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  1. I am sorry about the forum classification... Please delete This article
  2. @major-stiffy he work but I haven't triggered him yet. He showed up as soon as he entered the game.
  3. @RCA3 like this? still not work
  4. 我為Google翻譯感到抱歉 但是我真的需要幫助 我使用一個簡單的腳本在多人遊戲中保持動作和隱藏對象<-它起作用 但是現在出現了一個問題,您如何在執行腳本的同時在遊戲中觸發觸發器? 我在這裡有一個解決方案,謝謝wogz187!但他在多人遊戲中沒有作用。 有什麼好方法可以使她與多人遊戲兼容? 對像初始化 action.sqf 觸發條件 trigACT可以在編輯器中使用, 但不能在多人遊戲中使用。 我該怎麼辦?
  5. @wogz187 hi I solved the hiddenobject sync problem I use sqf to hide the specified object Like this object init action.sqf trigACT Can be used in the editor But can't on a multiplayer. what should I do?
  6. @wogz187 Ask a little question... How do you use holdaction and hideobject to synchronize all players to hide objects?
  7. @wogz187 He is working! Thank you! If I want more holdActionAdd and triggerActivated work together How can I change this code? trigACT=1; Is there any wiki for instructions?
  8. @wogz187 Sorry, he still doesn't work, there is no holdaction. No trigger content but thank you for help! I really appreciate that.
  9. @wogz187 Still not work triggering content... No error message this is my holdaction and this is trigger
  10. Sorry for Google translation I mean, I want to trigger the contents of the trigger through holdaction.
  11. hello guys... sorry grammar newbie I try to make holdActionAdd and triggerActivated work together But obviously not effective [This, "", "", "", "_this distance _target < 2","_caller distance _target < 2", {}, {}, {triggerActivated trg;},{},[], 1, nil, false, false] call BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd; No error message triggerActivated The content is not triggered so... how can I get him to work?
  12. Hello, is there any way to force the ai weapon to use fully automatic?
  13. hi guys sorry my English is very bad I use google translation I was having trouble making the module. I forced ai automatic shooting very good effect But their guns don’t have any sound. Can anyone help me? this is code macros.hpp
  14. It looks like they show 0 for each skill
  15. my bad sorry He seems to be working I'm not sure because i use ai general skill in 1 but in game he only have 40% Is this normal?