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  1. A2's movement animations were so much better. This seems to work flawlessly on first impression, with one minor issue - A3's combat pace is more stable in terms of weapon handling than the A2 walking animation. But the A2 animation feels so much more natural. How feasible would it be to replace the combat pace animation in A3 with that from A2? When aiming down sights and walking, you could hold sprint to walk slightly faster.
  2. Morbo5131

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Has the radio chatter when "wanted" been addressed yet?
  3. Morbo5131

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Agreed 100%. I'm already below 20fps, I'd happily exchange a few more slides for more believable AI behaviour.
  4. Morbo5131

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    I could only get behind this if CSAT would try and take them back (And usually succeed even if the player tries to intervene). Syndikat are insurgents and probably wouldn't dream of trying to hold territory as anything other than a distraction.
  5. Morbo5131

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    I can understand your POV, and would agree with you if ArmA's inventory system weren't awkward as it is. The amount of shiftng stuff around makes inventory management tedious.
  6. Morbo5131

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Crosspost from Steam discussion, expanded a little. Been enjoying it quite a bit, fairly promising so far. But I have quite a few gripes and a couple suggestions: Feedback: - The radio noises that play when you are "wanted" are incredibly obnoxious, make it difficult to concentrate on what you're doing ie fighting enemies, part of which in closer quarters is listening out for their footsteps and speech, gunfire in general. A way to disable this would be nice, but for expediency's sake it could just be removed completely. - Similarly, the red overlay on the map in this state makes it difficult to read, especially when trying to follow or find dirt trails. - The in-vehicle radio, phone calls and dialogue are usually way too quiet to hear over engines or tyres rolling (All volume sliders maxed). - The "Action" music is overused and plays way too frequently, more often than not when there's nothing happening - CSAT helicopters have a lot of difficulty landing when called in, and more often than not will just perpetually hang in the air close to their intended LZ. - Most Checkpoints are far too easy to circumnavigate without any consequence, even if done in plain sight of their occupants. They are further undermined by the fast-travel system, which is currently risk- and cost-free. - It's very ambiguous as to what will get you caught by checkpoints, or cause CSAT/Gendarmes to tell you to exit the vehicle and/or cause them to fire on you. - CSAT/Gendarmes don't seem to care if you're wearing uniforms, vests etc. stolen from their bodies, or if you're driving (even armed) vehicles belonging to their faction. - There's no way I'm aware of for the player to fully-repair a vehicle - there should be servicing facilities at ports, airfields and airstrips, in major towns with service garages etc. - There's no way for the player to unflip or unstick vehicles they'd reasonably be able to. - I couldn't find a way to directly recruit AI troops into my group. I'm not even sure if you're meant to be able to, but the description of camps make it seem that you are. If you can, it's not explained clearly enough. If you can't, that's disappointing. A large part of the advantages of acquiring armed vehicles or transport helicopters is nullified if you have to crew them alone. - Boats are incredibly rare despite there being many port towns. It's even more difficult to get your hands on an aircraft - One of the three I've come across means turning Syndikat hostile, the other two are fixed-wing and VTOL, thus require access to an airfield. - A lack of vehicular CSAT patrols and ambient civilian vehicles makes the world seem a little bit dead, and makes it very rare that the player is ever surprised. - Generally the garrisons at major facilities seem very thin, even without considering there's an ex-legionnaire blasting his way through swathes of CSAT and an indigenous insurgent movement actively holding territory against them. Particularly airfields and larger towns seem lacking, with only one manned enemy AFV at Lijnhaven airport. - Ambient firefights between Syndikat and CSAT/Gendarmerie seem to occur too often, too close to the player and with the two sides spawning too close to each other. It seems one is always guaranteed to happen North of the old man's home, allowing player access to mid-tier equipment immediately after completing their first objective. I think it'd be better if they couldn't happen until after Ensemble have you blow up that house, resulting in smoother progression from terrible shotgun > (most likely) a Gendarme's SMG > CSAT rifles. I think if the player is spotted within ~100m of the participants of an active firefight, they should be considered hostile (to CSAT/Gendarmerie) regardless of whether they're unarmed. - I managed to lose a quest item (Wallet with ID, along with some gear) by putting it into the inventory of the truck that spawns at the player's home. It wasn't clear that I'd have to first get into the vehicle to have it save its position and inventory. Again, the lack of a shared inventory (with practically infinite storage) for the safehouses leaves the player little choice but to use vehicles for storage. Feature wishlist: Fast Travel tweaks: The player can only fast-travel between locations on the current island. This means there will always be some checkpoints to have to deal with, and avoids trivialising boats and aircraft. When at a dock or airfield, fast-travel costs money, but can drop the player off at any point in water or open area respectively. Civilian ferries/"boat taxis" that allow the player to fast-travel from its pick-up point to any coastal safehouse. Safehouse stash tweaks: All items placed in a safehouse stash are accessible from all safehouse stashes. Right now, if you're stockpiling equipment at the safehouses you're either going to centralise it (most likely at Player Home), or dump it into many different boxes across the map in which case it's very easy to lose track, or just put it all in the vehicle you intend to use, putting it at risk of loss. When buying from a Market, the items can be purchased directly to the player-stash, appearing after a delay. Purchase vehicles: As previously mentioned, boats and aircraft seem incredibly difficult to acquire/maintain. There needs to be guaranteed ways for the players to be able to (Recursively) acquire them, even if they're very expensive, just so their means of transport can't be limited by losses. Simple enough, allow the player to buy vehicles at certain locations. Armed vehicles would require the support of Syndikat and would generally be very expensive. CSAT vehicles would be exceedingly rare. The vast majority of purchasable vehicles would be unarmed, and it would be extremely uncommon to find military aircraft for sale, with civilian aircraft already being very expensive. Garage system: Garages are present at most safehouses and the player's home. They allow you to store, recover, repair and sell vehicles, also allowing you to customise their components/paint-jobs. You can access all stored vehicles from any garage. Once you store one, it is saved permanently as a "Player vehicle" (Limit of 10?). The vehicle must be present in the garage to be repaired/customised. If the player abandoned such a vehicle, its coordinates are displayed in the garage UI, and the player has the option to recover it to the garage at no cost, but it takes a couple in-game hours to become available. Even the wrecks of destroyed vehicles can be recovered. The fee and length of time it takes to recover and repair a vehicle depends on several factors - Civil/Military, armed/unarmed, vehicle class (Ie. Cars, Trucks, AFVs, Aircraft). Armed and/or military vehicles require the cooperation of Syndikat to be recovered and repaired - Civilians wouldn't risk being caught by CSAT/Gendarme in salvaging a military and/or combat vehicle. Aircraft would have their own "garage"/hangar, only accessible from airfields and/or safehouses with reasonable helicopter LZs. Repairing a damaged but functional vehicle, of course, also costs money and takes time. Rearming, where applicable, costs depending on the vehicle's armaments. Refuelling is done automatically. Call Guerrillas: Allow the player to specify the direction of attack, behaviour of the units (Ie. "Engage from here" or "Sneak in from here". ) and equipment (Sliders for AT launchers, Machine-guns, AA launchers etc). The more depth here the better, it'd be especially nice to be able to specify separate base-of-fire and assault elements. Calls/Contacts: It's easy to quickly become overwhelmed with tasks. Most, particularly those of L'ensemble/Syndikat, the player should start manually, as getting spammed with constant attack objectives that are out of your way is an annoyance at best. Ie. once you complete the Night Vision mission and the one that follows, the Ensemble guy tells you "We got more work for you, give me a call/message when you're ready". When he does, the player is given a selection of missions to participate in. The types and locations of these radiant missions are recycled each day. Random checkpoints/outposts: Every 2 or so in-game days, CSAT and the Gendarmerie will set up minor checkpoints in different locations. The current checkpoints would be permanent, these would be smaller roadblocks and such, forcing the player to constantly adapt their route-plan. Escalating response: It's difficult to really feel like a guerrilla when you're fighting light infantry patrols the vast majority of the time, and can largely move around the islands with impunity. The player would have a somewhat more persistent "alert level", which could take several days to fully diminish. The higher the alert level, the more severe the QRFs sent against you when you engage CSAT. Larger in number, then throwing in the odd light armed vehicle, graduating to medium armour and attack aircraft. Meanwhile, Gendarmes should start bringing out SPAR-16s and LIM-85s. I'm not sure if it counts but
  7. Morbo5131

