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  1. Hi, can you change the compas for either best, like wgl5 compas.
  2. Hi Kenoxite, im again, i think that you must do female units, for all sides and every roles.
  3. Hmmm, one of the 3 addons extra? yeah
  4. Hi, i want to report one problem with this mod, when i edit a mission and i put a empty uh-6 littlebird, CWA close immediately. ¿Anyone know why?
  5. Jeje, Sorry guys, i give wrong information about the ratnik. I did not see the difference, so, thanks to @Spirit_JaT for give us real information. Regards from Colombia
  6. tanguswulff

    Fwatch Request List

    Hi faguss, first i wanna give you congratulations for this great work, i personally enjoy this project. Ok, i want to know if you can make in any way a 3d sound comunications, cause if i not be bad, OFP in before versions have enable 3d comunications, like arma 1/3.
  7. And can you add the mortar and Group Tracking like wgl
  8. Kenoxite, can you consider add russian units with ratnik camo?
  9. With squad.xml? yeah its possible, you can not necessarily put him in the arm, I think it is better in the chest. And not only with staff, also with the remaining vehicles. I give a proof... http://dslyecxi.com/screens/Operation_Flashpoint/0606/04_Shackgoon/Shackgoon_June4th_18.jpg (345 kB) And the queen proof :D http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?55597-Identifying-players I hope that you think this jajajaja
  10. Hi kenoxite, first thanks for this great mod, i think is very awesome and is my favorite mod. Again thanks. So i have a question, ¿can you put a squad logo at all units include infantry in next update?. Thanks