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  1. http://forums.bistudio.com/forumdisplay.php?16-ARMA-ARMED-ASSAULT-COMBAT-OPERATIONS-EDITING
  2. Pain0815

    Why do most people prefer coop, not cti?

    I play CTI and COOP. For public gaming i suggest cti. For a clangame i suggest a good scripted teamwork orientated coop mission (not domination, its supporting lone wolfs and single actions). I suggest this mission : COOP-20-Takistan-Force-(OA) -1-20 players fully random combined warfare operation -fully adjustable settings like civillians, amount of IED´s, enemies behaviors, recruitment configs -realistic artillery system -optional bf2 project reality like loadout kits and much much more. I play this game series since the beginning (opf1), and i never found a better coop mission (its really diffrent every time and got endless replayability and optional settings to fit the mission to your group of players) And bennys warfare its perfect if you are alone and just want jump in and take part in a big war. I hope i could help a few new guys with 2 pearls of armas missions. But there are tons of other good game modes out like insurgency, pr for arma and much much more. And also you can combine this with thousands of great mods like ACE, new Armies or sounds and ai mods Now my famous last words REMEMBER THEM: arma is NO GAME, its a big open combined arms combat scenario editor. With campaign and rudimental mp mods as examples for the community whats possible with the editor. Most see arma as game with a campaign and some shitty mp mods in the package, but it isnt. The campaign and those 2-3 simple mp modes are just examples for the real deal, the core, THE EDITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Where you have this info, i thought they develop simulation software for the industry and the army, no game. Also you have no clue about arma, go back to your codemasters opf...
  4. I really suggest you to get a cheap copy of bf2 or borrow a friends game somewhere, then go 2 days play it unmodded (you will hate it!), then get latest pr and see how it changed anything. (you dont need compare it to arma) But then you know what they try to get done with pr for arma. @ back to the pr mod itself: Keep it up! Cant await to get my hands on it. But dont rush it, keep the quality standards of PRbf2 but use the not so limited engine of arma to get rid of most workarounds and hardcoed features in the bf2 engine.
  5. Go get vte. Much things you can do in vbs, you can do in arma with the right missions/mods. on topic im sure the cryengine is able to get those small scenarios for the army pourposes running, but its not able to get full big scale wars with ai and many players like arma done. If a military "sim/game" with cryengine is comming, i think its more the scale of BF2:PR instead of arma battles. And in arma you see that a milsim turns into mindless deathmatch and a freakshow without gameplay/gamemodes that forces teamwork like PR did that with the original bf2 vanilla freakshow on every server. So a game can be realistic like shit without the instruments forcing players to work as a team you wont get realistc gameplay at least (coop yes but pvp not). If a good realistic mp game (for me/in my eyes) comes out i will get it, no matter what engine it uses. If you want one with cryengine you cant think it will be like arma. You will get a smaller scale military game, but with better graphics and physics maybe (and less AI numbers).
  6. game (sim) > modular training software for privat using
  7. Yeah they use it for limited realtime edited scenarios for their simulators. The lite versions arent for training... And you can use vbs on your pc (you can buy a privat licence), but its not like the army use it in most things. they have vbs connected into simulators with plastic weapons and real cockpits with ppl editing scenarios on the fly to train special situations. L025fgD9V5A DwcykqKEAoM -9rGx_NjUBQ
  8. But Dice got it with BF bc, or soldners a few years ago could do that too. Thats not the problem. The problem is that all resources are already needed for the small corridor levels in crysis, and crytek isnt able to make a good mp part at all. For such large scaled maps in the crysis editor like in arma 2 you have to reduce anything, from amount of objects over textures to drawdistance. Then the AI problem is still there, because you cant put in hundreds of permanent bots which operate together into this map. You can simulate flying a chopper or diving with a boat/tank whatever. But its a software for military and comercial use only. Do you know how they train? They train small limited scenarios not whole wars with hundreds off ppl connected.... For this the mapsize is enough, and i think the military has better and more powerful simulators for that. Im sure most of this training programs wont run on normal pcs there, they will used in real simulators instead, and for this they dont need the software can all those featured things at once. There would be modules for diffrent needs, specially desingned for their simulators.
  9. The cryengine is shit for the pourposes you need for a milsim. - way to small maps for mp - bad AI which spawn in at distance - max playercount 32 Try build a 200km² map in the crysis editor, place 200-300 permanent, not spawning enemy and civillian AI. Then you see the limits. Its not an engine for such a game like arma, it fits for games like crysis/battlefield/cod and such games. Sure it looks good and has good physics, but its too limited.
  10. Pain0815

    COOP 20 Takistan Force (OA)

    Good idea, voted too.
  11. Pain0815

    Disable crosshair only for me in online game ?

    Thats correct Only way to do it is with a mod, if the server has key check and not allow this mod then you have no other choice than to look for a new server with disabled crosshair / key check. But i know how you feel, i would say no crosshairs at all. because switching weapon sights are useless with crosshair. You can use a sniperrifle for qcb with crosshair and thats bullshit.
  12. Pain0815

    COOP 20 Takistan Force (OA)

    Every slot i a squadleader which can recruit own squadmates in his group. You cant merge squadleaders into one group, if its that what you mean.
  13. Marksman deployed and lmg deployed have 5 secs. Sniper rifle 8 secs Assault rifles 1.5 secs Do better researchs first before you say all guns have 5 secs. thats bullshit. And its a bf2 only feature to compensate engine limitations like no weapon sway. Arma got this feature, so there will be no deviation i think.
  14. Pain0815

    COOP 20 Takistan Force (OA)

    You need to be on the commander slot for this i think. By the way we all could group up and play this mission together on a specific date, together with bon on the tfor server. With ts3 and acre maybe. What would you say?