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    Delete item when drop

    Can I save this as an sqf file and add it to my init.sqf file and execVM ?
  2. does this still work?
  3. brotherreaper

    How make reserved slots ?

    CHANGE THE CODE FOR THE initPlayerServer TO WHATS BELOW IF YOU CANT GET IT TO WORK. initPlayerServer: _player = _this select 0; _uid = getPlayerUID _player; diag_log str allowed; diag_log str _player; diag_log str (_player getVariable [ "reserved", false ]); if ( _player getVariable [ "reserved", false ] && { !( _uid in allowed ) } ) then { [ [], "fnc_reservedSlot", _player ] call BIS_fnc_MP; };
  4. brotherreaper

    How make reserved slots ?

    I have followed each step and somehow i got it to work EXCEPT for the part where it allows me to use the slot. It insta kicks me. I have a allowedIDs.txt file with my steam id where the server.exe is located but it still kicks me.
  5. brotherreaper

    Reserved Slots;

    I followed the guide provided in one of the threads on how to set up reserved slots. I just need ONE reserved slot for ZEUS for admins only. But I don't want it to be #adminlogged or an npc. I trying to set up a virtual entity as Zeus (interface only). My problem lies on who can access the slot. I set up the allowedIDs.txt and put my steam ID in there but it still continuously kicks me out of the slot. the server has -filePatching enabled to 1. Where am i messing up at???