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  1. True, their tactics were absolutely suicidal. You can't take an urban area without infantry support
  2. T-80's were garbage, by the way
  3. @scimitar The T-72 reminds me of a modern-day M4 Sherman. Not the best tank out there, but they're fuckin everywhere. Every country that can't afford M1's and can't design their own tank, has T-72's, or their own licensed variant. In fact, my profile pic is one getting hit by an M1A1 DU round during the Iraq invasion
  4. @scimitar You're right about limited T-64s in A-Stan. They sent a few over, but the already problematic engines had trouble performing in the high altitude terrain. They never saw combat, however. They prolly would've never used them en masse anyway. 1.) The design was considered advanced for the time, and they didn't want any getting captured and analyzed by CIA 2.) They were built for service in tank battalions, whereas the T-62 was used in support of motorized rifle companies. Since it was so expensive, the T-72 (which was designed as an emergency in the event of war) was put into production, despite the objections of Alexander Morozov, the T-64's designer and the one who used his considerable political power to push for the tank's production despite it's high cost.
  5. pigbenis80

    Saint Kapaulio Terrain [ W.IP]

    Is there an ArmA 3 version of African Foliage. I'm only seeing the ArmA 2 version on here
  6. Well I see player made missions that don't have the problems that I have, so there must be a way to tame these wild beasts
  7. What if I sync a JOIN waypoint for the three other tanks somewhere down the path, do you think that would solve the problem?
  8. I'm having a problem with the idiot AI in my group. I have a path set for my tank platoon and I'm just trying to get them to conduct a normal movement to contact, but when we get to the waypoint, the leader drives through the waypoint, as normal, but the rest in my group try to converge on the exact waypoint, or drive in circles around it. I tried setting the completion radius to various values, depending on the terrain, but they constantly do this. It becomes a game of bumper tanks at almost every waypoint and usually a tank winds up upside down, totally borking the mission. Can someone shed some light on this situation for me? Is the AI this retarded by design, or am I doing something wrong?
  9. Bookmarking this thread. Might help with what I'm trying to do
  10. pigbenis80

    Placement & Completion Radius

    So how do I get the other tanks in my group to stop bottlenecking at the waypoint? I set the completion radius to 100, hoping that they wouldn't all try to go to the exact point at the same time ( It's usually a game of bumper tanks at most waypoints, unless we're in column formation) Do I need to set the placement radius to something greater than zero? It's really frustrating when my tank platoon starts ramming each other and driving in circles in tight, wooded areas. Usually one tank gets stuck in the woods and at that point, the group leader drives like an old lady waiting for him to catch up
  11. pigbenis80

    Trigger Help Needed

    Well, I figured out a workaround. I set the first waypoint as HOLD, then changed the trigger type from "Guarded by OPFOR" to "Skip Waypoint. Worked like a charm. Thanks for trying to help
  12. pigbenis80

    Trigger Help Needed

    Where does it say that it is activated at start? Do I need to add anything to the "On Activation" field? I followed the tutorial below, and some others. Some use this same method, some don't add waypoint activation, and some add command lines in the conditions box. I've spent literally 9 hours or so trying to get this to work using different methods
  13. pigbenis80

    Trigger Help Needed

    Right, I have a series of "Move" waypoints, with the first one being about 3 meters in front of the T-90 Platoon. What I tried before was linking the trigger to the first "Move" waypoint, hoping to get them to move once BLUFOR gets into the trigger point, but they just start moving through their waypoints once the scenario starts. That's what's really bothering me. I do like the "Guard" waypoint link you sent though, that'll make it easier to set up the counter-attack in the little mission I'm working on
  14. Was hoping someone could help me with getting triggers to work. I've tried everything I could think of. Tried a few Youtube tutorials, but nothing worked. I'm trying to get some T-90's to move through a series of waypoints once my M1 Platoon reaches a trigger box. I have these settings in the trigger Activation: Type: Guarded By OPFOR Activation: BLUFOR Activation Type: Present Condition: this On Activation: Blank On Deactivation: Blank Everything else is default The first waypoint for the T-90s is supposed to be activated by the M1's reaching the trigger box. I just can't get it to work. The T-90's just start moving as soon as the scenario starts.I'm willing to try and learn scripts, but I think that would be like trying to teach Mandarin Chinese to Helen Keller
  15. Somewhere down the line, are there gonna be M2A1 Bradleys. I've only seen A2 and A3 models in most current mods, but the A2 didn't come out until 1988, and I've always liked the front end of the A1 model. I know it would prolly be a bit of a bitch to make, since I can't think of any games that use it besides the OG OFP. Either way, this mod is gonna be awesome as fuuuuuck