    Ruha terrain

    Hey, every time I've played this map I've had some really odd pop-in with objects https://clips.twitch.tv/PopularAuspiciousPlumageRitzMitz This seems to be the only terrain this happens on for me, in this way at least. Other terrains I've had similar issues on but nowhere near to the same degree, and always resolvable. That said, we got a whole bunch of other mods running that may or may not have an effect. I also think I'm the only one in my group to have had this issue. I've reinstalled it and our entire modset between when I first had the issue and when this clip was taken. On Win7 with GTX 1050, Q9550 OC'd to 3.31ghz, 8gb DDR2 RAM, 0.5tb SATA HDD, NTFS
  8. Morbo5131

    GSTAVO's Weapons

    To the layman it's the biggest difference between the two, and close enough for one to be able to suspend one's disbelief in a Vietnam mission. More so than RHS' M16A4s anyway. With regards to your second comment, I was asking a question. I'm not going to pester the mod maker if the answer's no.
  9. Morbo5131

    GSTAVO's Weapons

    Hey, this is pretty great. Do you have any plans to do an A1, or have an A1 handguard as an "attachment"?
  10. Morbo5131

    Units are active in 3d editor

    Yeah you're probably right. This is the first instance of it with this framework and modset which have each seen pretty heavy use. As I said, it was only Blufor units and if it makes any difference, they're inside the LHD from CUP. I'd reloaded the mission several times prior, it only seems to have started happening after I previewed the mission - though again I'd done so before without this happening.
  11. As the title says, after previewing a mission, the units on Blufor all became "active" in the editor - as in they were walking around, had physics etc. I even killed one by clipping him through an object. The Opfor units however, are as normal. I quit the game and went to bed, loaded up the mission in editor this morning and it was the same. I'm using an internal mission framework and quite a lot of mods. Unless I've pressed a hotkey I didn't know about, I don't think any of these should be the culprit.