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  1. ST2 in support of Op Red Harvest, 2008. Dboys in Panama, early 90s. SOF detain Iraqi soldier, 2003.
  2. orcmaster

    (SP) Seige of Anbar Tappeh

    Sorry on the typo lol. Also that was my fault for no map or GPS.
  3. US Army Paratroopers in Grenada, 1983. Soldiers in Panama, 1989
  4. After a long campaign, Marine Special Operations Team 7113, supported by elements of the 82nd Airborne, have nearly defeated the Taliban in Kunduz. They have been driven to Anbar Tappeh, one of the last safe havens for the Taliban in the region, and have nowhere else to flee. Your MSOT and soldiers of the 82nd will destroy them for good. Requires RHS USAF, Kunduz, CUP Units, ACE. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=732664135
  5. 2/75th in Grenada, 1983 Deltahawks 80s 90s USM, Blackops 80s 90s weapons M16, CUP SLA.
  6. SOF cover the medevac of wounded personnel via Mi-8 in Afghanistan, 2001. Air force PJ's work on the wounded soldier. Mods: RHS, USM 80s 90s, CUP Takistan, Blackops Weapons 80s 90s, TYRK.
  7. Celle, 1987 Soldiers from 101st Airborne M1 Abrams Soldier mans M60 during assault on Hermannsburg Soldier poses next to destroyed Soviet armor. Mods: Delta Hawk's USM mod, RHS, Celle, RH M16A2, HLC M60
  8. orcmaster

    Black Ops Weapons 80's 90's Missions

    Was this made on experimental? I'm getting an error about A3 Weapons
  9. Some action shots that were not staged. Trying out some different editing techniques. NSW in Diyala (I know many people had the same idea, these shots are from weeks before) CIA Spooks and CAG in Takistan RHS, RoadRunners JPCs, 6094s, Tier 1 uniforms, Diyala, SMA weapons, Hawaiian's bolt cutters, TYRK, CUP.
  10. orcmaster

    Black Ops Weapons 80's 90's

    Here are some pics I found that I have never seen before, thought you could use them.
  11. orcmaster

    Black Ops Weapons 80's 90's

    Looking good as always
  12. orcmaster

    TAC Vests

    Thanks for the update. Any plans to include the BHD chestrig as a standalone vest? such as no armor underneath