernarus, there are a lot of chapels...
  10. Wrong thread, however, what you have there is not a problem, it's just game over. I can confirm, no smoke and no frag grenades with latest patch.
  11. regular, friendly 0.80 and enemy 0.70, without other Ai mods. I'll try again. EDIT Ok, I just played now, only assaulting the compound, I'm alive, (and not drunk, this time), with 5 men from my team alive, 680 seconds, fired ~2085 bullets (w 1486 e 680) 44 men killed. well ... It seems that the problem (besides..:803:), was the "bcombat_config" file, I suppose, I did something with it, but now for me is solved, thank's Fabrizio for patience. I liked how the assault occurred, they used concealments tactics and flanked on the right side of compound. Thank's again Fabrizio. Kremator, don't say a word, it's a million to one......:Oo:
  12. This isn't the problem, I noticed that with b-combat, they attack too fast and get too close to the enemy.
  13. I'm one of them:(, I played Combined Arms, one of the showcases mission, and with bcombat in only two or three minutes the fight was over, it was like a battle between two snipers teams, I was the only one remained alive and two enemies. Then I used ASRAI, TPW and wwaicover, with some changed configurations, and fight lasted much longer, ~15 min. Don't get me wrong, with b-combat Ai reacts great, but fight it ends too soon for me. I'll try the new version and I hope to change my opinion, and thank you Fabrizio for the hard work. By the way, I'm not a noob, Kremator:p