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    You can double click an AI group and set their combat stance to combat. They will search for cover then. Apart from that, I assume the "Garrison" module is still in place.
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    Those assets are tied to certain factions, the compositions should be generic to use for any faction, right now Ammox box is AAF, vehicles are CSAT models. (Ikr, it's not much work for me to clean this up, but I assume I'm not the only one who will be bothered by it :P) Will look at ZEC mod, thanks :)
  3. dermixxer


    Regarding compositions: Please remove ammo boxes and vehicles from the compositions, namely BIS Small Checkpoint (Ammobox) BIS Medium Checkpoint (Ammobox + Ifrit + Quadbike) Is there a way the community can suggest compositions and the best one are getting added to the mod? ^_^ Great work, please keep it up :D (wohoo, access to vehicle inventory!) Suppressive Fire: Daamn, that's neat! However, could you tone down the fire rate a little bit? :) Also, how can I remove the Targets(also Artillery Targets)?
  4. dermixxer

    Official Zeus servers from Bohemia Interactive

    Is there an ETA on a fix? Currently, if you select Custom settings, it loads the old Expert settings, which is not fun to play with in a public environment, mainly due to VON ID being disabled. However, I'd like to give people more of a challenge with disabling additional Map informations(especially spotting enemy Infantry on the map)