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  1. Hello developers, My friend tried to install ACRE2 the first time but the automatic installation method failed as it didn't pop out of any notification of successful install. Then we tried to install it manually, it works but later when he entered the game and shows an error message of “ACRE IS NOT CONNECTED TO TEAMSPEAK!” We also tried both arma3 and teamspeak3 run as system administrator but the error message keeps popping out. Then we found that the his ts3 keep showing the message of “Insufficient client permissions”. No matter how we reinstall windows, ts3 and ARMA3, the problem still exists.
  2. TWRoach

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    hi can I execute these wp commands when I spawn ai ?
  3. hi can I execute these wp commands when I spawn ai ?
  4. hello guys... sorry grammar newbie I try to make holdActionAdd and triggerActivated work together But obviously not effective [This, "", "", "", "_this distance _target < 2","_caller distance _target < 2", {}, {}, {triggerActivated trg;},{},[], 1, nil, false, false] call BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd; No error message triggerActivated The content is not triggered so... how can I get him to work?
  5. @wogz187 hi I solved the hiddenobject sync problem I use sqf to hide the specified object Like this object init action.sqf trigACT Can be used in the editor But can't on a multiplayer. what should I do?
  6. @wogz187 Ask a little question... How do you use holdaction and hideobject to synchronize all players to hide objects?
  7. @wogz187 He is working! Thank you! If I want more holdActionAdd and triggerActivated work together How can I change this code? trigACT=1; Is there any wiki for instructions?
  8. @wogz187 Sorry, he still doesn't work, there is no holdaction. No trigger content but thank you for help! I really appreciate that.
  9. @wogz187 Still not work triggering content... No error message this is my holdaction and this is trigger
  10. Sorry for Google translation I mean, I want to trigger the contents of the trigger through holdaction.
  11. Hello, is there any way to force the ai weapon to use fully automatic?
  12. hi guys sorry my English is very bad I use google translation I was having trouble making the module. I forced ai automatic shooting very good effect But their guns don’t have any sound. Can anyone help me? this is code macros.hpp
  13. Hello guys bad english sorry I use google translation how can i use script set ai skill? I want Zeus or other spawn ai will use these skills this is my ai script AISkill.sqf //skillia { _x allowFleeing 0; _x setskill ["courage",1]; _x disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"; _x disableAI "SUPPRESSION"; _x disableAI "FSM"; _x setskill ["aimingAccuracy",0.06]; _x setskill ["commanding",1]; _x setskill ["aimingShake",0.2]; _x setskill ["aimingSpeed",0.2]; _x setskill ["spotDistance",1]; _x setskill ["spotTime",1]; _x setskill ["endurance",1]; _x setskill ["general",1]; _x setskill ["reloadSpeed",1]; } forEach allUnits; init.sqf [] execVM "AISkill.sqf"; But he didn't have any use Can anyone help me? I will be very grateful...
  14. It looks like they show 0 for each skill
  15. my bad sorry He seems to be working I'm not sure because i use ai general skill in 1 but in game he only have 40% Is this normal?
  16. shit I see the problem my bad I'm trying
  17. Um... like this in Description.ext? class Extended_Init_Eventhandlers { class CAManBase { bb_applyLoadout = "_this call bb_fnc_applyLoadout"; init = "_this execVM 'WhatEverFolder\AISkill.sqf;"; }; };
  18. I put it in I put it in Description.ext ,But still not working... btw this is mission script
  19. Great work! I want to ask questions Is there any way to keep the doll in a coma? Until the player wakes up Because it will return to the ace coma Sorry for bad English
  20. After the game opened nothing :(
  21. Hi guys just ask question i use steam workshop Update New 2.4.1 version But only update the module How do I update the TS3 plugin together? Ts3 still shows the old version I also opened the game after the update sorry english not good
  22. TWRoach

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Nice work! just ask Any MICH2000 Chance?
  23. Sorry he set Always set clients 3D positions after the problem is still there He still can not hear from the front and rear of the players to speak She can only let the body diagonally hear from the front of the sound
  24. Thank you very much for the solution I will ask him to test But we have a problem Is there any workaround for using radio to cause low fps? Or after the version will be resolved?